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AH Experiment: When Supply Dries Up

Sorry, my post about what makes a true raider will have to wait until tomorrow. Something way too interesting just happened.

Remember how I started mid-week with my experiment? Well today is two weeks since I actually started this experiment and I decided Sundays were easier to post updates, but I post this for two reasons.

Reason #1

Kyr's BackpackWeek 3.3 - Wednesday morning

The first was Wednesday night two weeks ago after posting my initial auctions. The second is from this morning. In two weeks I’ve made 10k which is kind of a cool number anyway.

Reason #2 – The One I Hadn’t Anticipated

Herbs - Deadnettle

Herbs - Goldclover

Herbs - Tiger Lily


I haven’t run into that guy supplying me all those herbs for a couple of days and my ink supply is running dangerously low. My inventory isn’t at 20 stacks like I want it to be and I’m piece-meal exchanging inks to keep what I need crafted. I’m sorely tempted to log onto Maed and farm herbs, but that ruins the nature of the experiment which is to rely solely on purchasing what I need to make gold on the AH. So I thought maybe I farm it and transfer the gold over to Maed whatever the going rate on the AH is. But that again ruins the whole idea of me spending time using just the AH to make gold rather than farming. So that’s a no go for this experiment. Besides I cut myself off at 15g/stack and buying up the remainder of these guys will just encourage the farmers to inflate the price the next time they post and I’ll have to wait even longer for the price to come down.

Just remember that supply sometimes dries up. Thank goodness I have enough inventory to hold me through for a couple of days, but based on this I need to get my inventory up even higher just in case. It is summer after all and I’m thinking some resources will only become scarcer.

On another note, I was able to heal with my shammy for the first time ever in regular HoL! Thanks to Ambrosyne’s tanking and the assistance of her uber-geared boyfriend Drake the DK and a 75 lock. It’s sorta pathetic that I still don’t have a flyer with the amount of gold I have, but I don’t have 6k floating around on the other toons, so Erd’s gotta wait. 😦 Big thanks to them for helping me out. Who says complaining doesn’t get you anywhere? 😛


9 Responses

  1. Don’t worry about it, it’s the darkmoon faire madness. Herb prices on my server almost doubled but they’ll return to normal next week. In my case it’s actually not a bad thing: market prices of glyphs have gone up aswell so I can just sell my stock and a higher price.
    It’s also never a bad idea to check if someone is selling Inks of the Sea. On my server some idiots mill the herbs for snowfall ink stuff and sell the inks because they think it’s useless. Leaving me to buy stacks of the inks at 20-40g/stack. Considering the going rate for glyphs that gives me some uber duper profits =)

    Anyway, nice blog, keep it up =)

    Kythar – Deathwing EU

  2. LOL…my tanking was so terrible! That poor warlock.

    Then again it didn’t help that Josh decided I needed a “trial by fire” and I’m sitting here going “FUCK WHAT DOES THE NEW TAUNT LOOK LIKE.”

  3. yikes 😦 that’s just damn expensive for a piece of Deadnettle…

  4. Yeah, it is DMF time. You really want to have a lot stockpiled before it begins. Only thing worse is the eternal lifes that at times quadrupled – 400 vs 100 g/stack. I am seeing AddTong going from 16 to 25g stack with only sporadic outages.

  5. Wow, congrats on making 10k gold! I hit 9k this morning across all three characters…I’m working toward 20k so I can buy my bf and my mage’s epic flight. 😀

    I would love to be able to buy herbs at 15g/stack! They’re upwards of 30-50g per stack on my server…so I just have to farm my own mats which takes quite awhile. QQ 😛

    Anyway, grats again! Hope the farmer comes back and if he does, ask him if he would mind coming to Tortheldrin to supply our AH with cheap herbs, lol. 🙂

  6. I will be posting about my profits at the beggining of next week. I am poised for a 10k week 🙂

    As far as herbs go, I never buy the low end northrend ones. I wait for Icethorn and Adders Tongue to get into the 15-16 gold range and buy them all up. If that fails, I have been buying stacks of 20 Ink of the Sea for 35 gold. It is like they are paying me to take their inks.

  7. @Darraxus – That would be great if I could buy the higher end for 15g/stack, but they’re all still around 30g/stack. I’m not willing to pay that much.

  8. I’m trying a similar experiment (yay for Inscription, banner profession for the compulsive!), and it’s currently proving cheaper to buy Icethorn/Lichbloom/Adder’s Tongue to mill for my inks, as the lower level northrend herbs are only a gold or two cheaper per stack. I think I’ll need to keep an eye on the ink prices, though – I’m probably missing bargains with my focus on herbs.

  9. The herb prices should be going down soon I would thing. Most of the highers end Northrend ones produce two snowfall ink, which sells for 17-20 gold each no my server.

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