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Raid UI

Every few months or so I get an itch to start fiddling with my UI. It’s a major mistake because it then takes 2-3 weeks to get used to. Once I’m really comfortable with it, I screw it all up again because I just saw something really cool that someone else is doing!

Well, as requested by Dangerla, here’s an explanation of my current UI.

1X-Perl – This is my Unit Frame Addon. Highly recommend it. I know some people like others, but find one you like. I like X-Perl because it’s clean and nicer looking than frames like Grid. I have it set up so that people who are in range of my buffs show up nice and highlighted like it is now. If someone steps out of range, then they become slightly greyed out. This way I can avoid using up a lot of reagents. Also fantastic for healing! 🙂

I have the raid down below, pets off to the side, and the standard me, target, target’s target up above. I also like the way that looks compared to some of the other addons I’ve seen. Although you can’t see more than five groups, I have all eight set up down there as well for 40 man raids. You’ll also notice that it isn’t showing my party off to the left. I have the option set up so those disappear during a raid. It frees up more area to see what’s going on.

This set up was based primarily for my pally healer, but I keep the same setup for all my toons because I believe it’s important to know how many people are still alive, who’s dead, and what the general situation is at all times. I’ll never understand DPS or tanks that don’t have unit frames set up for the entire raid. How do you know if you’re about to wipe? How do you know if it’s best to just throw in the towel or when to kick it up a notch? We can argue it’s importance and how others tell us when, but I don’t like not knowing.

2Bison is a buff bar addon. I leave the buffs up top, including the two weapon buffs just underneath where the food buff is shown. They never show up on Maedchen, but they do show up on my shaman. The debuffs are down below. I’m not so concerned about buffs. I can look at those before combat, but the debuffs I need in a location where I’m looking more often.

3Sexy Map – Customizable look. Kind of pointless, but I like it.

4Icehud. There’s others, but I kind of like this one. Generally speaking, there’s no real point for me to use this, because I often ignore the bars there anyway and look elsewhere, but it does remind me if I don’t have something targeted because it’ll disappear after something dies.

5Quartz is that faded bar you can barely see. I’ve just finished casting Mind Blast. Quartz is fantastic for any spell/ability that requires a cast time. It attempts to calculate your lag and show that as red on the bar. Once the timer hits the red area you should be ok to begin your next cast without interrupting the current one. This should be an absolute must for healers and caster dps. Not sure how it works exactly with non-caster dps as I haven’t played one.

6Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) and Big Wigs are both boss timer mods. It still surprises me how many raiders still don’t use one of these. I use both and for the life of me cannot remember which one is which. I believe the one below is Big Wigs and the one above is DBM. Regardless, the one to the top right is set up so that as the countdown gets closer, it’ll move the bar down next to the other addon’s timers.

Why do I use both? I remember once long ago that depending on the boss fight one timer was better than the other. Last night it appeared that DBM didn’t have timers for Grobbulus, which I can’t imagine why. 

7Recount is probably the most popular damage meter out there. I always like checking it to see how I’m doing and normally don’t have it opened during boss fights and trash pulls. The reason why is because I don’t want to find myself concentrating on climbing the charts and ignoring what’s really going on. That’s when dps usually do stupid things like pull and die.

8Omen3 is a threat meter and most everyone has it. If you don’t, shame on you!

9kgPanels is the addon that puts those shaded boxes behind the lower half of my screen for the chat box, raid frames, etc.

10Autobar‘s basic bar is here.

11 – Although not shown here, I wanted to explain this gap here. During a raid I turn off the addon. That addon is Qbar. It’s a handy quest bar that puts all of your useable quest items on the bar so you don’t have to search your bags to use them. Has made life so much easier since I found it.

12Bartender4 is my button bar mod. I have it set up so that I actually have 10 bars, but the other 5 are not visible until I hold the Shift key. Believe it or not I used to use another addon and showed all 120 keys on 10 bars. I used to have all my daily quest items on those bars along with spells, etc. This nifty feature and Qbar has saved me a lot of screen space.

13Autobar‘s Trinkets, Class, and Extras bars are here. There are more bars for you to use, but I don’t use them.

14 – Again, not shown here, but this is where I put Pally Power for Ky. Obviously not needed here for Maedchen. 🙂

15 – Deadly Boss Mods has a range check feature (at least I think it’s DBM). When I type ‘/range’ a nifty box appears here that let’s me know whenever anyone else is within 10 yds of me. Absolutely essential for boss fights like Kel’Thuzad.

Other Raid Related Addons Not Shown

Those are my main raid addons, but I use a lot more. Other addons I use related to raiding are:

Xloot – although I don’t need it anymore, it’s still nifty. (Did I just say nifty?!) Really good tool for Loot Masters! Can be set up to announce those who receive loot in various chat channels.
BigBrother – when one of the Raid Leader’s admits he always forgets to use food buffs so never does, this is kind of pointless to use. 🙂 Still a ‘quickcheck’ to myself let’s me know who’s got their A-game and who’s shooting themselves in the foot.
ClassLoot is a great addon to assist you in determining who really benefits from an item the most. It uses a 5-star rating system and categorizes the class/spec combos that benefit the most. I believe it’s a must for any Loot Master.
Atlasloot – When you need to research gear upgrades.
VisualHeal – Fantastic tool to judge overheals on a target.

Other General Addons Not Shown

Carbonite – Personally don’t like the addon, although the minimap is nice, but it’s less of a resource hog than QuestHelper.
SellFish – For when your bags are full and you need to make a choice.
Titan Panel – Whoops! This one is shown. It’s the bar at top and bottom. /facepalm
TotemCaddy – For the Shaman obviously.


6 Responses

  1. I dropped Quartz because Xperl has that functionality built in to its unit frames. If you turn on the cast bar, you get the same sort of cast progress and lag zone indicator as with Quartz. I keep my unit frame just above the bottom center, where I have my buttons.

  2. Thank you my dear.
    I’ve just bought myself a new computer recently, and it has Vista. So Xperl has been crap with it, I would reccommend Pitbull as a replacement if anyone is experiencing problems with it.

    Thanks again, I’ll check em out and play around. 🙂

  3. I also prefer Pitbull over Xperl simply because you can move frames around by dragging them on your screen. So much easier than trying to scale everything, in my opinion.

    I highly recommend the BankItems add-on.

    BankItems allows viewing of bank, inventory, mail, equipped, and guild bank contents on any of your characters for any of your other characters (on any server). This is especially useful for me since I have alts with their own guild banks that I squirrel away items into.

    I’m also working on a feral set for my druid, and I can check my bank to make sure I don’t already have a particular item by using BankItems. I can also make sure that an offset item is really an upgrade without having to carry everything in my bags.

    I also recommend WIM for whispers. This add-on pops up whispers in separate windows so that you do not miss them if you are AFK or if there is simply too much guild, trade, or combat text scrolling by in the regular window.

  4. @ Dangerla – I unfortunately have Vista as well, but haven’t had any problems with Xperl.

  5. I used some of your add ons but you use some that I haven’t heard of, maybe I will try them out.

    PS I LOVEEEE Sexymap!! It is my favorite useless addon! Also I used to use IceHUD bc it was so pretty but I realized my screen was getting ultra cluttered so I took it out =X

    I basically heal with the basic Blizzard UI and Grid. I wrote a post on it a while ago but it is not a very minimalist UI I use anyway.

    I like seeing people’s UIs, thanks for showing yours -=)

  6. These addons are great.

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