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Honest Blogging

/climb on soapbox

OK, I wasn’t going to comment on this because so many people already know and have followed to some degree the whole debacle surrounding Ferraro and TechDarling. But after reading this post over at I Am A Paladin, I feel inclined to throw in my two cents.

When I first heard about the incident, I thought oh well big deal. There’s a lot of Ferraros writing and there’s probably nothing wrong with that. I mean seriously do you think Abby is still writing for Dear Abby? But then I started finding out that she’s been stealing someone else’s identity, blogs, etc. After that I heard of theories describing this whole thing as a stunt to increase traffic on both sites and I don’t know what to believe anymore. The woman over at TechDarling finally responded to the whole thing.

Bottom line, whoever Ferraro is or was she has been dishonest about blogging. Either she stole a whole lot of content from TechDarling or she is indeed TechDarling and is lying about not being Ferraro. I’m inclined to believe the former, but it really doesn’t matter. The real point is that the author of Paladin Schmaladin was and probably is still being dishonest. Seriously, WoW.com seems to believe they’ve proved that Ferraro lied again after “coming clean” with the 7 Ferraro story.

    We’ve investigated, and have determined based on IP address records of comments left by Ferarro on WoW.com between July of 2008 and May of 2009 that the comments all came from the same small subnet of IPs, and are all geographically very local to one another. This means that unless “Ferarro #1” through “Ferarro #7” live within a few miles of each other, they’re the same person.

    An IP address is a unique address that your internet provider gives to you when you use the internet. It used to change a lot back in the day, but now if you have a cable modem it’ll only change once in a while. All internet service providers have a group of IPs they use to give out to their customers.

    The same small ISP gave out the same couple IP numbers to Ferraro during the time that she claims to have been different people. In particular Ferarro claims that her current personality took over the blog in January of 2009. However our IP records directly contradict this statement. They directly indicate that it is the exact same Ferarro commenting here before and after this period.

    It’s possible that “Ferarro #7” has been the only one commenting here over the past couple years, but that’s unlikely given her statements on the post made via her blog today. According to the blog post, the email address associated with Ferarro is turned over completely to the new Ferarro owner each time, and the new Ferarro even goes to great lengths to forward emails to previous Ferarros when appropriate.

    Given all comments are associated with this email address, we have a clear continuity of IP and email addresses that directly refute her story.

So it appears that she’s still lying. Because her post had told us that she’d only been Ferraro since January 2009.

The sad thing about all this is that Ferraro had a good blog. She is a good writer. But stealing someone else’s content, pictures, etc. is just wrong. As such I’ve removed my links to her site. It’s a shame since there’s still great paladin information over there, but to be honest there’s great paladin information elsewhere and sadly I’m inclined to look elsewhere now.

If you’re going to blog, be honest. This doesn’t mean you have to give us all your real life detail. How many of you know my real name? Where I live? How old I am? What ethnic background do I have? How many states I’ve lived in? How many countries? Probably very few of you. I know only 3 people in the game that I’ve given my full name and work e-mail address to. Few others know my first name and although I’ve never made it a secret as to what city/state I live in currently, I doubt the few that I’ve told remember that.

For this blog, I am Kyrilean, Kyrileanthos, Kyril, Kyr, Ky, Kyky, Kyrnub (the last two with regards to Amber :)), Maedchen, and Erdkrieg. That’s who I am. That’s who I present myself as and quite frankly that’s probably all you readers are probably interested in knowing me as. I’m a boring ass person in real life.

Anyway, we all read each other’s blogs based on writing style, content, etc. Not because of some hot pic we’ve posted. At least I hope we don’t…

/end soapbox


2 Responses

  1. Since my personal blog is linked to my gaming one I put myself out on the internet alot. If there ever was some sort of backlash, like stolen identity, I have only one person to blame, myself.

    But on the other hand if my pics drive readers to your blog, by all means go ahead and use them..it ain’t doing me no good 🙂

  2. Since I’m a bit of a newcomer to WoW, and VERY much a new Paladin, it’s strange that one of the first blogs I had read was the Ferarro (sp?) blog, and have been following the whole debacle. At least at a moderated distance…

    The fine line between establishing yourself as an exclusively online personna, either in blogs or in various forums, versus being completely yourself, or even being completely anonymous is tough. There needs to be enough distance to protect yourslef, but they have to be “real” enough that people (yourself especially) can connect with. I’ve been using this handle (SlikRX) for nearly a decade now with both friends and “online aquaintances”. Seperating that name from the “real” me is tough.

    Anyhow, this was a nice, timely post, and a good read. Thanks!

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