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Alliance vs. Horde

I’ve rolled Horde toons before, but none of them are higher than level 12. None of them belong to any guilds. None of them have any gold to speak of. However, I’ve always wanted to level one to 80. Don’t really care which race or class. I don’t think I’d actually raid with it, just always wanted to do it to say I did it.

But because I’ve never gotten to a decent level to experience raiding or PvP (nor will I any time soon) there’s always been one thing that I have wondered about. Are Horde the exact same as Alliance? Let me tell you what I mean.

Remember these are generalizations. Not everyone is like this.

For The Horde!

HordeCrestI’m on a PvP server. Horde seem to camp summoning stones more than Alliance. That said I’m also on a Horde heavy server. Horde also seem to gank Alliance more than the other way around. Yes, Mr. Level 80. You’re awfully cool in that you can kill that level 17 Alliance toon. We all bow down to your awesomeness!

Even on a PvE server such as Arathor-US where I was once at, the Horde had more tendency than Alliance to flag themselves and stand on the quest givers on the Isle when Patch 2.4 came out. I don’t recall ever having seen the Alliance do it.

Here’s the basic image of Horde that I have:

  • Immature 12 year olds
  • 40 year olds living at home in their parents’ basement.
  • For The Crybabies Alliance!

    AllianceCrestBeing Alliance in battlegrounds or Wintergrasp is well…painful to say the least. Shooting a 16-penny nail through my finger several years ago was more fun. Regardless of where you’re at, there’s always several guys that yell, scream, cry, rant, rave, and make rude suggestions to every other player out there. This in turn starts a return barrage of comments almost without fail including insults that he’s the idiot, where he can go and in what manner, and on and on, until it blows up into a “I know you are, but what am I?” contest reminiscent of our childhood. /zzzzz

    Here’s the basic image of Alliance that I have:

  • Immature 12 year olds
  • 40 year olds living at home in their parents’ basement.
  • Wanting To Roll Horde

    I still want to level a Horde for fun, but it would probably take the better part of a year; too much to do on the Alliance toons. And yet I still wonder what it’s like on the other side? So here’s a poll I’d like you to answer:

    8 Responses

    1. With the exception of my level 58 Draenei Death Knight (who, all things considered, is the equivalent of a level 3 anything else…), I’ve never leveled an Alliance character past 14. I’d love to have a level 80 Spacegoat (preferably a shaman, but DK if I decide to be lazy), but I just can’t get into the other races and the faction as a whole bores me to tears.

      And yet, my perceptions are pretty much the opposite of yours — and therefore exactly the same, lol. Alliance gank and corpse camp, but among my fellow Horde are blathering idiots in trade, /BG and (omg) Naxxramas General.

      I do think it’s funny that Goldshire is the sex capital of Azeroth and the Barrens Chat is the 9th grade.

      On the whole, I’m sure both factions’ player bases are equally diverse. Certainly, each has its fair share of genuinely nice guys and total jerkfaces.

    2. I have a few 80’s and several 70+’s on both sides .

      In BG’s doesn’t matter what side your on, there is always gonna be that guy (he must have toons on horde and alliance too cause he goes wherever i go) that tells everyone their doing everything wrong and their noobs.

      Ganking is also the same. Some days I am the lowbie guy getting ganked as the 80’s lay waste to Tarren Mill or Southshore. Sometimes I am that 80 being that guy.

      If your an 80 DK you almost have a responsibility to be at the summon stone and start some PvP.

      (Makes me wanna go home today and fire up the 73 DK and get him to 80 just so i can have that class that if played right is pretty much unstopable. )

    3. I play both sides. Hated WoW the first two times I tried it, but started on Horde and played there. As soon as I dinged 70 last year on my SP – left her hovering over Shattrath on her new flying mount in her PvP gear and have barely played her since (1% level since LOL!).

      I rerolled on Alliance and have been there since. Both sides have dorks, creeps and crybabies. Both sides also have really great people to play with and enjoy. My Horde guild/friends I enjoy more (they are not pleased I’m so loving Alliance, but I do) as they have the true casual yet fun mindset I like. They are the main draw for going back there to play.

    4. If I could, I may have gone back and rolled Horde from the start as I really like Tauren and Orcs. Although I love my Pally and hate BEs.

      I have too many high level Alliance toons and in-game friends to switch at this point.

    5. having played both sides on 2 different servers (and one of these days I’ll actually get my drae hunter to 80 – she’s been stuck at 70 far too long), I have to tell you – WoW players, at least on pve servers are about the same, regardless of the side they chose to play on. it almost seems like the choice is more aesthetic and/or which side you have more friends on then anything else.

      for me – I dislike the look of alliance. other then draenei – I’ve never been able to level an alliance character past lvl 6. I just don’t like the design much.

    6. I’m sorry, blood elves totally ruined horde for me. >:|

    7. In my opinion, the Horde is the most overrated MMO-faction…ever. Y’all ain’t underdogs. Y’all don’t PVP-tactics. Y’all just zerg-rush.

      The Alliance -rarely- zerg or camp GYs. Yes, we enjoy ganking lowbies, but that’s what they get for rolling THE WRONG FACTION!

      Lulz. I don’t want any Horde-fanboys defending their faction to me, I’ve seen it all. Funny how the Alliance only has two cartoony races (gnomes and nelves) and yet the Horde has FIVE CARTOONY RACES! You know what’s funny about the Alliance having just two cartoony races? The Nelves will be recieving a more serious character model. Which leaves the Alliance with just one “kiddy race”.

      Warhammer Orks > Warcraft Orcs, anyway.

      The Horde should’ve been kept evil, droolin’, and savage.

    8. /sigh. There is stupidity where ever you go. This goes for in game as well as RL. I was die hard Horde when I started playing. On that server Horde rules all. I have 2 lvl 80’s there. A mage and a DK. However I got extreamly bored with everything and decided i wanted to try a Alliance toon before Cata comes out and kills everything. I mainly wanted to see all the starting zones and so forth. So I picked a new server and rolled Alliance. I now have an 80 pally there that I am in the process of gearing lol. I also ended up an asst GM. So I think that it really depends on your server. As for cry babys and whiners or if its the 9 year olds who play which faction… they BOTH have it. I love my toons equally. I dont think its about whos better its about what YOU like as a person.

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