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Calm Down: It’s Just A Game

I’m old enough that by this point in my life things that once upset me, for example like in High School, should no longer upset me. As I get older new things should upset me. Like those dang blasted whippersnappers trying to drive while playing with their new fangled me-phones, mp40 players, and blueteeth! What the hell are they drinking that turns their teeth blue anyway?! And why the hell would they want to?!

Suffice it to say those that have known me for some time know that there’s only one thing that REALLY gets a burr under my saddle with regards to the game. Unfortunately I read something today that stuck that burr there.

Rage as I haven’t experienced in over a year has taken hold of me and my blood has boiled for a few hours now. Part of me says, “F$%@ …….. and the horse he rides in on!!!” Another part of me says, “Screw it. It isn’t a big deal, quit dwelling on it, and get over yourself. It’s just a damn game!” When this voice spoke up, I instantly thought of Elnia’s post today over at The Pink Pigtail Inn. Yes, it is a game. But to me it’s also more.

But regardless of how I feel, whether justified or not, the important thing is my reaction. Right now, my rational side is telling me to cool down, let it go, move on. Basically before I do something stupid.

/hold 2 secs
/hold 2 secs

/mutters “damn…overbearing…mature…PAIN-IN-MY-ASS!!!”

*I suspect there’s one other item contributing to this and amplifying my rage, but I ain’t thinking too clearly right now.


Ulduar: Ignis & Kologarn

Last night we continued our Ulduar10 group and were able to get Ignis and Kologarn down with relative ease. We tried a different strat with tanking Ignis and it seemed to work pretty well. We also had a different tank and healer, but I don’t know if that was necessarily the difference as we had a hunter that I’m not sure knew what to do either.

Our first attempt at Kologarn was rough. I was targeted by a beam and running at which point the MT died. The second attempt went much better, but then the left arm died and all hell broke loose as tanks started to die and we got him down to 120k.  A few more unlucky attempts and we downed him on attempt 5 or 6 I think. (Note to self: When assigned to tank heals, quit healing others including yourself!!! You have two awesome healers in here with you, let them take care of you!*)

The biggest thing I noticed about Kologarn was although he’s huge and when you look into his room it appears like there’s a lot of room to maneuver, there’s not. (I cringe at the thought of fitting 25 people in here.) You can stand pretty much anywhere in there and still be in range of heals, although if you get to the far right and left you’ll be out of range. Avoiding the beams was a pain, especially on the attempt where we downed him and I was targeted 3 times in a row and no less than 5 the entire fight!!!

Since we end our raids at 10pm server (11pm my time) and we recently moved our Monday raid to 8pm server due to some people having issues with 7pm, we didn’t have time to do anything else unfortunately. Even though 2 hours is pretty short, it worked well except for one teensy, tiny, little thing…



And quit alt-tabbing for the love of all that’s holy!!! Rez your sorry ass and move it!!! WTH are you alt-tabbing for anyway?! Quit looking at those pics you’ll go blind!!!



Just as I was getting grabbed...

Just as I was getting grabbed...

Do the happy dance! Do the happy dance!


* A byproduct of my former guild. At one point I was pretty much the main healer of a lot of stuff including the tanks. It wasn’t until near the end when we finally got a few other good healers where I could stop worrying about others, but by that time the process became too engrained. Now I’m in a guild with amazing healers that can outheal me any day of the week completely wasted! 🙂