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School of Hard Knocks

I spent all last night getting the achievements for Children’s Week.  Next year I’ll get the last pet for that other achievement, but I did all the rest. 🙂


Let’s look at it a minute:

Capture the flag in Eye of the Storm – If you aren’t a PvPer have you ever tried to do this? It’s hard. A lot of people like capturing the flag so it can become a brawlfest in the middle of the battlefield. Now introduce a gazillion people that want this achievement and are interested in nothing else… /sigh

Assault a tower in Alterac Valley – This actually isn’t that bad. It isn’t too terribly difficult, but it may take you some time. Or you may end up in one where 20 horde and 20 alliance sit in the same tower and take turns assaulting it from each other. I didn’t have the achievement, but the battle was taking so long and I was getting pissed that I decided to be a dick and attack the horde in the tower. Everyone was yelling at me! I want the achievement as bad as the next guy, but it’s a BG people!!! If you don’t like it, GET OUT!!!

Assault a flag in Arathi Basin – This is probably the easiest one to do. Nothing too difficult.

Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch – This was frustrating beyond belief and perhaps the number one reason why Blizzard should rethink making PvP achievements required for the Meta Achievements. Imagine 10 Alliance and 10 Horde in a battleground that can only end when one side captures a flag 3 times. Now imagine 8 of those Alliance and 8 of those Horde only doing this for this achievement. What you end up with is a stalemate that goes on forever because they sit in their flag rooms waiting for someone to take the flag. In fact, in one battle I ran into the flag room while 7 Horde sat there and moved out of my way. So I ran towards the flag, laughed, turned around and attacked everyone! Granted I died, but I was getting upset.

Dear Blizzard, remove this and all other PvP required achievements from the Holiday Meta Achievements.

On the other hand, it’s Eye of the Storm weekend and this is what happens when half the Alliance are PvE players and all the Horde are.



2 Responses

  1. When I first started the Children’s week meta tasks, I thought, “no problem!” but then, I came to the dreaded “School of hard knocks”. Oy vey. I am NOT a PVP’er, I like casual world PVP but not so much with BGs over and over and I dislike the arenas. Well, I went into a WSG and lo and behold, EVERYONE had their orphans out. I ran WSG 20x…never got close to a flag. I ran AB, got to the mine, capped it, phew! Went to EOTS…which I had never run before…and lo and behold, EVERYONE had their orphans out. Went to AV…40 people racing like potential land-rush wagon-owners for the towers? Ick. I QQ’d, I screamed, I moaned….but then, I realized that this is an achievement. It’s NOT a gimme…and so, I grabbed some welfare PVp gear, changed my off-spec, and queued up. I got the EOTS, the WSG, and the AV in one afternoon by just *keeping at it* and oh…lo and behold…at the end of that, among all the chaos and PVP madness…I got close to 40k honor! and lots of marks! So I went and got myself some better PVP gear and my nice new title: paton. It’s NOT impossible, it’s just not a gimme. It just takes patience and persistence, in fact, no moreso than the random drops take in other metas. The last three for me (im a DK so, I still need summer, brewfest, and hallows) will be easysauce, just repeated runs until all the randoms are recieved and a bit of travelling around.

    I can almost feel the speed of that sweet 310% flying violet drake…which will be mine (along with millions of other players) arond Halloween!

    Have fun and keep playin’!

  2. Now that I can respect! 🙂

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