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AH Experiment: Jewelcrafting, Prospecting, & Disenchanting

Here’s a way to make some gold on the AH that I found out about, but let me first start off by saying it is riskier than selling glyphs. You should do OK, but before you get too excited go check the prices of blue gems, Infinite Dust, Cosmic Essence (Lesser & Greater), Dream Shards (Large & Small), and Eternal or Crystallized Earths.

FYI this isn’t exactly quick, but it’s sure faster than farming!

What You Need: Jewelcrafting & Enchanting

Prospecting: Take 1

As I said this is a little risky, largely in part to the randomness of prospecting. On Tuesday I spent 200g on 10 stacks Saronite Ore and 32g on 4 Eternal Earths of which the ore was prospected into the following (I’ve added going AH rates of that day):

3 Sky Sapphire – 7g/ea
1 Scarlet Ruby – 60g/ea
2 Autumn’s Glow – 8g/ea
4 Twilight Opal – 20g/ea
2 Monarch Topaz – 20g/ea
1 Forest Emerald – 10g/ea
8 Shadow Crystal – 1g/ea
8 Dark Jade – 1.5g/ea
4 Bloodstone – 2g/ea
11 Huge Citrine – 1.5g/ea
11 Chalcedony – 1.5g/ea
4 Sun Crystal – 1.5g/ea

In total I could make 294g total GIVEN that I can sell all of them. Somewhat risky given that I spent 232g to make a potential 62g. But think about that. It’s a 20% gross profit margin which is pretty decent, especially if you start doing this in larger quantities. However, that’s not all the gold you can make.

Enter Jewelcrafting & Enchanting

I took the Eternal Earths broke them down to their Crystallized counterparts and crafted:

11 Crystal Chalcedony Amulets
4 Bloodstone Bands
4 Sunrock Rings
11 Crystal Citrine Necklaces

Which I then sent to my Enchanter and disenchanted them into:

3 Lesser Cosmic Essence – turned into a Greater to list at 24g
36 Infinite Dust – 4g/ea – 144g
2 Small Dream Shards -6g/ea – 12g

But it turns out that Shadow Crystals and Dark Jades sell for crap on my server (around 1g/ea, sometimes less). Unfortunately crafting them into anything that I can make on my JC yields less infinite dust than I can sell to make up for any Eternal Earths I purchase so those two items are a loss. I’m holding on to them for future JC leveling purposes. Which brings up another point. Make sure you can craft some greens with these gems that you can disenchant.

So selling the blues and the enchant mats I stand to make a potential 407g. Now take that into the perspective of my cost 232g the gross profit percentage is now 42%!!!

Gross Profit % = (Revenue – Costs) / Revenue

Now imagine that on a large scale! 😀

So I did it. A few of the gems sold before I could finish posting all my auctions. So I thought maybe I better try this again.

Prospecting: Take 2

So since it worked once, I was less hesitant to try again, but still somewhat concerned that maybe it was a fluke. I bought 24 stacks of Saronite Ore at roughly 15g/stack and spent 97g on Crystallized Earth. I waited until after prospecting to figure out how many of those I needed. I ended up with:

3 Autumn’s Glow 12.4g/ea
5 Scarlet Ruby – 59g/ea
3 Forest Emerald – 7.9g/ea
3 Monarch Topaz – 14.4g/ea
2 Sky Sapphire – 5.9g/ea
2 Twilight Opal – 18.9g/ea

In addition to these gems that were crafted into items and DE’d:

14 Huge Citrine – 14 Crystal Citrine Necklaces
14 Bloodstone – 14 Bloodstone Bands
19 Chalcedony – 19 Crystal Chalcedony Amulets
21 Sun Crystal – 21 Sun Rock Rings

The crafted items DE’d into:

84 Infinite Dust – 4g/ea
24 Lesser Cosmic Essence converted to 8 Greater – 17g/ea
2 Small Dream Shard – 6g/ea

And these two gems are again counted as losses:

19 Dark Jade
16 Shadow Crystal

They are losses because the items I can craft DE into Small Dream Shards which sell for 4-5g/ea. It takes 1 Eternal Earth to craft each item and those cost 7-8g/ea.

In the end I sold everything except 2 Autumn’s Glow gems and 4 of the Infinite Dust for a total of 863.5g. Made around 400g. Not bad, not great. It’s still income if you don’t want to farm and I’m sure I’ll sell the last of it eventually.

So why not cut the gems first into high priced ones to sell? Well the posting cost goes up quite a bit and you’ve now limited the number of customers wanting that gem. You stand to make a lot more gold, but you have also increased your risk. Until I get a little more comfortable doing this, I won’t be taking the risk yet.


