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Raiding: What Else Is There?

Last night I joined in the continuation of our Ulduar10 run. We got Auriaya down with relative ease and moved on to Iron Council. I don’t know enough about the tanking mechanics there, but that fight sucks!

We were able to get Steelbreaker down fairly quickly. We were even able to get Molgeim down as well, but Brundir is a bitch! Our DK couldn’t interrupt him often enough and was unable to move him out of the blue circles which basically wiped the raid. Again and again. Frustrating, but we made progress again this week. So I’m happy. Especially since this time I was able to heal alot better and keep my mana pool up through Steelbreaker and get it back up to around 80% afterwards. Time to seriously think about breaking my 4-set tier-7 bonus giving me a 5% reduction to Holy Light.

We moved on to Hodir and although it was thought we wouldn’t do well, I think that fight is actually easier than Iron Council. At first it was frustrating because none of us had read up on the strats and we were thoroughly unprepared. So much was going on during the fight that the quick explanation before the pull meant absolutely jack!

“Watch out for snowflakes falling! That’s where the icicles will drop!” Dude, if you can see snowflakes in an ice filled cavern with flashing warnings, blue circles, dropping icicles, etc. then you have a way more powerful video card than I!

“Right before he freezes run on top of the snowmound!” WTF DOES A SNOWMOUND LOOK LIKE?!

Seriously, from a holy pally perspective not knowing what I was getting into, my reaction time was slow and awful. First, too much on my screen to watch. The cavern’s small enough that the camera sorta wigs out on me when I pan out. I like to pan out and see everything. Screw seeing my toon up close! Cleanse, heal, cleanse, heal, cleanse, heal, frozen, OMG THIS IS KERISTRASZA ON FEL STEROIDS!!!

As it turns out, the snowflakes falling are actually just snowflake shaped circles on the ground. The way it was described I was expecting white snowflakes to descend from the ceiling. That is the definition of “falling”, isn’t it? Damn it, where’s my dictionary?!

The snowmounds actually do look like snowmounds, but they are marked by two larger snowflake circles on the ground until the icicles drop. At that point they form white snowmounds, but by the time you really see those you’re already frozen. Tankspot videos FTW!

Anyway, once I figured out what was really going on it was pretty easy. Now we just need DPS to stay alive and that boss is cake!

So I’m happy. We’re making progress. Sure I spent nearly 3 hours only downing one boss, but I spent 3 hours nearly downing 2 others. I learned something and had fun in the process, sorta.

Raiding…  /sigh

Raiding overall is starting to drag. We’ve all followed the bloggers out there that are hanging up their epics and calling it quits. Even I didn’t really want to go on last night’s raid. Call it burnout or whatever, but I went and although it was fun it wasn’t as much fun as I had hoped. I think that was more an effect of the tone of the raid more than any actual raiding issues. FYI, frustrated raid leaders a fun raid do not make. Kudos to Amber ’cause at one point I thought she was going to lose it. 😀

Actually raiding overall has lost a lot of it’s appeal in recents months. As much as I didn’t really like BC, I didn’t really know any better either so it was still fun. One of the things I really enjoyed most back then and looking back was the difficulty level.

Remember hitting 70 and thinking what next? Heroics of course! I don’t know about you, but it took me and a group of friends a couple of months running Slave Pens to gear up enough to try the harder ones. Then it was a couple of more months before we could even seriously attempt Karazahn because first we needed the key and EVERY SINGLE TOON had to have it!! Then once inside, a four hour run only getting Attumen down and several awful attempts at Moroes was considered a good night AND a crapload of fun to boot!

Raiding was epic back then. Heroics were heroics, but compared to now they were epic! Three hour Slave Pen runs, anyone? I still wake up in cold sweats from nightmares about Shadow Labs. DIAF Murmur!!! (Still the only reason I’m not exalted with Lower City yet. That will change you bastard!)

Now I hit 80 on alts, try to get into heroics and nobody is running them because they can all find groups to take them to Naxx where they’ll most likely gear up in a single evening. I don’t even want to attempt to pug Naxx, as easy as it is, I don’t want to put up with the “you’re undergeared” bullshit. B

ut I don’t want to spend thousands of gold either gearing up to go when I’ll just replace more than half of it in a single night. So I’m caught in between. And it’s frustrating as hell. I want to gear up the normal way. Step by step. I don’t want to skip major steps. I want progression! (Either that or my guild to carry my sorry ass through Naxx a few times! :D)

I want my old heroics and raids back! I never got to see Sunwell, but I don’t care! It was a goal! I only got to see Black Temple because of the nerf before 3.0. Which leads me to a solution:

Blizzard. Bring back hard heroics. Bring back hard raids. When you introduce the next content, nerf the hell out of the old stuff! It’ll keep the hardcore raiders happy at least until you nerf it. At that point they’ll whine and complain, but if they don’t you’re not doing it right.

