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25 Man Naxx

We had already finished 3 wings of Naxx last week. Last night we finished up Construct. I got my T7.5 chest token off of Gluth for Maedchen. Almost hit capped…almost hit capped…

I’ve always liked my shadow priest, but I’m really starting to like it now! At the end of Construct my total DPS was 3500 and I was 9th on meters. I’m still nowhere close to being the best geared and that’s exciting! I still hope to get Ky in there though. Still need a couple of bosses. I’ve now finished more Naxx 25 bosses on Maedchen than Ky. 🙂

Sapphiron wasn’t pretty, but he went down in one shot. I got Sympathy for off-spec. Don’t know that I’ll ever heal on this toon, but with dual-specs coming, who knows?

Took three attempts, but Kel’Thuzad went down!!!!


4 Responses

  1. Sapph made me cry.

    I’m glad we downed him, but I think it came at the cost of some sanity for the healers.

    We’ll get Ky in there, don’t worry. 😉

  2. I really like your UI, would you be able to post what it is you are using? I’m on the neverending search to find a user friendly UI.


  3. @ Amber – /shrug. Whenever. Not going to lose sleep over it. Like I said, having a lot of fun with my priest. 🙂

    @ Dangerla – Absolutely. Give me a few days to work something up and get a nice screen shot or two.

  4. Thanks muchly. 🙂

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