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Crystallized vs. Eternals

Crystallized Earth

Eternal Earth

I’ve started to change directions with what I’m doing on the Auction House. Glyphs are great and still probably the easiest and fastest way to make money in WoW, but there are other opportunities and to be honest glyphs are getting boring.

Here’s something you can do, that a lot of current AH players are already doing, that won’t get you rich by itself, but will provide a steady stream of income. Buy Eternals, break them into Crystallized elements, and sell the pieces.

Most of us know that Eternals are almost always cheaper than their Crystallized counterparts when you compare them on a 10 Crystallized = 1 Eternal basis. If you didn’t already know that, then you’ve obviously had no need for them or had a steady supply through your own farming or questing. However it may or may not be obvious as to why Eternals are cheaper. I’ll admit that several months ago I couldn’t figure out why, but it’s because of the way I was looking at it.

I always assumed that most people would rather buy a full Eternal for 10g, use 3 of the Crystallized and keep the remaining 7 for the future. I always thought along these lines because I always had enough gold and didn’t worry about it. But there are people that do worry about it and would rather pay 4g 50s for 3 Crystallized than pay a full 10g for an Eternal. They may not save money in the long run, but they are saving money and bag space now. These people along with those that just need a couple of Crystallized elements to finish making their own Eternal are your customers and there’s a lot of them.

The example above shows a mistake that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. In the first picture someone posted 6 stacks of Crystallized Earth for 9g/stack. Not a problem, right? Well any buyer that needs 10 of these will check the Eternal Earths and see that they’re going for 8g/ea and obviously a better buy so why buy these?

I’m not going to go through all the math for you, but those that post in single stacks have a higher chance of selling their Crystallized items than those in multi-stacks, especially a stack of 10. Do yourself a favor and don’t post Crystallized items in stacks of 10. Your best bet is to post in single stacks. Although this example doesn’t show it, I’ve seen lots of 3’s, 7’s, 8’s, etc. I wouldn’t do that either. I’ve posted Crystallized Fire at over 2g/ea at times when about 40 of them are available at cheaper prices, but because they’re stacked they’re more expensive than mine. Guess which ones sell faster?

One last thing you can do. If you need a couple of Crystallized items, buy an Eternal and sell off the pieces you don’t need. In some cases you’ll actually net a profit effectively giving you the Crystallized items for free. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. The main problem I have with making money on the AH is, that I don’t need to make money.

    I’ve got about 11k Gold in my bank right now; I don’t need epic flyers, I don’t need boe loot drops, and I don’t need to buy consumables as I make my own.

    What do I need to make money for?

  2. E peen obv…

    You never know when you might want to go on a buying spree, there’s lots of stuff in WoW. I’m at 18k, just perusing pet ideas and different mounts that I wouldn’t even use since they aren’t 310% speed…

  3. I used to do that ALOT with eternal fires. Back when eternal fires were going for 35 gold each, I was selling 10 of the broken up for 72 gold (stacks of 2).

    I am still playing my glyph market and passed the 60k mark yesterday.

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