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Patch 3.1.2: Equipment Manager

Ever since I’ve used my first add-on I became an add-on junkie. I admit it, I use up a lot of memory with add-ons.  In fact, my Titan Panel often tells me I’m running at 60MB which is actually lower than what it once was. Back when I was using QuestHelper it was closer to 100MB sometimes topping out over 130MB. That add-on was the buggiest thing I’ve ever seen. Carbonite does 100 things more with less memory. Anyway, I’m not here to bash QuestHelper. What I would like to talk about is the new Equipment Manager feature.

Prior to dual-specs, I wasn’t big on equipment add-ons. I didn’t see a need. I wasn’t constantly respec’ing and the few times when I needed to tank adds on Gluth, I managed just fine by manually selecting the few tanking items I had. I also have very little problem with selecting a fishing rod and hat manually. So add-ons like Outfitter were complete overkill.

Then dual-specs arrived and the world changed! I loaded up Outfitter once again and set it up to auto-equip the appropriate gear based on my current spec. It works like a dream, but it’s an add-on and needs constant updating. So when it was announced that an Equipment Manager feature would be added by Blizzard I was definitely excited about the prospect.

Here’s a snippet of the Equipment Manager FAQ (in blue) posted by Blizzard on their site as well as being accessible in-game with a few comments (in red) by me:

We’re happy to announce the launch of Equipment Manager, a new feature aimed to simplify gear maintenance. Using this feature, you can now create entire gear sets and save them to action bar hotkeys with just a few point and clicks. Yeah, I don’t have to do this with Outfitter. Whether you’re a hybrid class, an avid PvE and PvP participant, or just a fishing enthusiast, switching out your gear has never been easier. Unfortunately, not true. Outfitter is much easier.

Basically what this is saying is you can create a macro, attach an icon to it, and place the macro on your action bars so you can switch gear at the click of a button. Problem is I was always able to do this with macros. The only plus that I can see is that I can now drag-and-drop gear into it rather than having to edit my macro by typing the name of the gear every time I upgrade.

As excited as I was for this feature to finally hit, it does everything I pretty much expect from it except one small minor, yet very important detail and that detail is the BIG MINUS. It doesn’t automatically switch my gear when I change my spec. So close and yet so very far away. Looks like I’ll continue to use Outfitter.


4 Responses

  1. Ah, I was hoping someone would post a comparison — thanks! I’ve been using Outfitter and wondered if it was worth the switch. Sounds like a resounding no!

    I’m not sure that I’d want it to switch my outfit at the same time as my spec, but it doesn’t sound like it offers anything more than Outfitter does. I’ve read elsewhere that it’s pretty clunky in comparison, too. Not worth setting up all my gear sets a second time.

  2. I feel that Outfitter will still become less popular despite its better versatility due to the fact that most people do not need the many features supported by Outfitter. So people that use Outfitter are those that are specific about their needs for equipping gear sets while most people will just prefer to use the in game Equipment Manager. That’s just my opinion though.

  3. @Ess – If you aren’t wanting to switch your gear at the same time you switch specs, then it’s probably not a bad idea to just save your memory by not having Outfitter. I want my gear to change at the same time so I’ll continue using Outfitter.

    @HP – True. I don’t need the additional features Outfitter offers either. I only use it to avoid having to manually switch gear. Otherwise I’d use the EM.

  4. I created three sets using the in-game equipment manager on my shammy, dragged the icons to my action bar and set off questing. Ten minutes later, without logging out or crashing or even changing zone, two of the sets vanished. The just disappeared from the equipment manager, never to return. The word ‘unfinished’ springs to mind.

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