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Reason # (Aw Crap I Lost Track) To Quit WoW!!!

I don’t like double posting as I lose perfectly good posts the rest of the week, but this can’t wait. Besides I’m worked up enough about it now that I don’t want to lose the fervor on this one.

Today Larisa posted about an incident where 4 players were banned, 1 permanently, from WoW and she’s upset. The story she is quoting was reported by Jormundgard. Basically in a nutshell, these guys got banned for figuring out a way to 4-man Flame Leviathan. Pretty amazing feat if you ask me! But it does seem doable with people that are paying attention. I’ll bet you I couldn’t do it even though FL is pretty slow. I imagine it still takes some skill and coordination

Now I know we shouldn’t always take things we read on the internet at face value. This does however seem pretty legit and if it is then Blizzard really should get their act together.

First, if you look at the screenshots of the conversation with the GM you’ll notice that he’s very evasive about the whole conversation. Understandable considering he may or may not have any real knowledge of what happened, more than likely has no power to make any changes regarding it, and has to be very careful about what he says so it doesn’t make things more difficult for those that do. But what really gets me are two of the comments in particular that he made.

“Well, Flame Leviathan is a 10, or 25 man boss. Not a 4 man boss Crescendoll.” – Thank you Mr. or Ms. GM! We forgot that there weren’t any 4-man raids in the game. WTF?! What about all those dumb ass raid achievements doing the raids with less than 10 or 25?! I’m at work and can’t look them up, but I swear there’s at least one for Naxx and OS! So if I get the achievement will I be banned?

“That is not really kiting Crescendoll, making him run between point A and B and never getting near a player…” – I don’t know what the hell your definition of kiting is, but are you F’ING SERIOUS?!!! How many hunters let their toon get close to the boss?! Moroes, anyone?! Shoot, frost trap, run, shoot, frost trap, run… And don’t tell me the pet does the kiting because I saw more pets die on that fight than ever stay alive!

Dear Blizzard,

If this really happened the way it was presented, then you seriously need to get off your lazy asses and fix the encounter accordingly. I know this is YOUR GAME and you can do whatever the hell you want, but without us YOUR GAME doesn’t mean shit!

This isn’t the Martin Fury scandal here with which I agreed was an actual exploit, but rather this is a few guys getting together and playing by YOUR RULES and making things work for them. If YOU don’t like YOUR RULES, then fix it rather than punishing these guys.

Oh and train your GMs to clamp shut with regards to banned accounts because this GM made you guys look like f’ing idiots! Seriously?! 10 and 25 man raids?! What about your other stupid “with less” achievements and how about guilds that only go with 22 or 23 players instead of 25 because they don’t want to pug the last couple which will ruin their loot rules? Are you going to ban all of them?

Yeah it’s your rules, your way, but what about all that fairness you talk about? How about letting us know the rules up front? I’ll bet anything you’ll say it’s ok to 22 man a 25 raid. What about 21? 20? 17? 15? Where do you draw the line? How can I know where to stop so I don’t get banned?

Ok, my one little letter isn’t going to scare the 800 pound gorilla. I know that. I accept that. If I don’t like it I can go elsewhere. Fine.

Sincerely pissed off,

A disgruntled Paladin


12 Responses

  1. /pets

    You can always cover over to the dark side and play priest. 😉

  2. yay! Another good rant on this issue. You can’t get too many of them, can you?

    Seriously I think this issue deserve some enraged outcries from the blogging community. Thanks for contributing!

  3. This is bullshit. I intend to rant on my blog as well. I actually think it is quite amazing that a group of 4 people were skilled and coordinated enough to 4 man and 10 man boss. They should get a title, not banishment.

  4. […] News: Ban Me! I was reading Kyrilean’s and Larisa’s rants today about the news of a group players using their skill and intelligence […]

  5. Wow, that’s nuts. I’m hoping that this is just a bunch of overzealous GMs jumping the gun and that after enough outcry it’ll be re-examined and justice will be done. Probably not though, Blizz has an unfortunate habit of being stubborn about stuff like this.

  6. Is this a real story?

    Kiting FL between the corners is hardly cheating, and it’s something we have done ourselves (though not with 4 players).

    In no way can I imagine anyone getting a ban for doing this, even if it was true.

  7. @vlad – No idea. The entire story could be false or at least misrepresented. However, it does ring somewhat true. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know the entire story especially given the screenshot conversation with the GM.

    I did hear last night from guildies that a guild on my server received a 72 hour suspension for somehow accidentally getting FL aggroed behind the gate and killing him safely away from them.

    So it makes me wonder if we will all receive suspensions for glitches in the game. Case in point, Deconstructor can more easily be tanked between two piles instead of at the stairs because the adds then come from clear across the room and do not spawn next to Deconstructor. I’ve never attempted this, only seen it online. I hesitated to bring it up last night though I jokingly pointed out to Amber that we’d probably all get banned.

  8. […] dumbing down of raiding, getting worked up over all the pally changes that are forthcoming, and the banning incident I posted about yesterday, I now have to be hassled by some crybaby because I apparently was killing […]

  9. Here, I fixed the achievement text:

    Do all the bosses in (insert raid here) with fewer than 9 or 21 players, but make sure you have more than 4 people. Okay – do it with at least 5 people to be on the safe side. I mean really, if you are so good that you do it with too few people, you are obviously exploiting a bug somewhere and you will be banned. Of course, the actual number of players considered as too few will not be announced ahead of time and you will not know how many that is until you are actually banned for trying with that number of players.

  10. So wait a minute. I know there are tons of us that like to go back and do solo runs of old Classic instances (Scholo anyone) or even some BC instances. If I remember correctly, those are 5 man instances. Are we going to get banned or suspended for solo’ing them?

    Come on Blizzard, if people figure out a way to complete something in one of your instances with less people than they should be able to, fix the instance – don’t ban the players. You should be thanking them for the feedback and helping you to continue to “improve” the game.

  11. I agree with all the above statements but we should be mindful and take in account that most of the times, stories like this one aren’t exactly as they get publish around… meaning that even if I claim I was doing this or that without violating the EULA, I won’t be willing to admit the small things that could do so (like taking advantage of blind spots or small bugs). Then I get the whole internet community by our side claiming for justice, while maybe this was correct.
    Blizzard has access to an amount of information which we don’t as spectators. I have seen the video on the 4 man FL and done the boss a ton of times and few points in the combat seems at least suspicious…

    But that’s only an opinion and of course if the combat was fair there is no reason to ban those extremely capable players! 🙂

  12. […] of the complaints have been about the dumbing down of raiding, forthcoming pally changes, and a banning incident that happened recently which is only further supported by the recent suspension of Exodus for the […]

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