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Shammy Healing For Scrubs

Late Friday post. I was very busy at work today getting ready for a bid that’s due on Tuesday, August 4th. I’m now on vacation until Monday, August 3rd so…Woohoo!!! Who cares? I’m on vacation!!!

Anyway, I’m dead tired because like an idiot I stayed up way too late for a Naxx25 run. I really can’t do that again. I’m just too old. But I didn’t want another ninja’d Naxx experience as we were so close to finishing and we had 6 pugs.

I took my shammy in there to heal and for a chance at a few drops. He’s in serious need of some gear. I did happen to get a few items: Corpse Scarab Handguards, Shield of Assimilation, and Valorous Earthshatter Headpiece (have Helm of Unleashed Energy). The tier piece is nice, but not much of an upgrade. A little bit of haste for mp5 primarily. The 2-piece bonus is rather lackluster, but I’m sure I could use more haste. Which brings up a homework assignment. Learn what cast times are and what procs haste bonuses.

Other homework assignments include memorizing the icons for my totems and what they all do. It takes me forever to find the one I want. Also need to learn what the other spells besides Earth Shield, Water Shield, Chain Heal, and Lesser Healing Wave do. It would also be nice to know their names. As I’ve said before I’m horrible with spell names. You have any idea how long it took me to memorize the spell Holy Shock? It was “the spell that dealt damage and healed” for the longest time.

Anyway shammy healing is fun. I like watching Chain Heal jump around. But whoever said pally healing was boring and didn’t think shammy healing was, never played a shammy. All I do is spam Chain Heal. Seriously, even when a Lesser Healing Wave will do the trick, I’ll usually hit Chain Heal in case someone else takes damage in the meantime and it doesn’t cost that much more mana. I’m sure I probably couldn’t afford to do that all the time in a raid like Ulduar with my gear, but Naxx is easy.

So I love pally healing, priest healing, and shammy healing. Now for that druid… 🙂

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