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My AH Experiment: Posting Glyphs

If you plan on making money on the AH, you’re going to need a few addons. Most people are familiar with Auctioneer although most of us don’t know how to use it. I’ll admit it, I probably still don’t know how to use it to it’s full potential. There’s a lot of verbage in it that confuses me or I just ignore because I don’t realize what it actually means.

You’ve seen me write about QuickAuctions as well. If you’re going to be posting and reposting a lot of auctions then you need this addon. It’s buggy as hell, but it’ll still save you a lot of time.

Determine Glyph Pricing

Let’s take a look at costs on my server as of this morning:


Tiger Lily


Adders Tongue



First note the quantities. When I first started, I bought this many just in the low level herbs to get my business started. Now I struggle to find anything to buy. The low level herbs (Goldclover, Deadnettle, and Tiger Lily) may be as low as 13g/stack for at least one of them, but that’s only one stack. It won’t get me far. In order to produce inks in the quantities I need to just keep going, I’ll be paying an average of 20g/stack just for these low level herbs which is going to add up fast.

So let’s look at the higher level herbs (Adder’s Tongue, Icethorn, and Lichbloom). If I buy only Adder’s Tongue and Icethorn I’ll be paying an average of 25g/stack. Lichbloom would be roughly 35g/stack. This is pretty expensive AND this is early Saturday afternoon. Summertime blues for the farmers.

If I mill the low level herbs I will get 2 or 3 Azure Pigments and a 25% chance at getting 1 Icy Pigment. If I mill the higher level herbs I will get 3 or 4 Azure Pigments and a 50% chance at getting 2 Icy Pigments.

Let’s take the average and say I get 10 Azure Pigments and 1 Icy Pigment from low level herbs and I get 14 Azure Pigments and 2 Icy Pigments from high level herbs for each stack milled. This equates to 5 Ink of the Sea and 0.5 Snowfall Ink for a stack of low level herbs and 7 Ink of the Sea and 1 Snowfall Ink for a stack of high level herbs.

Ink of the Sea ends up costing me 5g/ea for low level herbs and high level herbs coincidentally (25g divided by 5g and 35g divided by 7g). So if we take into account that we’re going to use Resilient Parchment which costs me 0.5g then each single ink glyph costs me 5.5g and each double ink glyph costs 10.5g. That’s quite a difference in this case.

Setting Up QuickAuctions

If you read through the instructions for QuickAuctions you might be just like me and think to yourself, “WTF?!” Maybe I’m just dumb, but it wasn’t exactly clear to me.

By default the addon already has a category entitled Glyphs. If you choose to use this, go ahead. I did initially, but I think I found a better way. I created two categories in which to quantify my glyphs: Kybiz and Kyrbiz.

Kybiz is for any glyph that requires only one ink. Kyrbiz is the category for any glyphs requiring two inks. I originally went only with the higher max and it worked for a little while. But I realized that I can still make a nice profit on glyphs that cost me 5.5g if I sell them for 7.5g for example.

It appears you can add three glyphs at a time to a group using:

    /qa addgroup Kybiz [item link], [item link], [item link]

If I want to keep from posting below a certain cost, in this case 6g, I use:

    /qa threshold 6g Kybiz

I can also set Kyrbiz at a different price by using:

    /qa threshold 11g Kyrbiz

Whenever a glyph isn’t currently on the AH you can set your starting price (mine’s usually 30g) with:

    /qa fallback 30g Kybiz

I can set the time to post by typing:

    /qa time 24 Kybiz

Finally, the undercut I usually use is 5s:

    /qa undercut 5s Kybiz

It does other things, but I don’t use them. Any questions?


First thing I do when posting is make sure I have all the glyphs I want to post. If you don’t, QuickAuctions has a slight bug that keeps you from posting again for a short period of time. So grab your stuff and head over there!


On your Auctions tab you’ll notice three buttons in the upper corner. Summarize is a nice little tool you can use to scan certain groups of items and see what they’re selling for. But it’s the Post Items button we’re interested in so click it. Depending on your inventory and the amount you’re posting this can take a little while.