You want me to see all that content? Fine. Make it hard. Make it worth shooting for. When I’ve exhausted all my options and can’t get there and new stuff is on the horizon, nerf it so I can get in there. Just make me work for it. Don’t hand it to me on a platter! Where’s the fun in that?! There’s no more boring a game than one without challenge. Give me a challenge dammit!

So Quit Already!

So why not quit the game already? I love raiding. I love the challenge. Take away the challenge and it isn’t fun. So ‘fortunately I’ve found other fun things to do.

Preamus and I ran several 2v2 matches before our raid last night. We actually went 8/8 at one point and were so close to Hot Streak! It’s amazing how much fun PvP can be when you can hold your own. We won more matches than lost so that’s a plus.

My AH experiment is going well. It’s getting addicting and I’m having fun with it. I’m almost to 20k gold and ready to start scaling back, but I think I’ll go through till the end of the month. At that point I’ll probably spend less time working at it and do something else.

I’ve got 7 more alts that aren’t yet 80 on this server. I’m determined to level my lock and baby pally. Having fun with both. Also wouldn’t mind getting my DK up to 80 so I can finish leveling tailoring and do something with that profession.

Bottom line, I want to have fun. I don’t care what I do, as long as it’s fun. My version of fun might not be yours, but I’d advise you to find more than just one thing that’s fun in game. For me that one thing was raiding. That was a mistake. Once it reached a point where it wasn’t any fun, I almost quit. But now the game is enjoyable again.

I guess the point is there’s more to WoW than raiding. What else is there for you?


15 Responses

  1. I remember wiping to Moroes all night, I just don’t remember thinking it was fun 🙂

    Currently I’m raiding 1-2 nights a week on my main. I also have an alt DK I am levelling in a fairly hardcore RP guild because I wanted to see what that was like. And I;’m playing other games 🙂

  2. I want to know how people gear up in a single night in raids. I’ve been in Ulduar 10 every week and have gotten NOTHING. The few pieces of leather that have dropped were won by the rogue, and the tank ring from Leviathan dropped once and the warrior won it. Granted, we are only downing four bosses, but I’d expect to at least get something.

  3. the circles on the grown are relatively new additions – it used to be that you actually had to watch fro snowflakes. since most people had issues figuring out exactly where those snowflakes are in relation to the ground – they added circles (WTB the same change for those uber hurricanes freya’s trash does – you think you are nowhere near that thing and next thing you know – dead o_O)

    snow mound thing – I usually tell people to look for larger blue circles and then step on when they turn into big gray mounds 😛

    you’re right though – old type heroics would be just lovely (though 2 hours slave pens IMO would be an equivalent of 3 hour nexus – yes, I’ve actually had one of those /shudder, but I agree with you on shadow labs, and I’m guessing you blacked out shattered halls?)

    my way of having fun in wow is experimenting with different gamestyles 😛 it definitely helps to be an altoholic 😛

  4. haha-I nearly lost it when Andy was all, it’s not that hard to see the stuff! I’m one of those people that has to SEE something myself and die a time or tow before I figure it out. That and, as a healer, I had a helluiva lot more to watch! So, fuck yeah it is, what with these green boxes and all!

    Mostly it was the DPS getting on my nerves. I think a large part of our problem is that we rotate DPS so much-the tanks and the healers see the stuff more and know what’s going on while the mages stand clear on the toher side of the room and bitch about not getting heals when they are OUTSIDE HEALING RANGE JAHDASDASDASJDASk.


  5. @Copernicus – Ulduar gear is still too good for one person to gear up in a night. But if you can get in on (read: get carried through) a Naxx speed run, you can go from 80 quest blues to epics in a matter of hours. My friends and I will occasionally run up-and-coming alts or our friends & family members through Naxx-10. There’s seldom gear competition, so it’s faster and easier for all of us than farming heroics. I think that’s what Kyr was referring to. 🙂

    @Kyrilean – I totally agree, re: the old path of progression. A guildie actually made an interesting counter point. We came late to the raid game, so when we started Karazhan, there were guilds on our server working on Vashj and Kael’thas. We were so far behind that we couldn’t help but look up to those more progressed guilds and ask ourselves “will we ever get there?” When we finally did, they felt so much more epic than the current raid content — but a large part of that could have been the anticipation of waiting.

