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Relighting The Candle

So I mentioned in my last post that things are looking better for me when it comes to the game. What did I mean?

Burn Out

burnoutI’ve been burned out in the past to varying degrees. Lately it just seems worse than usual. For those that have followed me for sometime now you are aware of some of my past history.

I was once part of a fairly competitive and aggressive raiding guild. The pressures of running such a guild finally broke me and I no longer wanted to raid or even log in to the game. For weeks I agonized over what I should do and only logged in to play alts and hide from guildies. Eventually I finally made the decision to server transfer to a slower-paced raiding guild in hopes that less pressure to raid and the lack of guild responsibilities would help me find my love of the game again. It worked.

Although things got much better, eventually burnout started to take over again. I found myself looking for things to do on off-raid nights. I’m not one for asking people to run instances, but rather I sit in the background and wait for an invite. It’s odd I know, but somewhere along the line I was raised to not ask for help. My parents didn’t intentionally do that, it just happened and I’m not sure how. I believe the reason is I do not want to bother others while they are doing their things and don’t want to make them feel obligated to help me. Ironically chances are they’re as bored to tears as I am.

So I was forced to find new things to do. I learned how to Ret PvP in battlegrounds and began working my way towards arenas, which I’ve found I enjoy. I started my AH experiment and had one toon go from roughly 400g to 22,000g in 3.5 weeks! I started leveling my warlock, baby pally, and death knight. I even rolled a toon of each class except warrior on Azgalor (since I rolled a second pally I’m out of slots). Except for the mage they are all at least level 10.

But leveling alts, playing the AH, PvP, and even raiding have all started to get boring. It’s getting harder and harder to deal with the burnout.

burnout2Dealing With The Burnout

Initially I started logging in less. Maybe only a little time to repost auctions or complete a jewelcrafting daily, but then I was out. It was kind of nice to take a break to be honest. I found myself spending time with the family, watching TV, or playing Call of Duty. It was that time away I think that set the stage for relighting the candle.

Relighting The Candle

Then last Thursday happened. It was the second time I had taken Erdkrieg into Naxx although the first time as Resto. I spent a couple of hours upgrading some of his gear. It was something I was trying not to do. I groaned at the thought of spending a crapload of gold on gear that I would replace in two hours, but I did it anyway and sure enough I replaced two pieces a few hours later. (Dammit!) But unlike the first time in Naxx, I had fun in this one and I’m not 100% sure why.

Part of me wonders if it wasn’t due to my additional preparation for healing and well…healing period! I like healing. In fact, I love healing! 🙂 Sure I like DPSing and the whole pew-pew thing, but I like healing more. It was then I started realizing I was having fun again!

I was doing something familiar, but doing something new all at once. I was eligible for gear and excited at the prospect of getting a few pieces. Combine all of that on top of healing with a class I’m unfamiliar with was exciting!

So on Sunday in preparation for our then unknown ninja’d Naxx run, I decided to take Maedchen this time as Holy (reasons below) and purchased a couple of more items to replace pieces of my Shadow set. I’m torn between re-gemming and re-enchanting a couple of the pieces that are still quite good for Holy. I’ll see if I can hold out but if I can’t, I’ll just bite the bullet and do it. But the ninja’d run meant I didn’t get a chance, although I healed a Heroic VH with her and did OK except for forgetting where my heal buttons were and couldn’t find the oh-shit heal that priests have to prevent death (yeah, yeah I don’t know the names yet either).

Keeping The Candle Lit

Ironically, a couple of days ago Mach told me the guild had a vote and came to the consensus that I need to switch Maedchen to Holy ;). I’ve actually been thinking about that a lot, but kept holding out for more healing gear for Maedchen before I made the switch. Unfortunately getting extra gear doesn’t work so well when you don’t try very hard. Odd that.

Let’s face it, we’ve been crit by summer. We’re a 25man raiding guild that’s only doing 10man Ulduar because we’re lucky to have 13 people online at any one time. And although I’m a holy pally tank healer, the idea to switch to holy priest makes sense because we have this holy pally in our guild that…


Let me 'splain...no there is too much. Let me sum up.

Let’s just say that  I’ve been complimented a lot in the past about my healing abilities. So I’ve had my ego boosted some. Don’t get me wrong I know I’m not the best, but I’m fairly confident in my abilities.