Remember the following when attempting this:

  • It’s risky. Chance plays a big part in this.
  • Price of Blue gems and their posting costs
  • Price of Infinite Dust
  • Price of Cosmic Essence (Lesser & Greater)
  • Price of Dream Shards (Small & Large)
  • Price of Eternal Earth & Crystallized Earth
  • Cost of Saronite Ore
  • Cost of other crafting mats required to make greens for DE

I can’t guarantee you’ll make money doing this, but you should if you do your research first. For me, I’m not purchasing any Saronite Ore over 20g/stack and it’s worked so far. On the other hand, I’ve bought more at 15g/stack so maybe 20 was an anomaly.

If you try this, good luck and I hope it works. 😀


7 Responses

  1. You may want to consider manufacturing and disenchanting Blood Sun Necklaces and especially Jade Dagger Pendants depending on the Dream Shard market on your realm.

    You can cut the Shadow Crystal (and Dark Jade if not manufacturing Jade Dagger pendants) while taking a break. Cut gems vendor for a higher pricer than uncut gems (1 gold for a perfect cut, 50 silver for a normal cut, 25 silver uncut). I would first check if there is a market for a specific Perfect cut before vendoring. For example, Perfect Sovereign Shadow Crystals sell well on my realm. You can always switch to a different cut if you are overstocked in any particular perfect cut.

    I can often find Shadow Crystal and Dark Jade for 7-8 gold a stack on my realm. I buy these stacks and cut them while I am taking a break.

    Good luck!

  2. How much longer do you think this will last with epic gems coming? I went home on my lunch break to buy up thorium ore and their was 0 on the AH >.<! Someone got the jump on me.

    I dominate the glyph imdustry on my server (18.9K profit last seven days), but, my second profession is JC and I also have a 450 enchanter alt. I'm considering expanding my gold making with your idea. Do you think I missed the window of oppurtunity or have still have time to capitalize on this before the gem market crashes/ is flooded (people emptying their banks)?

    I know it sounds greedy with my current daily profits, but, I'm bored with the game so I am entertaining myself with a race to gold cap 🙂

  3. @Hugmenot – Not sure I know those yet. Still working on maxing out JC and I wish those gems were selling for that much on my server.

    @Weweman – I think it’s highly server dependent, but I doubt you’ve missed the window. I’ve only tried this 3 or 4 times and the last time was not quite as good as the others. I had a hard time selling off some of the uncut gems and I’m still nervous about cutting them. I need to do more research.

    The enchant mats sell rather well and rather quickly. Ulduar is still new enough, or at least has been difficult enough, that upgrades are still flowing and people need enchant mats.

    So far I’ve been lucky enough to get enough either with the enchanting mats or the gems to break even with the one group and make the profit on the other. I’ll never make as much gold as with glyphs, but it’s still added income.

    If you were doing all of this solely for the gold, whether you hated it or not, I would characterize it as greed. As you’re doing it just for entertainment and something to do, I’d characterize it as just having fun. 😀

  4. Did you miss the window of opportunity to prospect saronite ore for profit?

    I don’t know but I am not confident the opportunity will remain strong after 3.2 is released.

    WotLK Heroics instances are shorter and easier than their BC counterparts (before the 2.4 patch) and I suspect will be farmed by many more players than they were when epic gems were first released in BC. The end result, I fear, is the rare gem market will shrink quicker than it did in BC.

    The Summer release of 3.2 is another troubling factor. Bored kids farm mats and there is an abundance of cheap ore and cheap gems on my server at the moment. A good thing for me when you consider total profit but not as much so when you consider profit per hour.

    A suggestion may be to develop a spreadsheet to calculate how much you can make per stack or per hour, and then decide whether making this much or less in 3.2 appeals to you.

    You can always try it a few weeks to check whether it is enterraining. I enjoy delving in new markets just to test whether they yield decent profits.

    Good luck on reaching gold cap!

    And please, don’t be as stupid as me and then aim for a miilion gold…

  5. Gonna buy 20 stacks of saronite tonight and give it a run. The enchanting mats are definitley nice…It’s the gems that scare me.

    @ hugmenot

    ” And please, don’t be as stupid as me and then aim for a miilion gold…”

    Hmm, interesting idea >.>

    Any suggestions on what to do with the gold at that point (gold cap, not 1 million lol)? Not much into choppers, mammoths, vanity crap. Already have given several friends chunks of gold and fund my little brothers ‘window shopping’ habits (sometimes I do admire the fact that he never has more than 10G).

  6. Gold cap is 214,748 gold, 36 silver, 48 copper per character.

    If I am not mistaken, the first two players to reach the gold cap did it in January 2008. Reaching the gold cap is no longer an unusual feat (I did it on two realms) but I have yet to hear of anyone accumulating one million gold on an account.

    I may get there in late Spring 2010 if I can shake off my increasing frustration of the nerf bat. Or not.

  7. Oops, I forgot to answer your question.

    I will buy every non-combat pet my wife has given up on farming. I will buy her as many mounts as she wants.

    I will purchase all recipes for myself (I am a collector).

    I will either destroy a large proprotion of the leftovers or keep it untouched on alts for later use.

    I am just accumulating wealth because I want to test whether I can do it. I don’t particularly have any use for the gold.

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