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Naxxramas vs. Ulduar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you already know and have likely already experienced Ulduar. If you haven’t, you’ve probably already read about how it’s hard.

So last night I went in to Ulduar for the second time. Last week, I only experienced Flame Leviathan and Razorscale and due to an unfortunate connection issue in the raid wasn’t able to get Razorscale down. This time however, we got as far as Ignis, but unfortunately due to a late starting raid and that we generally are very good about ending our raids at 10pm CST, we didn’t get him down. We one-shotted Flame Leviathan and Razorscale, wiped once on Deconstructor, and wiped 3 times on Ignis, I think.


Naxx was a joke. Most people agree. In BC I had to spend days in BGs to get gear that would help me survive in Heroics that would help me survive in Kara. It wasn’t the best system, but I had to work my ass off to get in there and it made getting into Kara that much sweeter!

In Wrath I hit 80, ran a couple of heroics, and was in Naxx still in quite a few blues. We were taking people that in some cases had dinged 80 only a few hours before and had leveled in their dps spec with little to no gear. It was tough initially, but after a few drops it became insanely easy! Naxx was a raid in which if someone didn’t pay attention it meant someone probably died, but the boss would still die.

I hate raids like that. That’s why my favorite raid of BC, Karazahn, was so much fun for months on end and then one day became the dreaded ex-girlfriend that wouldn’t stop calling. It got too easy, I didn’t have to pay attention, and therefore became boring.


Ulduar is fun! But do you know why it is fun? Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s new, but that’ll only last for a little while. So was Kara was until you could clear it with half the raid AFK. It’s fun because it’s challenging.

There are people out there already complaining about the nerfs that Ulduar has already gone through. They say Blizzard’s making it too easy. They say it’ll be another Naxx. But I disagree.

Remember that Ulduar was tuned on the PTR and most of those raiding Ulduar at that time were the hardcore players. The difficulty rating was tuned to them. Now that it’s been released live it is being adjusted to get a majority of people in to experience it. I think that’s appropriate.

If Blizzard wants us to get in there and see everything, then they need to make the steps difficult, but not impossible and based on the first area of Ulduar I think they’re succeeding. I have to pay attention in the boss fights. If I don’t, it’s more than likely going to cause a wipe. Naxx never quite had that sense of urgency.

Naxx vs. Ulduar

So is Ulduar really harder than Naxx? To be honest it didn’t really seem so. Yes, the trash and bosses hit harder, but gear will eventually cover that. Remember even the first couple of weeks in Naxx was tough until we had gear, so I don’t really think that makes it truly harder. The true difficulty lies in having attentive raiders.

We’re at a new point in raiding where one death can actually mean a wipe. Yes gear will help mitigate some of that eventually, but the boss fights seem to be set up that even later on a geared group will wipe if they are inattentive.

Again, I haven’t yet experienced the other areas of Ulduar and I definitely haven’t experienced 25 mans, although I think I may try to get into a pug this weekend to get a better feel. That said, if the difficulty continues to ramp up appropriately through Ulduar, we’re definitely in for a fantastic raiding experience! If not, we’ll all be complaining about how Blizzard screwed up again and made Ulduar too easy.

What I’m hoping is that Ulduar is difficult but not impossible and that Blizzard continues to make the next few raids the same way. If they can do that, we’re in for a great expansion! 🙂

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