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Changing AH Pricing

Have you ever seen people selling something on the AH that made you want to scream? A few weeks ago a guild member was really upset because Saronite Ore which had been selling for 20-22g/stack suddenly dropped to 15g/stack overnight. The problem was that there was so much of it that people were beginning to undercut the undercutters.

So what do you do? Well I have heard some people say you should buy up the undercutters and try and control the market. The problem with this is you’ll buy up the cheap stuff, post for the price you want, then get undercut again by the same guys and lose. They’re making money selling so they’ll continue to do this to you.

With glyphs I’ve found a way that sorta works some of the time…

Week 2 - Increasing profitability

Wish I had a screenshot of the before prices for this glyph. It was selling around 8g/ea at one point and there were about a dozen of them. I’d rather not sell a glyph for under 10g. Hell, I’d rather not sell below 15g to be honest. Although as Darraxus pointed out on my last post, you can still make a nice profit at 8g with some glyphs, but I think we’d all rather still make more.

My strategy for raising the price? I kept posting one really high. as you can see here, the last time I posted I put two up for 34g 70s.  Believe me, I have no illusions that I could ever sell that glyph for that high, but look what happened. It appears that all the low priced glyphs eventually got bought out and only mine was left, so when the next seller came by and saw my high price, or relied solely on Auctioneer to tell him how much to undercut, he then posted the glyph at what I consider a more reasonable level. Believe me, I removed my two high priced glyphs (which aren’t shown) and posted two more at 13g 90s. 😀


Here’s a word of caution though. This is fairly easy to do with glyphs. Why? Because posting a glyph costs 60c and glyphs sell on a regular basis. I’m constantly posting new auctions and canceling the higher priced ones. It costs me little and I don’t even notice. But I wouldn’t advise this on items with high posting costs, unless you’re rich already then it’s potentially worth it.

For example, I wanted to try branching out for more items. I decided I could potentially finish leveling my last 25 points in Jewelcrafting and sell gems at the same time. After about 30 minutes of research I figured I could sell Rigid Autumn’s Glow gems for about 35g. Everyone needs +hit right? So I made a couple and posted them at 33g and sold one almost immediately! I got excited which was where I made a slight mistake.

I found a killer deal on 8 Autumn’s Glow gems for 80g total. Most are selling at the 15-20g range that I could tell. So I snagged them quickly! I then posted a couple more and checked back about two hours later. Lo and behold there were about 8 more Rigid Autumn’s Glow gems undercutting mine as low as 20g/ea. If I remember correctly it cost 2.5g to post each of them. So I’m now out 7.5g and sitting on several more. On the other hand, I still got a deal on the uncut gems and should still be able to sell them eventually. Although now I’m wary because the gems cost me 12.5g now. They’ll cost 15g as soon as I post them again. Then 17.5g, 20g, and on and on until sold.


7 Responses

  1. Tricking the Auctioneer users into believing the price of some items has shifted is a tried and true method that works for a short period of time. My experience is prices will be back to their usual level within a few days if you do not drive some power sellers out of the market.

    The average Joe would not attempt to drive other power sellers out the AH so I hope you will not go down that path.

  2. I am really enjoying this series of articles. It is good to see someone besides Gevlon articulating methods clearly and concisely.

    I run into the same issue you do. I will be doing really well on my banker, then I will get bored and stop making sure I am the lowest price. Also, I mostly only sell minerals and other stuff from my alts, I have debated dropping BS on my 65 DK and picking up herbalism/inscription. Just not sure if I wanna drop 230 BS and about the same Mining. I keep hearing though that inscription is the way to make money.

    Anyway, keep ’em coming.

  3. @Hugmenot – I have no ambitions about driving people out of the market. I know people like Gevlon have the patience and ability to try and do some of that, but I’m pretty sure I don’t. As such, I like to keep my postings to 2-3 max. Some of these guys post 8 at a time!

    @smart001 – Thx. I’m actually enjoying writing about them and to a certain extent even playing the AH, but it’s more time consuming than I would like. At least with farming, I get to fight a little, fly around, and see some scenery.

  4. I gave up on trying to make money with inscription. There are three or so inscribers on my server who are very active, meaning that things get undercut by a tiny amount after they are up for only an hour.

  5. Once again, here is a post of someone wanting to get alot for a little of work.

    Nothing is easy… lvling, professions, raiding…..
    why should making gold?

    Who here would not buy a stack of ore for 5gold?

    I Love FREE Market! The American Way!

  6. One advantage I have right now is I am playing late at night. I can post my auctions and sell several before the other douches undercut me. I post before bed and before work usually. Working pretty well and I am keeping 500-600 auctions up at a time.

    As inscription, also make good use of selling those snowfall inks. I can sell one for more than the stack of herbs I got it from.

  7. @Endwelling – actually the stuff I’m doing is still a lot of work, it’s just less than I was doing before. For me personally it’s a lot more boring playing the AH than mining. But this is an experiment. Can the average Joe make a buck on the AH easier than farming? It’s still work and anyone that says otherwise is lying.

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