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AH Experiment: Week 4 Recap

Last Sunday vs. Today

Week 3.7 - Sunday MorningWeek 4.7 - Sunday Morning

Week 4 roughly 7k gold in one week! Wait, 22 minus 16 isn’t 7 Ky! Oh yeah, I broke and spent 1k for dual specs. Wanted to try Unholy since everyone says it’s so much more fun than Blood, but I wanted to keep Blood in case it didn’t work as good for me. So overall still respectable but not as good as last week. Why the change? A couple of reasons, I think.

First, competition increased. I noticed my competition logging in more than before. One level 1 alt actually moved his toon from Ironforge to Stormwind this week to avoid running into me. I’m guessing he thought maybe I wouldn’t see him that way. Too bad you can’t block friend’s lists. 🙂 And both he and another competitor go AFK in the AH alot when I’m on. Also I’ve noticed another name posting a lot more glyphs than previously.

But I don’t really think that was the major thing that did it. To be honest, the second thing is a slight case of burnout. I started really getting into this project and wanted to see how far I could get and initially I was pushing to go to the end of the month as hard as I could to see how much gold I could get, but then I realized that’s not really the point of the experiment either. So I skipped a couple of updates before going to bed and skipped several auction updates during the day. I’ve usually updated 3-4 times a day, but this last week was mostly 1-2.

So since I started 3.5 weeks ago, remember my first week was a half week, I’ve gone from 400 gold to 22000 gold. I think my experiment was a raging success! And I’ve proved we can all do it if we want. At 7k a week I think that’ll cover more than enough expenses for whatever we’re doing.

So with that said, I’m transferring some gold to Erdkrieg and buying epic flying. 😀


8 Responses

  1. Very nice. I have been notcing a lot of competition too, but some of the ones who were updating more are now updating less it would seem. Maybe my sheer volume is affecting them (maybe even my timely reposting).

  2. Congrats! 😀 That elusive and expensive motorbike isn’t much elusive OR expensive for you these days, lol!

  3. Wow, I should really proofread before I hit submit. Sorry for the english fail. Hope you know what I was trying to say though. 🙂

  4. Since, I’m curious, your char was 65 when you started? What was the skills at? 🙂

  5. Not quite sure, but I think I was around 420-430 Inscription. Tailoring which wasn’t used for this experiment was around 410 and all other professions on other toons were maxed.

  6. Great blog Kyr, I particularly enjoy reading of your success on the AH. 🙂 It has inspired me to try to play the AH game too, in fact. I don’t think I’ll become quite as good as you, but I hope I don’t lose too much money. 😀 (even if I do, who cares!)

    One question, though. Do you sell all available glyphs, or just glyphs that requires Azure Pigments (and subsequently never buy Azerothian/Outland herbs to mill)? Would be thankful for an answer. Keep up the good work!

  7. Sell any and all glyphs you can make a profit on. In Dalaran there’s a lady at the inscription trainer that will trade you any ink for Ink of the Sea at a 1:1 exchange rate. So you should never buy Azerothian/Outland herbs unless you can get them for cheaper than Northrend herbs and even then there probably isn’t enough to make it worth your while.

    Remember that Adder’s Tongue, Lichbloom, and Icethorn will net you more Snowfall Ink than the others, but they are also more expensive, but depending on your server it might still be a better deal.

    Good luck! 🙂

  8. “One level 1 alt actually moved his toon from Ironforge to Stormwind this week to avoid running into me. I’m guessing he thought maybe I wouldn’t see him that way. Too bad you can’t block friend’s lists.”

    LOL, that’s too funny.

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