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A Night Out With Thorim & Freya

Last night we continued our Ulduar10 and I was asked to priest heal. I’ve never healed on my priest in Ulduar, but I was excited to try…even with +141 hit.

We went to Thorim first. After watching the Tankspot video and reading the Bosskillers strat I figured it wouldn’t be that hard. There wasn’t anything really complicated for a healer to know. We wiped a few times because our priests (Lyr and I) kept dying. We were told to spread out and any time we got hit with the stormhammer to run. Well when Lyr and I are told to run we tend to run away from people which means towards the outer walls. Evidently that’s a bad idea. You’re supposed to run to the middle which is where most of the people are. The problem I had with that was I was spending too much time running and not enough time healing.

Finally we decided to try and group up some by standing on the outer edge of the inner circle in the arena. It was absolutely easier to heal that way and the hammers didn’t seem to last as long so it was easy to heal through. Now I read that the hammer can silence you, but I don’t remember being silenced.

After a few wipes we got him down with no deaths. I attribute that to Lyr switching from Holy to Disc on that last attempt. :)Anyway Leggings of Unstable Discharge drop. Mach asked Lyr and I to roll for it and Lyr bless her heart was going to pass to me, but I pointed out the spell crit and how she’s Disc so she took them. I have Tier 7.5 pants and although gaining some Int and Spellpower I would lose some Spirit so she reluctantly took them. 😉

Karma has a funny way of paying you back at odd times. The priest shoulder token drops as well, but since it was in a chest I didn’t know that so I rolled…980 out of 1000! So I no longer have +141 hit in my holy gear. The Tier 8 shoulders allow me to lose 35 hit. So I’m still priest healing Ulduar with +106 hit. LOL!

We then proceeded to Freya which I’ve always heard clearing trash was a royal nightmare! It wasn’t that bad. We had a couple of rough patches, like Lyr and I standing next to each other and not seeing a stormcloud over our heads… We managed to make it to her around 10:10pm which is 10 minutes after end of raid. I didn’t want to be the party pooper, especially since we started late, but I pointed out that I should have left 10 minutes ago, but will agree to stay another 20 to try this out. So Mach said we should just one shot her…and we did!!! 😀

We did lose Mach early on, but a quick battle rez and spot buffs got him on his feet. We defeated Thorim in about 4 tries and Freya in one!!! It was a great night!


Unfortunately my screenshot addon didn’t get one of Freya… 😦


2 Responses

  1. My guild is only now hitting getting to the General, so I’ve got a fair amount of recent learning experience on the guardians. For Thorim’s arena, we tend to all stack on the dot in the middle so that the tank can spam his AOE abilities and pick everything up quickly. The storm hammers are 100% ignorable if you’re a druid healer, and they’re not terrible for anyone else. Also, I’ve seen those pants drop three times in a row, so you should get another shot at them.

    Throughout the whole of Ulduar, I’ll say that learning it as a healer is probably the easiest way to learn it. DPS has a lot of fights where they have to switch targets a lot (Freya, Mimiron) and tanks have some real challenges (old crotchpot). Healers… not as much. If everyone else is doing their job, the healers have an easy time of it. Of course, healers are supposed to be the buffer between “doing our jobs well” and “whoops!” so that’s kind of meh.

  2. Let’s just say that when I’m disc in there, I’m throwing around Pain Supression a looooot. So much stuff tends to try to obliterate the tanks!

    …man, Ky we made SO MANY fail angels in there…soooo many….

    …part of the reason I went back disc. >.>

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