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I’m A Gold Farmer

I’m a gold farmer. I admit it. I spend hours on the AH farming gold. I just don’t sell it for real money. 🙂 Apparently someone thought I might be a Chinese gold farmer though…

Competitor Conversation

An hour or so later…

Competitor Conversation 2


I don’t know about no one making gold, but I’m still making some. 🙂

This guy is new on the scene or at least he’s using a new toon if nothing else. I suspect the former as he’s level 80. Anyway, he’s probably been making a lot of gold because he hangs out in Ironforge almost all day and undercuts everyone. Ironically that’s what I usually do. 😛 Initially I had to hand it to the guy because he was keeping his cool. The second time I just didn’t respond. Doesn’t really matter because he along with a couple of others have been cutting into my profits drastically so it was time for a new strategy…

*That first pic had to be cut and pasted together because of all those “Auction created.” notices. I was in the middle of posting about 250 glyphs.


4 Responses

  1. My main competition is a dipshit. I logged on last night and there were literally tons of glyphs with no auctions. I reposted mined at 14-16 gold each so that when they undercut, there is still money to be made undercutting them again.

    This morning I check and my one big competition is posting shit around 8 gold. I ask what the deal is. They say “I post them for what I think they will sell for…….” I reply “THEY SELL FOR WHAT WE PUT THEM UP FOR!!!!” WE CONTROL THE PRICES.

    Obviously not in caps.

  2. @Darraxus – I would have to agree that’s stupid if he just always does that with no real reason other than posting them for what he thinks will sell. However, if he’s doing it for the same reason I am, then I’d have to say it’s pretty smart.

    Still it might not work as it might not work for me…

  3. why do you believe that the AH is only for you to make gold and no one else

  4. […] The AH Is Mine!!!) Posted on July 18, 2009 by kyrilean I started to respond to a comment in yesterday’s post, but I think it deserves it’s own […]

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