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AH Experiment: Week 3 Recap

Not going to bore you with a lot of detail as to what I did this week, but I will admit that I spent more time trying to find new ways to make gold on the AH than the previous two weeks. Just like with anything else the more time you spend doing something the greater the reward.

On Sunday I spent 1224g on herbs sold to me by a guy at 12g/stack. He wouldn’t send them COD in the mail, so I hope he isn’t a gold farmer. But he disappeared a couple of days later so I’m assuming he wasn’t and just wanted gold for a flying mount or something.

By the way did you know 410 Ink of the Sea take 13:40 to craft?  😛

On Monday I bought another 52 stacks off the guy. Unfortunately I haven’t seen him since and the herb supply on the AH is drying up. Deadnettle, Tiger Lily, and Goldclover have been around 20g/stack all week.  The other herbs are 30g/stack. Thought they’d come down this weekend, but only 2-3 stacks are in the 17g range and then it’s right back up. I need to figure something out.

Here’s the shots from last Sunday morning to today.

Week 2.7 - Sunday morningWeek 3.7 - Sunday Morning

9400g in one week! That’s definitely a record for me. I never made that kind of gold farming. I still had to work pretty hard for it. I’m not able to make that amount by spending 3 hours/week, but it’s getting kind of addicting.

I’m in for another hell week at work, but I’ll try to get my post on Inscription finished up for you in the next couple of days. Good luck with your endeavors!


4 Responses

  1. First, congratulations for making your AH experiment a success.

    I love reading about other players having success in the AH, especially when they are not as abrasive as Gevlon.


    Second, you should consider enterring into an agreement with one or more herb suppliers if you see no end to your AH experiment.

    You can always set up an agreement with an alchemist to sell your herb overstock at cost or at very little profit; it will come in handy when you need raid consumables.

  2. This is a lot of fun to read. I should learn more about inscription.

    But that meat in your backpack is going to go bad if you don’t use it soon. Especially since it’s sharing pack space with skulls. 🙂

  3. I have had a great week as well selling glyphs. For me, I have not had to spend nearly as much on herbs. When I left for work, Icethorn were under 17 gold a stack again. I usually buy them up at this price, but I have been buying the ink of the sea outright more often.

  4. @Kimberly – LOL

    @Darraxus – Herbs are cheap on your server!

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