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Auction House Blues

Since last Friday, I’ve averaged a daily income that could get me to the gold cap in just under two months from where I am right now while averaging 2-3 hours/day*. The problem is my competitors have figured out some of what I’m doing and are doing the exact same thing. Undercutting! As such my results this morning from last night were much less than the past few days.

I spent roughly 5 hours online yesterday doing nothing but watching episodes of Buck Rogers online (courtesy of Netflix), posting auctions, buying mats for a project I’m working on (woohoo! halfway done**), buying crafting mats, crafting, and undercutting. I undercut people no less than 5 times! The last time I did it, I waited until one of my competitors logged off, logged onto my toon, undercut him, logged over to another toon and waited. After a few minutes I assumed he probably went to bed and even if he hadn’t there was nothing I could do. Sure enough I awoke to find that I had made much less during the night and Mr. W…*** had undercut me several times.

Now two things could have occurred here. Mr. W… could have undercut me late last night shortly after I logged off, which in turn would explain why I made less. He also could have undercut me early this morning and the market was just slow last night. I don’t know. Either way, I’m pretty sure he’s watching me as I am watching him and others. 🙂

The point is I’d rather not spend 5 hours online just doing things on the AH. I’ve got a shammy healer I’d like to pug into Naxx, a priest that needs maybe 5 days to finish getting exalted with Oracles, a pally that now has his Green Proto-Drake and wants to switch to Frenzy Heart for the Mercenary achievement, and a druid to level. So what to do?

Tank The Market

I’m actually considering tanking the market. Post glyphs at a low price (I’m thinking 2-3g/ea) and eventually some of the competitors will give up since it won’t be worth their time. I already know some would as they’ve already begun to quit posting a lot less, due to the undercuts I’m assuming.

I’m working on calculations and worst case scenarios to see if I could make this work without losing gold. I’m also trying to puzzle out whether to post a lot of glyphs or a few.  If I post a few, my competitors might buy them up, and I can post more to make it up in volume which isn’t a bad thing if I’m still making gold. If I post a lot, then that’ll probably actually tank the market.

Either way, do I have the balls to do it? Anyone out there had experience tanking a market?

*Obviously that wouldn’t really happen. First, I don’t think I could sustain the level of sales for that long. Second, it was the weekend so there’s more volume. Third, I think I’d get bored before then.
**Well, at least initially. I just might have to expand that to include Amber and my priest. 🙂 WTB runed orbs cheap, you greedy bastards! /ring Ky: hello? Kettle: Hi, Pot!
***I have a sneaky suspicion that Mr. W… reads my blog and/or may even know me via guild since some of my guildies know about my blog. Why do I think this? Because he showed up a little after I started my experiment. He used to post around 8-10 of each glyph until a couple days after this post. If I remember correctly, he’s one of the two guys in the bottom three pics I either marked out in red or blue. So Mr. W… if you are reading my blog thank you and thanks for keeping the AH interesting! 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Note to self: start fucking with Ky’s glyph sales
    Note to self, 2: get a new bank alt aside from Pockett

  2. I personally wouldnt tank the market. There are always going to be the other stubborn ones who will still undercut you .

  3. … or happily buy you out

  4. I ❤ buying cheap glyphs – can't beat restocking on the other guy's dime.

  5. I posted a while back about how I was dominating the glyph market on my server and going for gold cap. I ran in to a similar situation with my #1 competitor.

    For roughly two weeks we went at each other non-stop. We ended up driving prices to to roughly 3G on all glyphs.

    Out of nowhere he just stopped posting. Needless to say the price war worked out in my favor. A side effect was that we drove off all competition. Overnight glyphs I was selling for 3G I became sole provider and was selling them for 49G.

    I made 52K gold profit last week and have surpassed my goal of 214,858 🙂 Spent the last week passing my knowledge off to a guildie as I’m handing it off.

    It takes alot of patience and work. just depends on what your goal is. Have fun with whatever you decide.

  6. You may want to price your glyphs at least at cost if you want to tank the AH. You can continue this strategy as long as you want – you will not run out of funds – or can tolerate.

    Driving other sellers from the AH is a strategy I use a few times a year; it has always met with success in less than one month.

    Good luck!

  7. I just started reading your blog faithfully (Amber likes to comment about you frequently 🙂 ). Ill have to add you to my blogroll.

    I’m currently trying to break in the JC market. I had been Mining/BS for the longest time, and I wanted the BS, but it doesn’t make ANY money at all. I could have made money with farming ore, but honestly, I hate to farm/grind anything, much less gold/ore. So, I switched over to JC/BS, and am learning a bit about the market. I am competing against a former guildmate, who is pretty much *the* server JC, so that makes it interesting. Overall, though, I am having fun, learning a ton.

    After I get a bit further along, ill post up a few tips that might just translate over to the glyph market, you never know 🙂

  8. @Amber – DIAF!

    @Darraxus – Not sure I’m brave enough to try yet, but if my new current strategy doesn’t discourage I think I may have to.

    @Gnomeaggedon – which is another alternative I secretly hope for 🙂

    @KiwiRed – if you buy my glyphs and can sell them for more, then yeah it’s beautiful. I’ve done this lots, but if I’m still selling at a lower price, but higher than cost I still make money. Better something than nothing when I’m undercut.

    @Weweman – I have the patience, now if I can just get that lucky! 🙂

    @Hugmenot – I’ve calculated that I can probably do this fairly easily or at least low enough that some of my competitors will quit.

    @Firespirit – Thank you! 🙂 You’ll have to let me know what your blog is as well. And any information on JC would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know a lot of cuts yet, but I have made some money with prospecting saronite, cutting select gems, and crafting blues for DE.

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