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Patch 3.2: The Alt Patch

OK, I’m not one to post much about impending patches because they can always change.  Once a patch hits I usually post my thoughts about things I’m familiar with, but otherwise I don’t care much.

However, as I stated in my last post I have been finding other things to do than raiding and one of those things is leveling alts. So when I was flipping through my Google Reader I came across this little tidbit from WoW.com.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re getting new instances, a new battleground, new quests, new vanity items, blah, blah, blah… Who cares? We’re getting chest heirloom items that will stack with the shoulders and rested XP!!!

I can’t describe how excited I am at that prospect! I like playing other toons as much as the next guy, but I dread some portions of leveling. The initial 10 levels can be quick and fun or excruciatingly painful with some classes. Then you reach a level, usually somewhere between 20-40 where it will start to get extremely difficult to level for the simple reason the quests have you running from one corner of a zone to the other, only to turn run back, turn in the quest, and accept another that takes you back to the same place you were just in. And that’s if you’re lucky! The cross-continent quests just piss me off.

OK it has gotten a little better since they nerfed the whole mount requirements and 3.2 will nerf that even further so maybe those quests won’t be as bad. And don’t get me wrong,. I believe that a balance needs to be found so a player can truly have sufficient time to learn their toon by the time they hit 80, but I also think that can happen a lot quicker than it does now.

I mentioned wanting to level my baby pally and lock. My lock is level 21 or 22, can’t remember, and my pally is level 16. But last night I got a little bored after posting my auctions and there were only 5 guildies on at the time so I rolled a new druid and leveled her to 6. (Yes, I have a lot of female toons, but I have an equal number of male toons.)

Why a druid? At one point I wanted one of each healer, but to be honest I started leveling a pally because I wanted a tank and I just couldn’t get into the warrior class much. I had tried a druid once before, but got bored after a little while. I think it’s because I hate Darkshore so much. Then we just recently lost a main tank in our guild and although I’m not naive enough to believe I’d ever level a tank in time to actually help us out, I thought maybe I should work on a druid as well since it’s the one healer I don’t have that can also tank.

So now I have four alts I’d really like to level making Patch 3.2 that much cooler! 😀


4 Responses

  1. I can’t view the webpage/notes you’re referring to on your site. Would you please provide more information about the heirloom chest, even if it’s just for me?

    Heroic badges or Valor? Conquest? Price? Will there be pvp-equivilent?

    This is very exciting for me too. I just started a druid (lvl7) but, after questing for a little bit, grew weary of “kill 10 rats” and “find me X number of Y surrounded by monsters”.

    Thanks for any response and for your post!

  2. The new heirloom items are going to be somehow related to the awful Argent Tournament dailies in Icecrown. Probably you have to reach exalted and then spend whatever turnins you get from doing the dailies on them.

  3. Unfortunately I cannot view WoW.com from work either, but the synopsis I could see was that the items are another 10% experience increase like the shoulders. It’s also safe to assume that their will be pvp and pve equivalents like there are with the shoulders.

    Unfortunately, I cannot confirm what Argon has said regarding whether or not they are related to the tournament. I know a lot of the other stuff are like the pally mount and upgraded squire.

  4. I hope the ability to stop all experience gains will make it into live.

    I would love to raid old content at level 60, even if it easier nowadays than used to be when first released.

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