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Blog Roll Cleanup

You may have noticed that small minor tweaks have been made to my blog here. I’ve been wanting to change my banner and my template for a while now, but that’s fodder for another post. Either way, the biggest thing I’ve done so far has been cleaning up my blog list.

One of the worst things you can do on your blog is not keep your links up-to-date. I’ve been very bad about that. I think there is still at least one I haven’t completely got right in my list, but I’m getting to it. I promise.

As part of the cleanup, I’ve discovered a few new blogs out there that have kindly put me on their blog lists and some misguided soul clicked my way. I found a few blogs through comments and a few just by random clicking through other blog lists out there. The worst though is I have been meaning to add a couple of blogs to my blog list for quite some time and have just been lazy (a.k.a Think about it at work. Say I’ll do it when I get home. And then forget and just play WoW).

So one of the things I did was categorize the individual blogs inside each of the categories on my lists. (Wow say that 3 times fast! Or does it just sound odd when you write it? Hold on, let me vocalize….yes we sometimes talk to ourselves. Sometimes it’s the only way to have an intelligent conversation at work. :)) Anyway I created a category for those blogs that have been discontinued or haven’t updated in a while. I hate to remove them as some have great information, some were just fun, and some I’m just hoping will come back.

The other category I created was the ones that get blocked at my work. This helps me remember which ones to look at when I get home. Let’s face it when I’m at home the last thing on my mind is reading someone’s blog. If I have time for WoW, I’m playing not reading. This has meant that some of those blogs I used to visit frequently haven’t been visited in a while. Separating those blocked blogs somehow helps me think about reading them when I’m just on my blog real quick at home. Stupid, I know, but it works!

Well just to make it a point by pointing out a few of the blogs I’ve recently discovered (and/or have neglected to add due to laziness), here’s a list in no particular order:

  • Letters from Birdfall
  • MMO2Go
  • Mumma Bear
  • Random Ramblings of an Obsessive Hobbyist
  • That is Amazing! (WoW)!
  • Welcome to Spinksville!
  • Holy Crap & QQ
  • Lenelie’s Voice
  • A Shadow Priest
  • Our Girl Friday
  • Go check them out! And for anyone that reads my blathering and would like to have themselves added to my roll, please comment here or shoot me an e-mail.


    I need something to do at work when I’m bored. 😀


    9 Responses

    1. Hehe, I love the “Blogs my work likes to block” sections.

      Letters from Birdfall is a fantastic blog. I’ll have to check out the rest!

    2. You could add Holypaladin.net to your list of pally blogs.

    3. Man, looking at those blog names makes me wish I was more creative with the title of my blog =(

      Oh well, I’m too lazy to change it now…

      I know I don’t comment that much on your posts but I always enjoy reading them. I just tend to.. lurk… =)

      PS I hate it when people try to “advertise” using my blog but I really want to thank you for putting me in your blog list.

    4. Have you tried Google Reader yet? All Blogger using bloggers are blocked at my job as well but I can read them all using the Google Reader =)

      Lastly, thanks a lot for the linkage but my only request is that you slide me under the Warlock column lol. My blog is Warlock and Priest related but it’s moreso Warlock related as of February-ish. I didn’t want anyone coming in looking for up-to-the-minute Priest changes and finding a Destruction Warlock Raiding Guide lol. =D

    5. Lol, thank god I saw your post. It’s so hard to find warlock blogs and I’m clueless about them after abandoning my warlock main and went levelling my priest instead.. =S

      I’ll drop by soon heh!

    6. Ooo some new ones there that I’ll have to go and check out! Thanks for adding me to your list.

    7. @Isis – Welcome back! I was so excited to see a post! 😀

      @HP – Your welcome! 😀 I’ve always liked your blog since day one.

      @Fear.Win – Done. Was just re-reading your About Me page and laughed because although I’m in VA now I did live in Arbutus, MD for a little while and parents still live in Terre Haute, IN. So how bad do you hate the Colts? LOL! Also, I’m such a noob. Everyone keeps talking about readers and I haven’t ever figured it out. Spent a little time and it’s working. Thanks!

      @Sparklefreeze – I haven’t found many warlock blogs, but the ones I did find are awesome!

      @Mumma Bear – Your welcome! Love what I’m seeing! 😀

    8. @Celton – Done.

    9. First off, thanks much for the link. I appreciate it.

      Second, I love the idea of categorizing blogs by NSFW. It is wierd, sometimes .wordpress is blocked, sometimes it is not. I can’t figure it out. Blogger, it seems, I can always get to. I will have to see if I can organize mine in the same way.

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