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Weekend Update: Where Ky Becomes A Jerk

Hope you had a good weekend and a Happy Easter spending some time doing things you enjoy.

This weekend my parents were in town so we visited quite a bit. Saturday night on the way home from my sister’s my wife’s car broke down. I wanted to drive that thing into the ground. Perhaps it hit the ground a little sooner than I wanted, but I still had a good weekend.

I spent time leveling Erdkrieg from 63 to 69 this weekend! Even with the limited time I had I was still able to get that much done. Leveling in the 60s is waaaay easier since they nerfed it! 🙂

Outland is a gankfest!!! I need to grow some thicker skin because I was getting so upset by the Horde that kept ganking me! I’ve never seen it so bad since transferring.

First guy in Nagrand to gank me thought it was hilarious until I logged my pally and killed him. Then he logged his boomkin and spat on me.

Another guy was on his DK, came up behind me as I was fighting two mobs with half health and mana then killed me and killed my mobs. So I logged on Ky, found him in the same area killing ogres, killed him and flew up to hide.  Evidently he saw me, jumped in a tree, rezzed, summoned a minion and waited. So I landed and not being able to see him I typed:

    /tar [name]

I cast a spell and he finally jumped down and tried to run away, but promptly died.

At this point I flew up to one of the floating islands and positioned myself to see his corpse, but in a way so he couldn’t see me. When he rezzed he immediately jumped on his mount and rode off, but I flew down and killed him again. At this point I really thought about continuing, but I figured three deaths of wasting his time was sufficient payment for wasting mine.

So why’d I do it?

My philosophy has always been live and let live. If you’re Horde and you leave me alone, I leave you alone. Now some might say that’s because I’m a healer and even with my dps toons I suck at pvp. Those people would be right. If I was much better at it, maybe I’d see it differently, but then again I’ve helped plenty of lowbie Horde on quests so I doubt it.

However, I wasn’t being left alone and probably was killed about a dozen times in the space of three hours so I was getting a little upset! All I wanted to do was level to 68 so I could get my blue butt out of Outland. (I hate that place! Nagrand was the only zone that I sort of liked.) Outland was only slightly better than the old world in that the quests didn’t necessarily have you traipsing all over the world just to complete a single quest. But the look and lore of Outland was kind of hokie to me and I didn’t care for it much.

Anyway, I was wrestling with my conscience. For example, I was upset with the level ?? warlock that decided to kill me at level 67. Yes, we all know you’re totally AWESOME dude!!! You can strut your stuff now that you can kill someone more than 10 levels lower than you! Woohoo!!! But I was doing the same thing wasn’t I? Granted they did it first, so I did it back. And that rationale makes me reeeeeal mature!

On one hand I have a conscience that tells me I should still treat people online the way I want to be treated. In this case, being left alone. On the other hand I tell myself it’s a PvP server so they and I have it coming. So if the bully hits me first, I have every right to hit back with my overpowered main.

Then again that’s like telling my kid that if someone hits him at school it’s OK to hit back with a baseball bat… LOL!


2 Responses

  1. There was that one time, those two retadins kept killing my mage, and we totally assembled a 10 man raid to camp them…

    …and one got on an alliance alt (damn second accounts) to give us hell, and I was like, yeeeah, ’cause camping a healer is really hard, right?

    For some reason it’s worse in Outland than in Northrend, and I can’t even begin to tell you why. I need to truck my hunter back out there so I can level my DK!

  2. A) I actually hate the fact that they nerfed Outland leveling. It’s now just an annoyance instead of an adventure. By the time I’ve done half the quests, the rest of the stuff is green to me.

    I can generally fight stuff without actually focusing. So much for challenge.

    B) Also you mention the reason I gave up PvP servers. For one, there’s little actual PvP that goes on. It’s generally either being ganked while you’re on low health by somebody your level or somebody that is ?? to you.

    Yeah, that really enhances my gameplay. Why not just put in random deaths? Like once every 2 minutes I have a 1 in 10 chance to just die, no matter what I’m doing? That should simulate the experience nicely.

    Generally though, when I was on a PvP server, I had the live and let live attitude. By the time I left, I got nasty. That Deathknight? I would have camped him till he logged off.

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