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Need vs. Greed

I’ve been on Azgalor for a few weeks now and aside from the fact that I feel like I don’t know anyone (certain company notwithstanding) I’ve noticed one major difference between the two servers and not that it’s PvP.

On Azgalor everyone seems to roll Need for any BoE item. Green? Yup. Blue? Yup. And even the occasional Purple, although obviously not in raids.

On Arathor everyone either passed or rolled Greed for those items. And it is very interesting to me because I had always assumed it was the same everywhere.

What’s it like on your server?


8 Responses

  1. My server drives me nuts. It’s very old school, day 1 RP server.

    Everyone passes on everything and then we roll for it. People fret a lot when I say ‘how about we just use need/greed’

  2. That’s … odd.

    On my server, it’s typically “need” for main-spec BoP’s and “greed” otherwise. If there’s an enchanter in the group, even PuG’s will often agree to pass on unneeded blues and purples and /roll at the end of the run.

  3. I’ve always experienced most PUGs and all guild runs – people will normally NEED everything, and GREED that which they really want. BoP’s are usually sharded (assuming an enchanter is in group) if no one actually needs it.

    I’v found in PUG’s if everyone is clear up front about what they’re doing – mining/cloth collection/skinning, etc. it makes the whole run much easier.

  4. my server is pretty much the same as Elleiras’.

    Need on an upgrade (if its offspec – the general ettiquette is to ask the group, I’ve yet to hear anyone say no, at least when someone else didn’t want it for main spec), greed on everything else. if there’s an enchanter in a group – pass on BoP items and then roll for shards at the end. in case there’s an abyss crystal – hghest roll gets that with shards going to the rest of people.

    Occasionaly – people go for separate rolls on Abbys crystals vs shards and there are couple of guilds that for some reason think that shards from heroics should go into guildvault (I think they are run by transfers, becasue other then those couple of guilds, heroic run shards are a fair game for rolls for most of us). Also – if I’m running with the guildies, unless I’m collecting mats to get an upgrade enchanted, most of us would just pass on shards in the end.

  5. Greed is the default on my server, although many people pass entirely on BoP stuff even if it’s clear nobody wants it. Players ask nicely if they can need something, it’s all very civilised – usually 🙂

  6. I was baffled by the /need thing on greens when I transferred over from Earthen Ring. A lot of the time I still forget. I’m not sure what the point is, but I roll with it.

    At least in the heroics I’ve been pounding out lately, everyone tends to pass on blues they don’t want. If there’s not an enchanter (and there often isn’t), then people either /random 100 for it, or just ditch it in which case my greedy butt picks it up. >.>

  7. Random 100s…that reminds me.

    @ Amber – Our guild does random 1000s. I’ve run in pugs on this server that do the same. Is this normal? I’ve never randomed anything other than 100 before.

  8. greed all BoEs unless it’s a valid upgrade. need if you need anything.

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