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Raiding With Lyrandre

I had another rant post already waiting for today. In fact, I got quite rude and screenshotted a conversation from another player that really annoyed me. This coming on the tail of me getting worked up about the dumbing down of raiding, getting worked up over all the pally changes that are forthcoming, and the banning incident I posted about yesterday, I now have to be hassled by some crybaby because I apparently was killing him in Ironforge.

Since I’m sure I have your curiosity peaked, let me just say that I was camping around the Ironforge fire for Horde kills. I almost have the City Defender achievement. A few minutes later some level 65 druid logs on and starts hassling me about that being the only way I can get HKs. I ultimately told him to stop his bitching and he replied he was going to report me because it’s against the ToS.

First let me say that if you play on a PvP server, you’re going to get ganked. Actually if you play on any server and let yourself get flagged, you’re going to get ganked. Second, it’s still really easy for the most part to get in and get your fire. What I suspect is that this guy was a druid that I stunned and killed with the help of others before he could get his fire. He tried again and apparently got it based on my screenshot conversation but he still died again.

OK vulgarity is against the ToS. So is harrassment. And before you go blasting others about the ToS, you should probably read it yourself. I screenshotted the conversation just in case I get banned because if I do I’m going to get the guy for the simple fact of:

Paragraph 9.B.(viii) Communicate directly with players who are playing characters aligned with the opposite faction (e.g. Horde communicating with Alliance or vice versa);

So next time someone really pisses you off from the other faction, you better think twice about logging over to hassle them.

So on to the real point of the post.

Raiding With Lyrandre

Cause I know you all want to know what it’s like! 😀

Let me say that last night was a perfect example of why I like to raid. It’s also the reason why I didn’t post my rant I explained above. Maybe because I was in a bad mood it just made it all that much better when things went so well!!! We all showed up on time, we were all ready and then…

…one of our druids went afk for a family crisis and never came back…

LOL, well if it isn’t one thing…

I pointed out that it was pretty funny that it was her that complained we never start on time only 5 minutes before. 😀

We replaced her and failed at Ignis a few times, moved on to Deconstructor, hit Kologarn and Auriaya, then posed the question “Iron Council or Hodir”?

I think Lyrandre’s response was “Iron Council can diaf!!!” 🙂

To be honest I had mixed feelings about Hodir. Our attempt last week was bad to say the least. We got Hodir down to 80% or so I think. But Hodir it was. We grouped up, pulled the first trash, and…


I seem to recall LMAO! There was clever finger pointing going on and minor horsing around which was keeping the mood light and I have to say that’s when raiding is fun for me. When things get too serious I lose interest.  And last night?

Last night was awesome! The first two attempts were somewhat abyssmal. We didn’t get much past 80% again and it was frustrating. Then something happened that made everything click. Next thing I know I see Hodir down to 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%!!! I didn’t want to jinx it and said nothing. Others later admitted to the same thing. We were ecstatic!

Then we wiped at 16%. You have to love enrage.

We were so invigorated that we couldn’t stop there! We had to try again! It was already 10pm server which is end of raid, but we pushed on. Our next attempt fared even better!

Hodir wipe at 300k!!! OMG!!!

We were so close we could absolutely taste victory! It would have been a guild first, but for that damn enrage! If only one person hadn’t died early… /sigh

Anyway one more attempt almost had us down him again. Next week it’s a guarantee! Our guild’s first tier tokens will drop like rain! 😀

One additional cool thing about it was I got to raid with Maedchen again. We had Yarp our other holy pally who broke his two wrists a few weeks ago. The guy can still outheal anyone I know. He’s got a slightly different spec that I may need to copy because I checked his gear last night and it’s not better than mine. The dude rocks!!!

So what’s all that got to do with Lyrandre, you ask?

Unfortunately, I can’t share the best part with you as that happened on vent. As we got to Hodir Lyr began to explain the fight to all of us…umm…rather quickly. Imagine you’re at an auction. That guy in front putting stuff up for bid. Yeah the guy called the…umm…auctioneer, that’s it!

