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To Do List

With the response of yesterday’s post, it appears that the majority of you prefer Horde over Alliance, but that you are all in agreement that the jerks and crybabies pervade both sides. Within the last 24 hours I witnessed this first hand.

Last night I was trying once again to power level my Inscription on Kyr (the DK, not the pally). Unfortunately I exhausted what little resources there were on the AH for the level I was at. So I switched to Maedchen and ran to The Hinterlands to do a little farming. As I was running around I decided to see if I could take on that dragon that’s there just for fun. After pulling a 3-pack of mobs and seeing that I was going to die, I ran. So much for that idea.

At half health and mana, I encountered a pally running past me across the bridge. Who decided since I was at half health to hunt me down and kill me, even going so far as to emote an apology to me before doing so. I logged Ky and hunted him down quickly killing him as my PvP gear far outweighed his. At that point a 40+ Horde warlock was running around doing an escort quest when two 40+ Alliance players watched from a distance.  They whispered me whether they should attack him and I said “no too easy”. They did so anyway.

This morning I logged to do a bit more farming, this time in Felwood. A level 60+ druid saw me headed his way, targeted me, started a cast, and quickly realized I was level 80 so turned and ran like a bat out of hell! I followed for a bit in a threatening manner, but did little except to taunt him.  After a few seconds I went back to farming. Of course, later on the druid encountered me again and started emoting all types of waves, hugs, kisses, etc.

I don’t know if this had any impact, but right before I logged I encountered a 80 shaman farming feathers for rep. More than likely he could have killed me. I’m not familiar with PvP on my priest. However, I was pretty much ignored and we went our merry ways.

So there you have it, jerks and nice people all around.

I’ve already got Horde toons on two other servers. But I think I’ll ask Amber where her Horde toons are at and roll a new one there. I really do want to level one for fun, but I’ve realized that it’ll more than likely take more than a year to level one to 80. I’ve got too much to do.

My Current To Do List


  • Inscription 254 as of this morning. Want to max before weekend is over.
  • Tailoring 300(?). Wanting to max as soon as possible, but I’m going to have to level to do Ebonweave, etc.
  • Erdkrieg

  • Level 73. Want to get to 80 asap. Goal is to get to 76 this weekend.
  • Engineering 440. Want to max and make my chopper for Kyrileanthos.
  • Jewelcrafting 400(?). Want to max as well.
  • Maedchen

  • Want to start healing heroics for practice. Kind of worried about it. Need a group of guildies that’ll put up with me.
  • Kyrileanthos

  • Battlegrounds. Resilience is now around 600. I need another 8k+ honor to buy a cloak. Need a few more items and want to try out arenas. Which means finding partners for that as well.
  • Fish up that damned turtle and rat!
  • So you see, there’s not a whole lot of time to level Horde alts. Besides I still have a level 17 warlock serving as an AH toon, a level 12(?) dwarf hunter, and a level 12(?) draenei paladin that I’d like to level on this server as well.

    Seriously addicted, seeking help. 😀


    6 Responses

    1. Eeeeeh I’d reccomend Sentinels for horde alting. I have a level 12 Shaman that dies a lot over there. More importantly, I have higher leveled friends. 😉 It’s an RP server though, so make of that what you will.

      I’ll go along for “healing practice” for “shadow practice.” Alternatively, I can respec Ambro prot and tank, but that might be very painful! If Lyr’s there at least she can back up heal as needed. You going holy, or disc to heal?

    2. I was questing in Dragonblight last night on my mini pally when I got fear-kited to death by a Night Elf priest. I don’t think a shadow priest is supposed to trounce an equal level ret pally, but I had just redone my interface and couldn’t find any of my useful abilities (and wouldn’t have known what to do with them, anyway >.>).

      I came back, killed her.

      She came back, killed me.

      And then we quested in companionable peace for another half hour, leaving each other alone. She didn’t even help the human DK who ganked me later (and my boyfriend didn’t slaughter her when he came around to avenge me, lol).

      That’s the kind of world PvP I can tolerate. 😀

    3. @ Amber – Holy. I already have a single target healer and we have too many disc priests as it is.

    4. hahaz, I play on a PVE server but pounce on every flagged alliance i can find usually.. except retadins and DKs. >.< it’s gone so far that my guildies will call out in /g to inform me there’s ‘food’ at the Naxx stone/ Ulduar stone etc. and I’d drop my dailies and brt!

    5. Sorry, can’t help you, but I CAN welcome to you to the beginning of the end! Altoholism can be a joy, you’ve just got to embrace it!

      On the PvP server note, I don’t miss it. I started on one, leveled and played at 60 cap on one…. if its Red it’s Dead was the choice phrase…. I spent a LOT of time dead.

    6. @sparklefreeze – “Food”. 😀

      @AltoholicsRUs – Yeah it was sooo much fun! 😀 I didn’t do much of anything on my list I should have really done.

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