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Diamonds In The Rough


There are people that can list off by name all of their current gear. There are people that can list off by name all the upgrades that they are looking for, where it drops, and at what percentage. There are people that know every last detail of every last spell available to their class regardless of spec. There are people that know what stats different color gems primarily give. There are people that know what all the different names of the different gems mean (i.e. Accurate, Shining, Pristine, etc.)

I am here to tell you I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!

Gems have always been a sticking point for me. I cannot for the life of me remember from one day to the next which color gives me what, except I know that yellow has crit. I cannot tell you which is the best one, but I know because I gemmed everything I had on Ky with yellow crit gems.

So several weeks ago when I was trying to figure out what gems to buy, I did the old thing of scanning the auction house through each color to see what was there. It then occurred to me that I’m an idiot.

WoW Gem Finder

Many of you probably already know about this. I did a quick search and WoW Insider did a post on this several months back, but in case you missed it like me, check this site out.


One Response

  1. All I know is “something Autumn’s Glow-omg int!” And “Spellpower gems are red.”

    You can tell what I gem for. XD

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