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Weekend Update

Let’s see…

  • Upset several glyph competitors and had several start whispering me. Competitor tells me I can make more gold by undercutting them by 1c instead of by a few gold. I ask one and he had made 200g Saturday afternoon by which point I had already made 1800g. Easy math, people! Can’t make money on glyphs that don’t sell regardless of price.
  • Watched several episodes of Buck Rogers on Netflix while playing the AH. Which also led to the discovery that if I stay logged in I can sell more glyphs as competitors wait for me to log off. They didn’t use to. (My wife says, I’m a jerk. :P)
  • Topped the last few bars of experience for Kyr to get him to 72. I think I need one more point in Inscription to reach 450, but can’t rightly remember as it hasn’t mattered since about 435. Need to just finish him up for tailoring patterns. No intent on ever raiding with him except maybe for fun runs.
  • Leveled Selfreya, my druid, from 14 to 22. Cat form is fun btw and I stand by what I’ve said in the past. Druids are OP! (Attack, attack, HoT, switch form, rinse and repeat)
  • Neglected my shammy healing…again!
  • Erdkrieg finally maxed Jewelcrafting, but still doesn’t know squat about cutting gems. This might be in part to a neglect in jewelcrafting dailies and lack of running instances. (see previous comment)
  • Spent roughly two hours trying to figure out how to use Auctioneer effectively. Undercutting wasn’t working properly. Finally got it working, but it still has it’s limitations. I wish I could completely turn off the market value limits. Glyph prices vary too widely to make batch posting work properly. This has to do with the calculated market price Auctioneer does. If I can figure out how to clean this up I intend to do a full post on how to set up Auctioneer effectively.

Anyway, didn’t do much else. A lot of time on the AH and a lot of time leveling a druid. Obviously I’m somewhat obsessive. Recently the AH, now the druid and having a fourth healer. Guess I better milk the AH fast before I grow bored and switch to the druid completely. Either that or get Amber to take over for me.

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