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Manic Monday

Real Life

This week is gonna be hell for me. The bid on a project for the Government at Aberdeen bids on Friday…given that another amendment isn’t issued pushing it back…AGAIN!!! Fortunately I’ve completed my scopes and just need to work out a couple of last minute take-offs and contact all the subs, but it’s still gonna be hell.

As such, I don’t know how much content I’m going to have this week. I’m going to do my best to keep the posts up. On the other hand I have been doing a lot with my AH experiment and maybe it’s time to share some insights. Which brings me to a little bit of a rant.

Frustrated Shammy

frustrationAnyone else leveling alts and having a hard time getting them into heroics? I cannot for the life of me get my shammy into anything. I have run heroic UK once. One f’ing time!!! Soon after hitting 80 I tried for two hours each day to do something with him. I was in almost all greens, but now I’m in almost all blues and still can’t get into anything! It’s frustrating me to no end.

Why? Because Ky doesn’t need anything except a tier 7.5 helm and only needs that so he can use one of his two supposed upgrades from Ulduar without breaking the 4-set bonus. So no real drive to do anything with him. Sure it’d be nice to get some raiding achievements, but frankly I’m not in a guild capable of doing most of them let alone in a guild that has the desire to go after them. Don’t know that I have the desire to go after them either to be honest.

I guess I could PvP with Ky. I’m now in guild 2-man and 3-man Arena groups, but my resilience is only around 530 and BGs have worn me out. I’ll probably run a few this week though.

Maedchen’s geared for Ulduar and her upgrades are there as well, with the exception of needing some healing gear, but sadly most of the upgrade healing gear comes from 25man Naxx as even her +hit gear is better than most 10-man gear. And even though I could try to pug her into Ulduar, the words pug and Ulduar don’t yet go together for me quite yet. Besides, the guild might need her some night so there’s no way in hell I’m going to get her saved.

So that leaves me with Erdkrieg. Level 80 and can’t do shit! Granted I don’t have healing gear yet so I’m still running as Enhancement and only 1.1k dps which is sad, but it’s heroics and not even the hard ones! Seriously it’s like no one runs heroics on my server anymore! Anyone else having that problem?

So that leaves me with leveling alts and running my AH experiment.

My AH Experiment

Week 2.7 - Sunday morningDamn is it going well! 😀 I bought a crapload of herbs off the AH on Friday and this guy contacts me on his DK to sell me herbs at 12g/stack. I think I’ve bought 2k worth of herbs off him now. He’s happy! I’m happy! The 1200g I spent yesterday morning was earned back by early afternoon. I bought another 600g worth off him this morning. Still working on getting my inventory all up to 20.

Although I’m not making as much as I’d like to yet, I’m making more than I thought I would after the first week. So I’m really happy about how it’s going. There were roughly 3800 glyphs on the AH this morning (if I wasn’t too tired to remember that correctly) of which roughly 500 were mine. So I have a decent share of the market and I really only have 4 competitors that are posting on the scale that I am. Everyone else seems to be specializing in a few particular glyphs or posting glyphs while leveling.

Leveling Alts (among other things)

I was so bored Friday night that after playing the AH, I decided to log over to other toons. I leveled a mage from 2 to 3 before getting bored with that. I can’t remember what I did after that, probably played Call of Duty: World at War on the Xbox. Oh wait, I did do that, but I also leveled a rogue to 8.

Saturday morning I played around with the AH again and leveled my mage to 7, my baby pally from 14 to 15, and then went and hung out with my family at a railroad festival in Manassas all day. Sunday wasn’t much better. I logged in for the AH a few times, but I spent the day cleaning house, doing dishes, cooking, playing with the kids, and playing Call of Duty again.

