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Midsummer Fire Festival

Man I love this holiday! I remember doing the fire quests on Maedchen last year as a help in leveling. It was great experience for little effort. This year not only will I do them on a couple of toons I’m leveling, but I’m doing them on Ky and am hoping Blizzard gets the issue with the fire quests fixed soon.

If you aren’t aware yet, there’s an issue with doing the fire quests this year. Basically if you did them last year you can’t do them this year. So for those of us that did a lot of them last year, getting Burning Blossoms is gonna suck! Oh and not to mention impossible for some people to get the Burning Hot Pole Dance achievement.

That’s right it takes 400 Burning Blossoms to buy the outfit to get that achievement. Blizzard is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. My bet is they remove the achievement from the Meta Achievement requirements. I hope that isn’t the case, because I’d still like to get the blossoms on Maedchen for the pet, etc.

…5.5 hours later…

The Flame Warden

And done! Kudos to my son who said “It’s Father’s Day and dad can do whatever he wants!” So we watched Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. 🙂

Oh advice on torch juggling. I hotkeyed it to my spacebar, aimed the camera straight down on me, placed the cursor on me, and click space, mouse, space, mouse, etc. as fast as I possibly could.  I only had 10 torches on me as well.  A lot of people are saying 20-25 torches minimum, but don’t waste your blossoms! 😀

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