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Titanium Ore Undercutting

This just made me laugh. 😀

Titanium Undercutting

Mr. Red was advertising Titanium Ore at 400g/stack, if I remember correctly. Mr. Blue was undercutting that forcing Mr. Red to drop his price. He finally got pissed off so Mr. Blue offered to sell his ore to Mr. Red. LMAO!!!

By the way, I prospected my 6.5 stacks of ore and got 6 epic gems! 😀


6 Responses

  1. 6 epic gems? Not bad, not bad at all.

  2. I’m on the European realms, so I haven’t been able to prospect at all (maintenance extended 4 hours, as usual). Just before the servers shut down last night I saw ore prices go to as high as 300g – per 5 ore! Bringing the grand total to 1200g/stack for the most expensive ore. Crazy stuff. Maybe I should sell the ore, or use it in enchanting instead of prospecting it…

    Anyway, what a stupid Mr. Red. 😛

  3. Lol, man I love trade chat. It’s like a soap opera only kinda interesting.

    I banked 12 stacks against the patch, but ended up selling them all off instead of prospecting them myself.

    I think we will be seeeing the price of epic gems collapsing soon, and I’ll just pick mine up with the honor I have banked.

    I ended up clearing enough to buy 225 riding, cold weather flight tomes, and basic flying mounts for two of my 70’s while still turning a profit over what I paid for the ore.

    Gotta love it =)

  4. Heh…I got in the titanium market just after the announcement that it would be prospectable. I rode the buyout and relist wave for about two weeks, then got out and haven’t looked at it since.

  5. @elvendude: Wish I had done the same. The epic gems only sell for 300g now. Thankfully I only prospected 9 stacks of ore (and got 11 epic gems).

  6. This is why I LOVE being an Alchemist. I pay for 1 cheap gem & an eternal & BAM!

    EPIC GEM 😀

    Prospecting is for gamblers 😉

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