Problem is as much as I want to level alts because I do have fun with it, the quests in the Old World are horrendous. I can’t stand the quests that send you half way around the world to complete one stinking quest, so I usually skip those and trudge through the awful quest designs that are available. Outland quests are better as they generally keep you closer together, but the ganking is pretty bad and I never liked Outland leveling even when it was new. Actually I wasn’t a fan of Outland much at all. Nagrand was the only zone I liked. But then there’s Northrend. Northrend was a lot of fun the first two times and still fun the third time, but I wonder how much fun it’ll be the fourth time? Although I still don’t have a flyer for Erdkrieg and haven’t touched Storm Peaks or most of Icecrown. 😀

Oh and as a random side thought, I want to strangle a guildie that was trolling trade chat this morning. He brought up an issue that he brought up in guild the other day. He thinks that as a mage he’s there for cookies, ports, and dps. He’s a dps class and that’s what he should do. He thinks pallies are healers and they shouldn’t be ret or tanks. In fact he thinks all healer classes should be just healers, warriors are tanks, etc. He started a big brouhaha last week about spriests shouldn’t dps and should only be holy. He refused to believe that spriests were awesome in Naxx. I don’t know what it is, but I just want to f’ing strangle this kid!!!

Weekly Recap

So what did I do all week? Each day I spent time milling, crafting glyphs, posting auctions, canceling auctions, collecting the mail, etc. I calculated that I spent 7.5 hours doing that all week.

On Monday and Wednesday I raided Ulduar. On Tuesday I spent time doing the JC daily for Erdkrieg and wasting time trying to get into something. On Thursday, I tried to get into a Naxx25 run by a guildie. I wanted to take Erdkrieg, but he’s not really geared for that and my spriest was wanted. But that run was already nearly an hour behind in getting started as they tried to find additional healers and I asked them to remove me from raid while working on the AH since it was getting too late to start for me. And I’ve already talked about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I had a conversation with my wife last night and she’s happy that I play a lot less than I used to. So am I to be honest, but that makes it all the more frustrating when I’m trying to accomplish things in a shorter period of time.

Anyway, sorry about the rant, but that’s been brewing for two weeks now and I needed to get it off my chest.


5 Responses

  1. “Oh and as a random side thought, I want to strangle a guildie that was trolling trade chat this morning.”

    Spex? Sprex? WTF ever his name is?

    …WTB excuse to kick him. Please give me one, Kyky. 🙂

    Alts: If I can find on the AH/get someone to cut my red gems for me, Ambrosine is actually, finally ready to go heroics chomping. I know I kept mentioning that I was WORKING on her, but now I actually feel like I can take her somewhere. Wooo! Alternatively, I want a fucking bronze drake.

  2. I’ve been having the same problem on my alliance character anyway. it seems like whenever i’m on my hordies, there’s no shortage of pugs forming. Of course you have to be sitting in trade to see them but at least they are there. whenever I’m on my alliance character though? nuts! I’ve been trying to do a timed run of CoT4 in over a week now. the closes I’ve come so far were couple of groups that fell apart after meathook and one group that actually managed to do the instanc,e but they were nowhere near the drake timer. its like the tanks that actually know how to see where the waves are coming from on a minimap are nonexistent O_O. Forget occulus, daily heroics are hard to find groups for, even when the daily is Nexus! I would think that its because of Ulduar and majority of players are busy progressing through that, but hordies still seem to be running heroics (I haven’t been joining those heroics though, so they might be as unsuccessful as my alliance side groups)? /gurgle. Is everyone hiding within guild groups and not pugging or something, with the only people left to pug who, frankly speaking and I cannot say it any nicer then that – stink to high heaven.


  3. Check out my Weekend update post. i posted a nice mass glyph cancel macro that will cancel all glyphs so that you can repost them at lower prices.

  4. I’ve also noticed that it is very hard to find groups for heroics. Last week, I respecced healing to see how that went, and it took me about 2 hours to find a group. A really, really terrible group.

  5. @Ambrosyne – Excuse given. In fact, if I were an officer I would have /gkicked him after having a discussion with him to avoid trolling trade chat because I know what his response would be.

    I tried to get a screen shot of the conversation going on, but I was crafting inks and it kept moving up and it was too early to figure out that moving forward would have interrupted that… 😦 I seem to recall one guy saying something about “bad guilds” or some such because he said “oh you’re in brotherhood of oblivion”. I don’t know about you, but I’m proud of my guild name and people that represent it badly piss me off.

    @Leah – Pugs… /cry

    @Darraxus – QuickAuctions actually is really good about canceling auctions. It leaves “most” of my auctions that are the lowest still up. It’s still buggy though and cancels a few where I’m the only seller.

    @Argon – Well at least it isn’t just me. I was starting to take it personally. 😛

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