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First Time Shammy Healer

Thursday night was Naxx25 which is basically a Guild Pug night. Grab as many guildies as you can and pug the rest. So this time I decided to go. I even spent 2.5 hours researching and purchasing crap for my resto shammy to get ready.

For those that know me, they know that I generally could give a flaming fart about loot. If it drops and I want it, I’ll roll unless I can see someone else probably needs it more. If I’m on an alt and someone’s a main, I’ll usually pass regardless. Basically I think loot rules should always be fair pretty much regardless. So it came with a bit of shock and a whole lot of confusion when Hunt started to explain the loot rules.

In a nutshell if you’ve been a part of his group over the past few weeks, you get special privileges. Main rolls are /roll 1000. Offspec rolls are /roll 100. Now let me interject by saying that /roll 1000 is just weird to me anyway having come from a server that never did that. It seems to be the norm on Azgalor though so whatever. Anyway, the special privileges come in the form of attendance.

If you attended last week’s raid you get to roll out of another possible 100, meaning that you /roll 1100. You can do this up to the last three weeks meaning the highest rollers get /roll 1300. One can argue this promotes a guild type raid by encouraging pugs to return to Hunt’s raid each week. So in effect it’s a positive thing. But I have a problem with it.

Hunt starts his invites by our guild calendar. I had never attended one of these raids before, but I signed up and got an invite. Then we start looking for pugs from the list of previous attendees. So what about the pug that was invited last week, wants to go this week, but no slot is available because a new guildie got to go? The pugs roll priveleges get screwed up. But overall I just don’t agree with the system. My mentality is that every member of a pug group should have equal privileges. It’s not a guild run.

Anyway only one person left the raid after loot explanations. What makes me laugh is how many people couldn’t figure out why. I whispered Atropus and said I’m half tempted to leave myself because the loot rules promote a sense of unfairness and I don’t think I’ll be attending that raid again in the future. To which Atropus was obviously very confused and tried to argue the benefits of it and that I’d still get loot, etc.


I suppose it’s my own damn fault for being fairly anti-social in this guild and keeping to myself that people don’t know me. I guess Amber’s really the only one that understands I could give a shit about loot…

Anyway to make matters worse Hunt started to promote a new loot system that the guild wanted to use and it’s that more than anything else that was confusing me. He was trying to explain two systems and I couldn’t figure out which one was which. If I understood correctly, the new system would have people rolling in groups based on the /roll 1300, /roll 1200, /roll 1100, and then the /roll 1000. And if that’s the system, then I’m definitely not going again. I can probably live with the other system, but a system like this second (if I understood it correctly to begin with) I cannot support.

Looks like Erdkrieg’s going to be in for a tough fight to gear up…

Anyway back to the real reason for this post. Got side tracked.

I healed for the second time and the first time in a raid as a shammy! It was somewhat lackluster and I really don’t know how well I performed. On a couple of fights I was only spamming Chain Heals and trash pulls were mainly Lesser Healing Waves with a Healing Wave or two thrown in.

It also didn’t help that our pallies were complete FAIL!!! So I don’t think I got a good handle on how well I was doing. Take a look at our Thaddius wipe!

Thaddius wipe

Guess which one was a healer? You got it! #8 FTW!!! OK maybe he died early idk, but what I do know is that he shouldn’t have if he did and what holy pally does 591.3 hps??!!! As for the other three they were ret pallies, although I’m now wondering about #5…

Anyway, it looks like I was doing OK, but it makes me wonder if I was healing right because everyone has complained about how boring pally healing is and it seems shammy healing is worse, but I’m weird as I never thought pally healing was boring.

Now I just gotta get used to it and get used to holy priesting. 😀

Oh and that heal meter? That’s pretty much what it looked like ALL NIGHT LONG!!! /sigh


7 Responses

  1. the loot really does sound weird :/

    as for healing – personally I never use healing wave unless its right after nature’s swiftness for those “oh shit” moments.

    riptide is your friend – love it! its a nice instant heal with a hot attached to it and its speeds up your chain heal that you cast right afterward.

    I’ve personally found that shammy healing is more about managing your totems and shields your water shield, the earthshield that you have on the tank, or overeager dps), and I love to decurse on a shammy. when you have poisons/deseases in a group you’re not in, or when there are curses a plenty – cleanse to the rescue 🙂

    P.S. I used to think pally healing was boring. and IMO – it used to be more as hell, from the last time I healed on my pally alt. its a gread deal more fun now 😛

  2. Kyr … Leah gave a pretty good summary … As you gear, you’ll find some fights you spam LHW and sometimes CH as you throw out the riptides / HW as needed for the top offs and oh shit moments. Usually being the only healing shammy I’ll keep Earth Shield on the least geared tank unless one (or a DPS) seems to be getting a lot of attention.

  3. I know the loot system is kind of weird, Kyr, but we’re trying to lure the same people back week after week . You actually wouldn’t have too much of a problem getting Erd some gear because we’re not usually overflowing with resto shammys. That and an extra 300 on the rolls doesn’t help you when you consistently roll…oh…48. lol!

    Take last night for instance; I had 1300 rolls. Zlord had base 1000. We each won two peices of tanking gear.

  4. @ Amber – Not saying I don’t understand the reasoning behind the loot system. Also not saying that getting loot isn’t still possible (Mikata’s 8 / 1300 was epic fail) and you know me I could care less about loot. What I’m saying is I dislike the system.

    That said, it seemed to work. Only the one person that left seemed to have a problem with it other than myself. We all have a choice and that person made theirs. So you can’t exactly say it’s unfair as all are warned in advance.

  5. I’m soooo late to this thread, but I’d back up what leah said. Riptide every cooldown to keep the haste buff up for quick lesser healing waves (I didn’t think the haste worked with chain heal, but I’m at work so can’t check). And I assume you kept earth shield up, even as you were probably on raid duty?

    I’m wondering if your raid was simply over-stacked for healers, or simply out-geared the instance. I’ve found on my priest that I can literally spam flash heals because the other healers are so good. (Your top two priests look like they could have healed it alone!) Shammies are very good at spamming chain heal, but you might find it more interesting on tougher fights or in smaller groups. Have you tried healing heroics/10-mans? They always feel much more fun and challenging to me.

  6. @Merlot – Thx! I’ll try Riptide out and yes I had Earth Shield up on somebody, probably a tank. We were definitely outgeared for the instance, barring yours truly of course.

    I do need to get into heroics and 10 mans or something. I’ve neglected him for some time having switched to priest healing for Ulduar.

  7. […] June, my shaman started to become my “main”. *grumble…heroism […]

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