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CC Is Not Dead!

CC is not dead

Yeah I was shocked too!

Anyway, I’m back. Vacation was fun. Left wanting to stay one more day which is probably perfect. Last night was great getting back into raiding again and what’s more it was a continuation of our first guild Ulduar25. Unfortunately we only got robot baby down. Kologarn and Iron Council seemed to be our downfall. To be honest, I think Kologarn was more an issue with people paying attention than anything. WTB people that know not to run through others when targeted by beams!!! There were a few connection issues too on that fight which didn’t help matters, but we could have done it if it wasn’t for lack of knowing what to do. Also WTB people who weren’t visiting Kologarn for the first time…EVER!!! Where the hell were these people for Ulduar10?!

Anyway, it wasn’t total fail. At least we were in Ulduar25 finally which makes me happy.

When I got back last week I had a lot of time to kill playing around on the AH. Felt like I had to make up for lost time and boy did I ever! I had a great weekend averaging 4-5k /day. I neglected my druid who only made it to 32 though… Oh well, next weekend I suppose or maybe I’ll focus more during the week on her and focus on the AH on the weekend.

Either way it’s great to be back! And damn I’ve missed Amber’s raid warnings! 😀


4 Responses

  1. Hey there,

    I’ve just been levelling my priest (at 70 now) and have just begun to give thought to raid healing. Our guild healers have told me to use Healbot or Grid/Clique but i’m strugging to come up with a ‘look’ t hat suits me.

    What addon are you using there? looks fantastic, clear and concise and it doesn’t take up half the screen.

    Cheers mate


  2. I’ll direct you to these two posts: Raid UI and Pally Healing 320 which has some macros.

    Basically, it’s X-Perl and mouseover macros. And no one will ever get me to switch off the macros. 🙂

    I’ve used Grid, Clique, and Healbot. Hated them all! Don’t like the look. Customization was a pain. Just not happy with them in the slightest.

    Besides the main advantage to using them is for the mouseover casting anyway which can be done with really simplistic macros and no addons to use memory or update.

    Hope you like it! I’m a big proponent against those other 3 addons!

  3. *hugs Grid and Clique*

    *sticks her tongue out at Ky*

  4. Welcome back. I have really started taking over the glyph market and Im pulling in around 3k a day.

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