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Patch 3.1.2: Equipment Manager

Ever since I’ve used my first add-on I became an add-on junkie. I admit it, I use up a lot of memory with add-ons.  In fact, my Titan Panel often tells me I’m running at 60MB which is actually lower than what it once was. Back when I was using QuestHelper it was closer to 100MB sometimes topping out over 130MB. That add-on was the buggiest thing I’ve ever seen. Carbonite does 100 things more with less memory. Anyway, I’m not here to bash QuestHelper. What I would like to talk about is the new Equipment Manager feature.

Prior to dual-specs, I wasn’t big on equipment add-ons. I didn’t see a need. I wasn’t constantly respec’ing and the few times when I needed to tank adds on Gluth, I managed just fine by manually selecting the few tanking items I had. I also have very little problem with selecting a fishing rod and hat manually. So add-ons like Outfitter were complete overkill.

Then dual-specs arrived and the world changed! I loaded up Outfitter once again and set it up to auto-equip the appropriate gear based on my current spec. It works like a dream, but it’s an add-on and needs constant updating. So when it was announced that an Equipment Manager feature would be added by Blizzard I was definitely excited about the prospect.

Here’s a snippet of the Equipment Manager FAQ (in blue) posted by Blizzard on their site as well as being accessible in-game with a few comments (in red) by me:

We’re happy to announce the launch of Equipment Manager, a new feature aimed to simplify gear maintenance. Using this feature, you can now create entire gear sets and save them to action bar hotkeys with just a few point and clicks. Yeah, I don’t have to do this with Outfitter. Whether you’re a hybrid class, an avid PvE and PvP participant, or just a fishing enthusiast, switching out your gear has never been easier. Unfortunately, not true. Outfitter is much easier.

Basically what this is saying is you can create a macro, attach an icon to it, and place the macro on your action bars so you can switch gear at the click of a button. Problem is I was always able to do this with macros. The only plus that I can see is that I can now drag-and-drop gear into it rather than having to edit my macro by typing the name of the gear every time I upgrade.

As excited as I was for this feature to finally hit, it does everything I pretty much expect from it except one small minor, yet very important detail and that detail is the BIG MINUS. It doesn’t automatically switch my gear when I change my spec. So close and yet so very far away. Looks like I’ll continue to use Outfitter.