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Don’t Change My Pally!!!

Quotes taken from this post this post.


“An apparent “double standard” exists because the game has far fewer healing specs than damage specs. Most 25-player raids are going to have a diversity of healers so it’s okay in our minds for them to have more discrete niches. While there are many fights where single-target damage is not particularly useful, there are very, very few fights that are not tanked, and therefore where single-target healing is not particularly useful. Besides, while the paladin niche may be single-target healing, when I look at raid stats, nearly all of them are managing to heal people besides the MT. I’ve run 10-player raids with 2 paladin healers plenty of times. It works fine.”

“Look, we get that….

1) Stacking mostly Int isn’t fun. 
2) Having 70%+ overheal isn’t fun. 
3) Focusing so much on the main tank in a raid isn’t fun. 
4) Casting nothing but Holy Light isn’t fun. 

We do have some ideas for how to fix these problems. They aren’t redesign-the-class level because frankly we don’t think the class needs that, but the proposed changes would fix the above four problems. Understand though that part of reducing overhealing and being a more flexible raid healer might come with regen or mana pool nerfs. It is possible that the only thing keeping Holy paladins from being too good right now is their narrow focus.”

I must be the only holy paladin in the world that’s completely happy with the way things are right now. I don’t want changes. I like stacking for Int. I absolutely love trying to stack crit! I could care less if my overheals are the largest of any other class! If I have enough mana at the end of the fight and no one is dying, then I could give a rat’s ass!!! Focusing on the main tank is a challenge for me as I instinctively want to heal everything. And only on rare fights do I have to spam HL and when I do I love it because it becomes a challenging mana management game! And when I can manage to do that talk about fun!!!

Am I pleased with the Ulduar gear for holy pallies? Not really. Most of it seems to have a lot of mp5 which is worthless with the state of things now. I don’t want mp5. I like the uncertainty of managing my mana with crits! Divine Plea has a 1 minute cooldown that seems to work just perfectly with knowing when to cast it to make things work properly.

Seriously I must be the only holy paladin in the world that loves things the way they are right now! Don’t change my pally!!!


5 Responses

  1. Me too!

  2. *just hugs her disc priest*

  3. This whole thing started because of the Mp5 on gear, its all related. Blizzard doesn’t want to remove Mp5 from gear because it will leave us only with overpowered stats compared to other healers who still need a mana regen stat. They also don’t like only having 4 potential stats on our gear. So, they aren’t removing Mp5 from gear. Which means they need to make Mp5 more attractive to us, which means they need to nerf Intellect but make Mp5 stronger and make us care more about mana efficiency, which probably means buffing Flash of Light, which also means we’ll be able to do more raid healing.

    Its all related and intertwined. I agree, I’m also happy with how paladins are now except for the Mp5 issue on gear which affects everything. However, I’m happy with paladins for a different reason than you… I think we’re already effective raid healers (as well as tank healers), so we don’t need to be changed.

    I have a post about it on my blog with a lot of discussion in the comments:


  4. GC is doing this because we complained about mp5 loot. In his eyes, we should be happy about it and if we aren’t, that means something is wrong with us. Hence, he got alot of paladins flooding the forums explaining how the hell we work and he took it to mean that we were complaining when really people were busy trying to show him why his idea of making us reliant on mp5 was stupid. GC probably stands in the fire.

  5. (weeps)

    Why are they always bad-touching our class? I have my character all figured out (for the 5th time).

    Every time they change me, I feel like a less effective healer in the 5-person content that I love.

    Don’t touch my pally!

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