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Quick AH Update

I tried really hard to get into a few regular instances or easy heroics on my shammy, but it just didn’t work for me so I didn’t really do much last night. But a quick update on those who might be curious about how my experiment is going because damn it’s actually going a little better than I thought it would and I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park! 😀 

tow mater

Due to learning a few things about how to make this work for me and taking into account the time it took to get things set up it is taking a little longer than I would like, but let’s just say on a per hour basis it still beats farming or dailies! 😀 I expect that after this first week I will have developed a rhythm that will cut my time managing everything in half.

I don’t think I did a good job of explaining how I plan on going about this little experiment. What I’d like to do is rely solely on the AH for income. That means I intend to do the following:

  • All mats to craft items sold on the AH must come from the AH or from vendors. No farming on alts.
  • I will primarily focus on glyphs for now which is handled by Kyr, the toon I’m doing this experiment with. However, as I become more comfortable with the AH I intend to branch out into other areas and will allow my other toons to craft items for sale by Kyr. However, all mats must be purchased by Kyr on the AH or again from vendors. I want to keep the gold tally accurate.
  • I am keeping daily notes of the amount of time spent purchasing mats, crafting, and posting items on the AH. I’m keeping a daily tally with screenshots of gold achieved at the end of the day.
  • Although I will give weekly updates, due to the fact that I started selling in the middle of the week, I will still post Week 1’s update on Sunday. Sunday is just an easier day for me to compile all of that information and post than on Monday. So this first week will be a little short.
  • I don’t know how long I will keep this up, but I expect for at least a month if not longer. After one month I will post the strategies that seemed to work and what didn’t. I have thought about posting what strategy I’m using now, but even though it worked the first day it isn’t a guarantee that it will work tomorrow.

Not much of a post, but work’s busy right now and unfortunately not much is happening for me in game. So far this consumes most of my time just by thinking about it.


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  1. Well-if I have the gold, I’ll finish refitting Ambrosine for tankadin duty and we can go noob our way through some instances. I specced her last night, but I’m going HOLY SHIT THEY ADDED MORE BUTTONS still. It’s been awhile.

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