Lyr started spouting everything so damn fast I had to concentrate on hearing the entire thing. To her credit she hit all the points and the whole thing cracked me up. Which led to the following raid conversation as Mach re-explained on vent everything Lyr had just said. 😀


As you can see Lyr really likes to abuse the raid warning system. 🙂 The reminder for Atropus to jump was because he forgot last week and was extremely embarrassed when he realized why he died. But my favorite part was…

“Snow is bad, mmkay, except when it is good” because that’s as clear as mud! ROFL!

I love raiding with Amber! 😀


12 Responses

  1. “Snow is bad, mmkay, except when it is good”
    Makes perfect sense to me, lol.

    I had no idea that direct communication to a player of the opposite faction was against TOS. I have a reason to screenshot and report when some hordie gets pissed at me for protecting my cities and quest areas. 🙂

  2. sounds like you’re having a great time

  3. I do hope its only on pvp servers, because on my server, not only we communicate all the time on realm forums etc – a lot of us have alts of opposite faction and the relationship between horde and alliance is mostly congenial O-O Mostly.

    That raid explanation was hilarious 😛

    also – breaking out other NPC’s is actually good – they give moar buffs – speed buffs from moonkin beams, I believe shammies give crit and priests heal.

  4. @Leah – You have to be careful. The way I read it, it applies to all realms regardless. That said, I doubt Blizz would drop the ban hammer for you conversing casually with friends, etc. I’m sure it’s entirely aimed at those who harrass others.

    If you’re in a really bad mood and just want to get back at everyone, you could always report half your server for naming violations. We all know that RP servers have strict naming policies, but did you know that leetspeak, titles, and partial sentences are not allowed as well? LOL

  5. Line from your raid leader struck me as off:

    “Don’t forget to jump.”

    On all of our Hodir kills, jumping has not worked to remove the debuff. A quick strafe right or left will do the trick if the stack is 2 or lower. May help yer healers if folks are trying to jump until they have to move to snow drift.

  6. @leah – The mages will break the other NPC’s out. 🙂

  7. @Uaeko – Yeah we finally gave up on the jumping thing too. It doesn’t work as well or as fast as just moving.

  8. I jump WHILE strafing, because I’m just a spaz that way.

    And yes, I abuse RW because…uh…it’s fun. It actually stems from back in the days when I had no mic, and everyone chatted away on vent and paid me NO ATTENTION-but /rw makes a noise and people tend to read it! So I asked for an A so I could actually talk and be paid attention to, and have abused the hell out of ever since!


  9. At Kyr – thank you, and the only time I can anywhere close to being that pissed off was when I was working on my elder title 😛

    @ Elleiras – that’s why we break them out first 😛 but if you help them, they attack Hodir more, put down more of the lovely fires and help to stack the debuff on Hodir himself 😛

    I’m incredibly proud of my guildies because even with only one priest in the raid (hey it happens) we are getting cheese the freeze week after week 🙂

  10. […] put the fun in raiding…wait. So I was poking through my reader and spotted this post by […]

  11. Free the npc’s, the mages wont kill them fast enough… Stacking the crit buff with the fire and the moonkin beam leads to 11k+ dps easy

  12. I just don’t see how the ToS applies on PvE servers; Clearly I can not use addon hacks or Morse code or whatever to directly (A2H or H2A) communicate cross-faction.

    But I can log into any of my Hordes toons and communicate with any Horde and same for Alliance. So the account of the alliance player could have logged in on his horde and communicated with you no problem before he logged in as Alliance. So the fact that he has an Alliance toon doesn’t prevent him from communicating within his faction. But you’re trying to say that a Horde toon can not communicate with another Horde toon if the account holder has recently been logged in as Alliance? What about if the Alliance toon was on an hour ago? a day? What about if when he logged in on his Horde you had accidentally whispered his Horde? Then by your logic, are *you* not in violation of the ToS – nothing in the ToS says “knowingly directly communicate” it says “directly communicate”. In fact, if you ever whisper anybody on your faction, it could be a ToS violation that could warrant a permaban as at that time they could be on a second account doing an Alliance AH scan and you just communicated cross-faction.

    I’m just quibbling; in the real world, Activision is a large company that bands whatever person or addon for their own reasons and the reasons do not have to make sense or be explained. ( I though it was so unfair that someone got a permaban for legitimately 4-manning FL. )

    Anyway, thanks for the blog and grats on your recent successes.

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