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Is Something Wrong With WoW?

I’ve been kind of out of things this week due to my jaw absolutely killing me. OK, actually it isn’t the fact that the jaw is killing me so much as the drugs make me dizzy and staring at a computer screen is like drinking in-game. The screen seems to move in and out ever so slightly making me want to sample my lunch again.

However, yesterday I went almost all day without painkillers, but succumbed last night. Today I’m hoping that either I’m used to it enough or that I won’t have to take them at all and can play WoW. It’s a three day weekend after all!!! It’d be a shame not to try and abuse a three day weekend to a certain extent in the game. 🙂

There was a time I couldn’t imagine not playing this game. This past week away from the game I realized, I didn’t miss it all that much. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy playing, but it somehow feels different than it used to. We’ve seen a rash of prominent bloggers quit the game recently. A lot of it was due to real life and interest changes, but it also makes me wonder if there isn’t something else we’re not seeing.

My questions to you are:

  • Has something in the game changed to such a point that it’s no longer the same game we grew to love?
  • Have we just outgrown the game?
  • Is it just boredom?
  • Is it the casual/hardcore debate of raiding having gotten too easy? CC? Is that a bra size?
  • Are the classes/specs so similar now that there’s no sense of identity anymore?
  • Or is it something entirely different?

My main point is I have reached a point where I could walk away from this game today and not look back except at fond memories.


8 Responses

  1. I think it’s a mixture of everything, to be honest.

    The content is easier than the hardcore raiders are used to and a majority of them see “hard modes” as a cop-out for Blizzard not to create new content faster.

    Whenever I start to get bored of the game, I’m fine with hopping on an alt and exploring it from a different perspective but it’s just a temporary fix until I want to go back to my main.

    Overall I still feel that TBC offered a little more for each playstyle (pvp/pve/raiding/etc). WOTLK looks better and feels a bit more polished but even a guildmate commented the other day how it’s weird to see people predicting what the next expansion will be when this one has only been out about 7 months.

  2. it just gets boring i guess.. and when it comes to a point when real life stuff stacks up against WoW, I guess it becomes easier to let it go when there’s nothing fresh anymore.

    @ Abi : Yeah, my /g today has been ppl talking about what’s gonna happen next patch/ next expac.. and we haven’t even cleared Ulduar.. >.<

  3. I don’t think it’s necessarily boredom, but we do seem to get things done faster regardless of what “level” of play you’re at. At some point that has to change. I’m at the point on my main now where I either have to get a lot more hardcore and start raiding properly, or a lot more casual and chase achievements.

    In one case I have to bite the bullet, stay up later, and commit to more of a schedule. In the later, I can keep my loose schedule and game commitments, but I don’t really advance my toon much.

    So, as a cop out, I started leveling 2 new warriors, one horde, one alliance, one on PvE and one on PvP, as an experiment to see if the “magic” is still there. Which is just my way of dealing with not having to make the big decision about my main.

    On the other hand, it’s not the first time this has happened. Summer is coming, there’s other things to do… Blizzard has always had a knack for pulling us back in right when we thought we were done. I suspect they’ll do it again.


    /looks at chest. I wish. sigh

  4. @Abi – I think you’re right about TBC offering a little more. Now granted maybe I’m seeing it different because I started 6 months after it was already out, but it just seemed to take a lot more to get into heroics, then raiding, etc. so there were always goals. WotLK is definitely more polished, but it takes little time and effort to get into things.

    @sparklefreeze – Maybe I have just been playing too long. It’s been two years now.

    @Friday – I did the hardcore thing. Maybe I’m just missing that level of play since scaling back.

  5. To be honest, and I don’t really want to admit to it, I don’t think I would have that much trouble leaving WoW. I really love this game, I do. Compared to TBC, I even have a much easier time getting to raid and such, as I am more the casual player. Still, I remember how I walked around thinking “amg, amg, going Kara with my guild tonight, amg!”, don’t caring about loot and such. It was the experience. However, I think that can be related to raiding being fresh to me back then, while I now have an good and organized guild for Ulduar.

