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[2. Trade] [Insert Name]: lf good healer

lf good healer

Anyone looking for a bad healer? 😛

On a more serious note, why do we always ask questions where we state the obvious? You see this kind of stuff in trade all the time, but this time it struck me as funny.

Obviously no one wants to find a bad healer, but why do we feel the need to specifically state “good“? In contrast, why does it feel wrong to say “lf healer for 3s pst”? Maybe it isn’t wrong, but it just doesn’t feel right, does it? I do this kind of stuff all the time and if it were me in the above situation, I’d have probably said the exact same thing this guy did. But I don’t why? 🙂


6 Responses

  1. I found myself spamming trade over the weekend to fill the last two spots in my Uld25 raid. We had Assembly of Iron, General Vezax and Yogg-Saron up, with a guild group that has Yogg more or less on farm — so all we needed were two semi-decent DPS. (A few of our core raiders are on vacation/summer internships/family outings/etc. Summer attendance ftl.)

    I started simple:

    /2 LF2M, need ranged DPS. Uld25 with IC, General, Yogg Saron up. PST.

    And got tells from … a holy paladin. A mage who advertised 3.5K DPS (which is about half of what our mages do) and has never done Uld25. A newly ding’d Boomkin in quest blues …

    My tradespam eventually evolved into:

    /2 LF2M Uld25. IC, Gen, Y-S. Need ranged DPS. (No shockadins, please.) Must be Naxx25+ geared and know fights.

    I stopped short of “link achievement,” but it was tempting. >.>

  2. I can amused when I see “can anyone enchant?” in guild chat.

    My immediate thought is that – “Sure! Anyone can enchant, just have to have the tradeskill!”.

    People simply don’t understand phrasing anymore. 🙂

  3. And there I go.

    “I amused when I see…”

    This is why I no longer correct other people’s spelling. 🙂

  4. @Elleiras – lol, holy paladin. as for your other dps, some ppl just never learn anyway.

    @Dorgol – I do the exact same thing. How about “/2 can someone port me to theramore?” I can’t resist. 😛

  5. LOL, yeah it’s so generic to see this in trade. That’s why when my BF pugs for our heroics he’ll say stuff like:

    “LF 1 brave soul to come in fail pug”


    “LF god-like DPS!”

    He’s so silly but he does get whispers right away =P

  6. Back when we had tank shortages, I’d take to saying…

    /2 need tank for (instance). I’ll be your healer. I promise to swaddle you in glorious heals and sacred shields until the pain fades away!

    One of those pug tanks is now leading our guild through Ulduar, so I suppose it worked!

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