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AH Experiment: Week 2 Recap

Time for an update on my AH experiment. Rather than bore you with a day-by-day detail, I’ll just add everything up that I did during the week and post a few daily screenshots.

Total gold spent on herbs: 3850  (Most of which was herbs at 10-12g/stack. :))

Total gold spent on another 3 Packs of Endless Pockets: 50 (Having 3 just wasn’t enough.)

Total gold spent on 8 Autumn’s Glow: 90 (Was trying to branch out.)

Total gold spent: 3990g (I’ve rounded off a little and think I’ve included most of the cost of parchments in there.)

Total time spent picking up mail, milling, crafting, posting, and reposting: 7.5 hours

Gold/hour: 532g/hr

Not quite where I’d like to be, but still a far cry better than questing or farming. Also, I haven’t really branched out of Inscription yet. I also spent a lot of time trying to increase my inventory and I’m still researching new glyphs every day.

Update 3 End of Week 1 – Sunday morning

Week 2.1 - Monday night Week 2 – Monday night (Spent 800g on mats)

Week 2.2 - Tuesday night Week 2 – Tuesday night

Week 2.3 - Wednesday night Week 2 – Wednesday night (Spent 600g on mats)

Week 2.4 - Thursday night Week 2 – Thursday night (Increasing inventory to 10/ea)

Week 2.7 - Sunday morning Week 2 – Sunday morning (Increased inventory to 20/ea)

A Helpful Macro

Saturday I spent most of the rest of the gold on increasing my inventory from 10 to 20. This took quite a bit of time milling all of those mats and a boatload of gold! Here’s a quick macro to help you out:

/cast milling
/use goldclover
/use deadnettle
/use tiger lily

First, make sure you have herbs in multiples of 5 or when you have 1 Goldclover left and try to mill your Deadnettle, it’ll error out. Also it’ll error out if you have a stack of 1 Goldclover and a stack of 4 Goldclover. It’s not smart enough to figure that out. It starts with your left most bag and works it way from left-to-right, top-to-bottom. If you have a 4 stack of something in front of all your 20 stacks, it’ll error out. Push your odd stacks to the end.

You’ll notice that I don’t have the other herbs listed. First, they’re a lot more expensive than these three. Second, I don’t buy them on this toon. Remember I’m purchasing everything off the AH anyway. Besides depending on your own circumstances and whether you choose to farm the herbs, you might not want to just automatically mill those other Northrend herbs.


Still looking for addons to make this whole process go smoother. Zardilann commented last week and let me know about QuickAuctions which is a fantastic addon! It’s a little glitchy and doesn’t always post all my available glyphs. For some reason it misses a few here and there. I turned Auctioneer off to see if that would help and it did a little, but it still misses some. So I have to spend a little time scanning to see which ones I have that haven’t posted and post those manually. It also has a tendency to cancel some auctions where I’m the only seller. Not sure why. I’ve got upwards of 350 auctions going on at any one time now so definitely still worth the bugs.

Everchanging Strategy

There are two other changes I’ve made to the way I handle auctions. First, I’ve increased my postings to 5 each. I’ve also lowered my threshold to 8g using QuickAuctions. I know before I said 15g, but I did more research and what I found is by buying herbs off the AH at 15g/stack, the worst case scenario is a glyph will cost 8g to make. A stack could potentially yield only 2 pigments per milling. Each ink uses 2 pigments which is 4 inks per stack. Some glyphs use 2 inks and 1 Resilient Parchment which is 50s. 2 inks is half a stack and half of 15 is 7.5 plus the 50s makes each glyph 8g.

I figure most of those glyphs will sell for higher than 8g and the ones only using 1 ink cost 3.75g so I’m still making a healthy profit at 8g/glyph. But since the worst case scenario rarely happens, even the higher cost glyphs at 8g will net me a small profit. Now to make it all up in volume.

Now before you all point out that I can also sell the Snowfall Inks for a nice wad of cash, I have been posting some. I will be changing my strategy this week as they’ve been posted at roughly 30g/ea. I’ve only sold 5 so far. I have over 100 and only once in a while make Darkmoon Cards. Yes, if I post these for the right price, they’ll more than make up for any minor losses I would take with the posting glyphs at less than 8g. I don’t know what that price is yet. When I figure it out I’ll try that strategy out and see what happens.

Bottom line, it appears the average Joe can make money on the AH at least with Inscriptions. 🙂


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  1. Great so see you doing well. I’ve been spending lots of gold on pets and a Hog for the wife, so still trying to climb back up there.

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