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Stolen Raid ID

Steal: to take the property of another wrongfully and especially as a habitual or regular practice

Thursday night I attended our weekly Naxx25 with my shammy in tow. I healed my poor little butt off and did decent, although I wouldn’t say great, but then again I had the least geared toon in the entire raid. (At least I wasn’t last on the heal meters. :)) We had a few issues, like a bugged boss, but we cleared 3 wings and announced our continuation on Sunday night.

As always it was a partial pug group. We had maybe 6-7 pugs although 2 are personal friends of the GM and most of the rest are ingame friends of the raid leaders. But there was that one guy…

One of our raiders that DC’d the other night and didn’t make it back went back in to the instance to see how far we got and realized it had been cleared. That’s when we found out. Our leaders were understandably miffed and our GM went on a quest to narrow down who he thought did it.

The guy we believe did it was the only raider that night no one knew. He’s a member of one of the most predominant guilds on the server. I believe he probably grabbed his guildies alts and cleared the instance before we could go back. In his mind I’m sure he feels he did nothing wrong.

Can you steal a raid ID? Technically no. It doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to everyone that has that ID. Blizzard’s take is that everyone who is saved to that ID has as much right to it as anyone else. That’s the risk you run with pugs.

Fortunately, decent people will agree that he stole it. He was invited to a run hosted by others and most would argue that it is therefore the hosts’ raid. I’m sure he’d be pissed if I’d ninja’d his raid.

I’d say DIAF, but /meh. It’s just a game and if you value it enough to act like this, then at least I’m in a better place. It is however human nature like this that makes me who I am. And my wife wonders why I’m anti-social!

P.S. Aside from this little incident, things are looking a little better for me in-game. I’ll write about that tomorrow. 😉


3 Responses

  1. Fortunately, I’ve never had a raid ID stolen. That’s one benefit of running with a smaller guild who does mostly 10s. We all know each other and there are very rarely any PUGs in the raid (I can only think of two times in Wrath).

    Right before Drama Cat split the guild, we did have an issue with one of our very few attempts at 25s, but that was an aberration.

  2. That must have been so frustrating. 😦

    I once delayed an Ulduar 25 raid for 15 minutes to allow my guildies to finish a Naxx 25 alt-run/partial PuG that several of them organized. Apparently, one of the PuG mages saved to the ID was pestering them for assist or lead so he could fill the the raid with his friends and guildmates once the 15 or so players in my guild left for Uld. It amazes me that people feel this is appropriate behavior. =\

  3. […] on Sunday in preparation for our then unknown ninja’d Naxx run, I decided to take Maedchen this time as Holy (reasons below) and purchased a couple of more items […]

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