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The Argent Tournament: The Grand Melee

The Grand MeleeIS ANNOYING AS ALL %$@^!!!!! At least when you don’t know what you’re doing…

Here’s some advice to make it a bit simpler.

  • First, get your shield up by pressing ‘4’ three times.
  • Talk to your opponent and challenge him/her. At this point your opponent will run to the middle of the circle. take the opportunity to charge his/her back if you can.
  • I like to walk steadily backward along the outer edge of the ring. Every once in a while I get far enough away to throw a Shield Breaker. Spam ‘1’ as you can. You’ll notice that your Thrust attack does not share the same global cooldown as your other attacks so even if it’s being blocked there’s no reason not to keep spamming it.
  • As soon as your opponent turns around to set up his/her charge, immediately hit ‘2’ and then ‘3’ when your cooldown is up.
  • The next step is the trickiest. Immediately after your charge, hit ‘4’ to get your shield up again. When the cooldown is up hit ‘4’ again if your shield is not yet green. You only have enough time to do this twice, so even if your shield is not green DON’T HIT ‘4’ AGAIN!!! This will screw up your global cooldown and you won’t get your charge in. The charge is the only way you’ll actually do enough damage to win.
  • Keep repeating these steps and you should win in no time.  Good luck!!!

2 Responses

  1. I take a bit longer to do it as I let them run away, hit the shield breaker then run up in melee. I never lose my shields this way and it puts them at a disadvantage of never being able to charge as they are apparently keyboard turners.

  2. Its funny. I learned how to beat them through getting pwned for 30 minutes. Now I can 1 shot them all, but sometimes they just work you and I have no chance.

    It is crazy.

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