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F’ing Epeeners!!!

Poor Amber. Has to put up with my bullshit whining.

As an officer I hated it when people whined to me. All it did was add additional stress I didn’t want nor need.

But when we need a healer and you can fulfill that role by a huge margin, you should definitely step up. I don’t care if you think you’re all that and want to dps the boss down. We all know you’re good at dps, but you’re also good as a healer and that’s what’s needed, so shut the fuck up and quit wasting our time! OMG 1hr later we finally are at boss #2!!!

Also, if we have 5 pallies in a raid group there’s absolutely no reason why the mages and priests shouldn’t have wisdom, so when I ask three times and they ask multiple times as well, FUCKING PAY ATTENTION GODDAMMIT!!!

On a side note, I’m getting very comfortable holy priesting. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Ha.. Matticus had a post the other day about (lack of) buffing when there was more than one around

  2. Seems odd that this still occurs, especially in guild runs. It aint rocket science (but what is..) to pop up a buff list for each pally. But then if they’re not reading party chat, then they’ll miss that too.

    I’ve seen our guildmage start a bull on principal as he kept being buffed with might. He did it naked too. Thats mage melee-dps, due to buffs not being right. When the raid leader asked why, it was a clear slap in the face to the x2 pallys who could not co-ordinate buffs.

    It made the poitnt

  3. Im sorry, kyrilean , but i dont agree fully with your post. Its the right of the raid leader to ask a class which can fullfill the roll if the person wants to do this. But if the person declines because of lack of skill or lack of joy, you have not the right to force this person.

  4. @talarion – I didn’t say they should be forced. I said they should step up.

    We started our first trash pull at 7:10pm server time. Due to a lack of figuring out who the extra healer was, several disconnects, afks, and not accepting summons it was over 30 minutes later before we finally pulled Patchwerk, our first boss.

    It’s a weeknight. I’m one hour ahead of server. I work early and I’m not as young as I used to be so staying up past midnight on a weeknight is a no-go for me.

    Since we’re a guild that doesn’t raid weekends (aside from Sunday evenings, which once again is a night before a workday) I take my raiding time pretty seriously. I want to have fun and goof around, but I want to down bosses as quickly as possible.

    It also didn’t help that the shaman did say repeatedly that she would heal if need be and yet the raid leader didn’t acknowledge it… /facepalm

    The lack of attention in farmed raids is astounding!

  5. I’m a paladin myself, and usually raids with one more so Blessings are easy to coordinate. But when people bring their paladin alts, it gets complicated. No one uses Pallypower except me (lol?), and when the raid leader assign us different buffs even though we had already talked it through *and buffed everyone* already it gets confusing.

    Also, I think there’s a difference between “stepping up” and healing with your main every single week when all the others are bringing their third alt. 😀

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