Once you’re done, this is where Auctioneer comes into play. If your computer can handle it click on the Browse tab and click on the Quick Scan button found at the top.


What this does is a scan of all the items in the AH for you. There is a chance it can disconnect you, so be prepared. It sort of depends on your connection and your computer’s capabilities. You can always do a slow scan too or you can use the Refresh button manually in the next step.

Click on the Appraiser tab. You’ll notice a listing of all your inventory items to the left and pricing information to your right. Look to the bottom and you’ll notice how old the data is. If you’ve just run it you can usually trust it to be right as you double check your auctions.

Data Update

You’ll notice here that I’ve got 4 posted at the minimum price. Make sure you’ve got it sorted the proper way. The red arrow in the Buy/ea column is set from lowest to highest. As you click on each of your glyphs to the left you can hit your Refresh button if need be and actually post from this window. Remember how I said QuickAuctions is buggy as hell? Some glyphs won’t post even if they meet all the criteria you’ve set. Don’t know why. I think the Author is working on it. But QuickAuctions will still save you ton of time.

As you can see I have my stacks set to 1 and the quantity set to 4. I can manipulate the Bid and Buy prices and hit my Post Items button. I don’t use Batch Posting for the simple fact that I don’t believe Auctioneer has a way to limit the maximum undercut like QuickAuctions does.

Canceling Auctions

Canceling auctions is important as well. QuickAuctions has a nice little Cancel button on the Auctions tab that will cancel any and all auctions that have been undercut. Unfortunately it will also sometimes cancel auctions that you’re already the lowest at. It’s buggy! It’s still faster than manually checking and canceling though.

Every other day I will also use the following macro to cancel ALL  GLYPH AUCTIONS. I think I stole it from Darraxxus so we can all thank him for finding this.

    /run local i=1;local n=1;while n ~= nil do n=GetAuctionItemInfo(“owner”,i);if n~=nil and strfind(n,”^Glyph of”) then CancelAuction(i) end i=i+1 end

One Last Thing

Ever since I started these posts and started my experiment, glyph competition on my server has doubled. I don’t know if anyone from Azgalor is reading this, but if you are that’s really cool. Some might say I’m shooting myself in the foot by giving away my strategy, but I don’t care. In a way I’m hoping that the two guys in this example are reading this.

Don’t do what they just did!

Arcane Blast 1

Arcane Blast 2

Arcane Blast 3

The above three pics show something that’s gotten to be more prevalent on my server. When I started the average post size was around 5-7, now look at it! The red guy posted 10 of these glyphs. The blue guy posted 18 of them (ignore the first pic). See anything wrong with that?

First rule of the AH, you’re going to get undercut. Deal with it. If you get upset every time you get undercut, then get out! This is all business and everyone has the right to undercut so don’t get all pissy and wig out! But more importantly the guy who posted 18 glyphs just lost 1.08g. How? Because he got undercut and not only did he get undercut, but he got undercut by 11 more auctions!!! Anyone think he’s going to sell his in the next 48 hours?

To make matters worse the second guy just lost 60s because I sure as hell will undercut him and chances are even mine won’t sell out, but I might sell one or two.

I can tell you right now that clicking on my BeanCounter tab shows me that I’ve sold 14 of these glyphs since I started. I’ve had 8 expire. When I’ve sold them, I’ve sold 1-3/day, but not every day. The glyph doesn’t move that fast. So do yourself a favor and don’t post that many.

The only shot you have at making a large posting like that above work is if they sell fast and in large quantities or if you undercut the crap out of everyone so much that they leave the market.

So keep this last item in mind when doing business and for those of you still nervous about starting out or unsure of what to do, I sure hope this has helped! 😀


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  1. […] after I started my experiment. He used to post around 8-10 of each glyph until a couple days after this post. If I remember correctly, he’s one of the two guys in the bottom three pics I either marked […]

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