  6. Oh, and to answer the *actual* question:

    Working on my level 79 paladin twink. She currently has dual specs (Prot Healing and Retribution), the Savage Saronite and Ornate Saronite resilience sets, max level mining, 441/450 engineering and — as of this weekend — her epic roflcopter! /glee

    A petite blood elf with pixie-cut red hair and engineering googles, rocking a two-handed axe and peering over the dashboard of her turbo-charged flying machine (complete with a bobble-head hula gnome) is just too amazingly cool for words.

    And by cool, I mean, ridiculously geeky.

    I’m *so* going paladin in the next expansion.

  7. @Spinks – Moroes was a bitch the first few times! But I thought it was fun! Call me masochistic! 😛

    @Copernicus – Yes, thank you Elle, that’s exactly what I meant. I need to re-read my posts a few more times to make sure things make sense. Sorry Cope!

    That said, yeah Ulduar hasn’t exactly been a blessing for me either. I’ve gotten one piece of Ret gear (offset) and two Holy pieces which aren’t exactly upgrades given they break my tier 7 bonus. So I’m still waiting to equip them. We’re also only downing 5 bosses each week so that hasn’t helped.

    @Leah – Shattered Halls? Shattered Halls?! What’s that!!! /collapses into convulsions

    @Amber – Yeah me too. Describing crap to me does nothing. That’s why TankSpot rules! Green boxes, not-so green boxes, blue boxes (Cleanse now!), snowflakes, icicles, snowmounds, stupid camera angles, mass confusion, where’s my drink?, did I turn off the oven?, … /hysterical laughter and tears

    @Elleiras – Geeky works for me! Even more geeky is creating a female, draenei pally that’s hot named Liatyxes and having your wife walk away from you rolling her eyes. 😛

  8. I hear what you are saying for sure! 25s raiding seems to have lost a bit of its appeal for me. 10 mans are usually harder for me because we hardly ever have optimal raid set up and we have more trouble getting people to sign on for it. But it’s so fun! We just got XT hard mode and it was a great feeling doing it with 2 DK tanks, 2 rogues, 2 holy pallies =P

  9. Yeah I’m feeling the burnout as well. Lately I’ve just been logging on to raid and nothing more.. then logging out to catch up on some console games that I missed out on over the last few years. Summer is always the burnout time for a lot of people and it’s to be expected. It always picks back up in the fall or winter when people don’t really want to leave the house as much lol.

  10. @HP – Still waiting to get into 25s. I like 25s a lot more than 10s. More people, more coordination, more fun.

    @Abi – Yeah I’ve been playing a lot of Call of Duty: World at War on the Xbox lately. Think I’m on prestige 5 or something now. I lost track.

  11. Iron Council is always a one-shot for us, so I’m not sure what you are doing wrong there.

    Raiding and levelling my alts is really all I do; I’m not interested in quests once I reach level cap.
    Herocis are too easy these days; they are nothing more than rep runs and aoe fests. zzzz

    Working the Auction House is work as far as I’m concerned. I do it now and again, but making a few hundred gold is about my limit.

    Other than that, I’m playing Wizard 101; if you can put up with the endless Fedex quests it’s apretty good game.

  12. Kind of interesting how we differ when it comes to alts. Sure I could get carried through a naxx 10… but to me it is so much more fun to get all the crafted gear I can and go in fully enchanted. Maximizing my characters for their content level is the most fun I have in the game.

    Pulling 2k dps in my first heroic and beating out other players in full epic gear is where I get my joy. Getting that first badge and the team going wait… this is your first heroic?

    Of course with 5 80’s and maxed professions getting the crafted gear to pull this off is pretty easy and relatively cheap then buying everything on the AH.

    As far as raiding I’ve mainly been doing 25 mans on my shaman but last night did udluar 10 with the core group from the 25 man…. we blew through VoA and the first 6 bosses in ulduar in 2.5 hrs and it was a total blast. Untill our dk offtank got his account hacked on our way to iron council…

  13. @Whatsmymain – I hope I didn’t come off as wanting, or worse yet demanding, to be carried through Naxx. My comment above was an attempt at a joke. I won’t turn down an offer to be carried, but I’m not looking for a handout either, even from guildies.

    And how do you get your account hacked while online? That’s gotta suck!

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  15. […] have complained quite a bit about recent changes. Just a few of the complaints have been about the dumbing down of raiding, forthcoming pally changes, and a banning incident that happened recently which is only further […]

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