But this holy pally in our guild?! He puts my abilities to shame! At one point I decided to see what, if anything, he might be doing differently. Gear? Slightly less than my own, even using mail instead of plate in a couple of cases (this has been upgraded since). Spec? Pretty much the same as mine. Heals? Aside from having him use JoL, pretty much the same as mine. Comparison on the heal meters? HAS TWICE THE HEALS AS I WITH HALF THE OVERHEAL!!!

And if that wasn’t enough to make you feel bad, he broke bother of his wrists a few weeks ago and can still outheal me. Hell he outheals everyone! LOL! So it only makes sense while we’re in 10 mans to have me switch to a Holy Priest. When we finally get into 25s again it’ll make sense to probably stay on Ky. Although at the rate we’re going I’ll have Maedchen geared way beyond Ky at that point. 😉

Anyway, the change should make Amber happy as she likes Disc and Shadow and made the penultimate sacrifice to respec Disc / Holy after our “oh so fail priest Preamus” decided to quit WoW!!! Just kidding Preamus! (Damn losing him sucks! At least he hangs out on Vent so I can ask him questions when I start getting some practice.)

Bottom line, keeping the candle lit is trying to find new things to keep the game interesting. Taking time off, playing other games, spending time with the family, and doing things other than WoW make me appreciate how much fun WoW is. In turn, mixing things up in WoW is keeping my interest alive. Healing with different classes is becoming fun. I run the risk of never being a master at any of them, but as long as I’m still good enough to contribute I don’t care. One could argue that I’m more use to the guild as long as I keep playing than if I give up and quit out of boredom.

In fact, healing has become so much fun again that I started to play my druid a little more this weekend as well. I even got Amber to invite me to the guild although she argued I’d probably go Boomkin and ninja loot from her druid. But I convinced her it was for the healing. (I seem to recall she called me crazy or something… o_O)

So anyway mix things up in-game and out. Keep a healthy balance at all times and you’ll find that you can still enjoy the game for a long time to come. 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Sounds great!

    I too have discovered tha magic of healing… not that I’m burned out on my mage, not at all, but healing on my alt druid in a couple of low lvl instances has given me some apetite for more. I gave her double spec and I’ll definitely hang around in the lfg channel looking for instance healing opportunities as I level her up….

    I guess it isn’t strange… after dpsing for 2.5 years, it was about time I tried something else.

  2. Uh oh! We might have another convert here people! 🙂

  3. I’m just jealous that you managed to level a shaman. I’d love to heal on eveyr heal capable class for shits and giggles, but I can’t get a shaman to 20 even! Ever!

  4. @Ambrosyne – Of all the classes I’ve leveled, I think Shaman leveling was the most fun. The only annoying thing is dropping totems. In some areas the range doesn’t justify dropping them as it eats up too much mana for just one mob, but enhancement still blew through mobs quite easily anyway.

  5. I completely know the feeling. Sometimes when I start to get burned out, I just switch my character or switch to a diff spec than I’m used to, and the smiles from long ago come seeping back. Of course, it helps having at least 4pc t8/8.5 for every spec of a shaman.

  6. @Amber – Shamans are a chore to level pre-30. This is because at the lower levels, our itemization sucks, our mobility sucks, our survivability sucks, our totems suck, our AoE is non-existent and there is no real playstyle. It’s just Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt, melee, heal, OMG, pulled another one!, /flee!, /die.

    But at level 30 we get Windfury Weapons, and can stop worrying about totems and switch over a “elemental melee” playstyle to pure melee and start one- and two- shotting same level mobs.

    It’s all uphill from there! Once I finally got Liluye to 30 (she languished at 24 for over a year), she was an absolute blast to level. I took her from 30 to 60 with my boyfriend’s rogue, and we literally two-manned the entire Scarlet Monastary when it was level appropriate.

    If you want a shaman at endgame, try to stick it out through level 30. 20-30 is torture, but 30+ totally makes up for it!

  7. Healing is fun; just be prepared to take the shit when you are wiping over and over somewhere and people are looking for someone to blame.

    @Elleiras: I enjoy playing my Shaman a lot, but dammit I want to be a melee and healer hybrid, and the itemisation says NO WAY. Beware the male Orc with a 2 handed Axe, wearing a dress!

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