    On the other side, it feels like as if Blizz is at least trying. They’ve done like other games, and implented achievements for players to spend some time and look around. Raids are pretty easy, you get epics in no time and new players slide into the game easily. Just like they said, the game suits the masses now. Personally, I’m not sure how gosh darned great this is tho. I play as a mage, so I’m used to being picked for CC, decursing, int buffs and food. The way classes are now, they can just buy food and have fun without me. So imo classes have become a tiny bit to similiar. I don’t know, maybe that’s why I could way away if wanted. I’m not as needed as before. (And Christ, this is becoming a post more than a comment, haha.)

    Uh. Hmm. Yes, writing comments on blog this early on a Sunday ain’t the smartest 😛 Summing it up: It might be a bit too easy to get to the top, too similiar classes. That might be why people leave. Dunno.

  6. Pretty simple for me. I already quit and I’ll give my reasons.

    (In case the usual thing comes up of “Why are you still reading and commenting on WoW blogs if you don’t play it anymore?” Well I’m a game designer. I work for a company making MMOs. I need to know about developments in the field and so I have a couple of wow blogs that I read, this being one).

    Back to the topic: Reasons I’m done with WoW

    1) No challenge.
    I’m not just talking about end-game raiding. I’m talking about the whole game. Leveling from L1-80. I could say, fine I don’t enjoy the end game anymore I’ll go level an alt, but even that is pointless. You burn through old world instances now just AOEing everything down (if you can get a group that is).

    You don’t use crowd control right up to 80. Even just running around on your own fighting stuff. There’s no risk. You don’t have to worry about runners, it’s ok, you’ll take out their mates when they get there as well.

    You level so quickly that loot is pointless. Why go after a blue item at L30 when you’re going to leave it behind in a few days?

    2) The old world is pretty much deserted. I play MMOs because they’re ‘Multi Player’ yet I spend most of my time doing stuff on my own anyway. What’s the point?

    3) Whiny community and Blizzard giving in to everything.

    This one pretty much speaks for itself. The hearthstone thing was a good example and a good reason why the old world and the world in general seems more empty. Somehow the community changed over the last year or so into a bunch of whiny brats who want everything handed to them on a plate and cry if they don’t get it.

    4) Classes are too similar. When I raid, I play a ‘generic DPS class’. Whether I’m a hunter, a mage or a warlock, my role is identical. Kill the mobs, roughly in kill order and AOE whenever it’s viable.

    Classes used to have other responsibilities beyond just Tank/DPS/Healing. Hunters protected the clothies if they drew aggro. Warlocks used curses for more than just DPS.

    Now.. we all just DPS stuff, usually AOE.

    5) Achievements are dumb.
    Seriously. Most players don’t see how they’re actually being played. Achievements AREN’T achievements. They’re made accessible so that everyone can get them.

    Every new event is a mad rush to get every new achievement associated with it. So what? So we can get a silly title and the promise of a fast flying mount at the end of the year?

    Achievements end up with players doing stuff in a game that they don’t find fun. Anyone see the irony?

    When designers have to cajole players into playing their game, there is something wrong.

    6) Hard Modes are also idiotic.
    They don’t add to the game and they feel contrived.

    The game in general just feels gimmicky.

    So yeah, after all that, I stopped playing for a week and realized I really didn’t miss it, in fact, I actually enjoyed life more without the game. Canceled my sub the next week and am really happy I did.

  7. Like you and so many other people, I’ve been wondering if I’ll be retiring from WoW any time soon. I’ve gone through similar phases a few times in the past, but have gotten through them by changing my focus in game…giving myself a new goal…leveling a new alt.

    So, when I felt this coming on I tried one of those tactics. I started leveling an alt. But it isn’t working? Why? Because the old world is so empty. I feel like I’m playing all alone.

    For some reason before Wrath the old world was still heavily occupied. You could still find people doing old world instances and group quests.

    What changed? Is it that before Wrath heroics and raids weren’t as accessible, so people would hit 70 then switch to an alt — keeping the old world semi-populated? But now that more people are able to do heroics and raids they are staying on their mains, leaving their alts to gather dust?

    Anyway…I think I have a few months left of my WoW career at least.

  8. I see the problem as being the changes: they keep jerking around what it means to be a lock, pally, shaman (although hunter is clearly better, for me, in WotLK.) and making everything blandly similar. Choosing your class is like choosing whether to be the thimble or the racecar, a required decision that affects nothing. So I feel less connection to my toon and thus the game.

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