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Shameful Plug

This has nothing to do with WoW whatsoever. Feel free to skip.

I started another blog for fun. I don’t know if I’ll keep at it, but I sure hope I will. It took nearly a year to get me to post regularly on this blog and now I want to try another? Well I wanted to try something different and see if I can write about something else so I give you:

Casual Movie Review

Be nice. I’m not much of a critic writer and in reality my first few posts aren’t so much critical reviews, but rather a quick recap about the movie and what, if anything, I liked about it. The main point is I wanted to see if I could expand my writing style. Since I really enjoy movies and my wife got us a Netflix account about a year ago, I thought I could write about those movies we watch. The site is also a work in progress. I’m playing around with the template, and will probably need to alter my banner (which I’m not too fond of as it is) to fit whichever one I might end up with.

My goal is to try to write two reviews a week, but we’ll see. With time on this blog, time gaming, work, kids, wife, and just real life in general we’ll see how it goes.

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