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VoA Is Srs Bznz!

When rolling on loot in VoA make sure you know what you’re talking about, because we will make fun of you! 🙂

voa discussion

conqueror's worldbreaker handguards

I won the roll against another resto shaman and a dps shaman that rolled as a main. All hell started to break loose when he claimed it was dps gear.

*open mouth
*insert foot

As for our Ulduar25 run, we downed FL, Razor, and Ignis. XT is definitely borked and we had to quit there. Maedchen doesn’t have as much dkp as some of the others and of the three drops that I rolled on, I won two because no one else bid dkp. Can’t beat upgrades for minimum dkp unless it’s at 0 dkp. 🙂

shroud of alteration

freya's choker of warding

I’ll never understand people that will pass on upgrades to horde dkp. While I’m upgrading, you’ll be spending massive amounts of dkp to compete against others while I accumulate again. In my opinion, take what you can when you can. All the loot will come your way eventually anyway.

Edit: I should point out that even if it’s a minor upgrade I will bid the minimum on the off chance that I get it, like last night. If I don’t get it, I forced others to spend dkp giving me an edge next time. So bid if nothing else. And if you’re like me the item you really want won’t drop this week so it doesn’t matter if you spend your dkp before you get there anyway. Or Ignis will drop 3 shammy items while you’re on your priest and no shaman are in the raid… 😦


12 Responses

  1. I feel your pain, Ky. I just know when I get around to gearing my shammy, nothings going to drop.

    Blizz reaaaaally needs to get around to fixing the loot tables. I mean… when three items drop off a boss that can only go to a class that’s not in a 25 man… that’s really frustrating.

  2. LOL! Ah well, it’ll drop again…when I’m on my pally! 😀

    And btw when you start a blog, you’re supposed to tell me!!! 🙂

  3. Lol, a few days back. I got bored at work and decided, “Hey… this will keep me from falling asleep while processing!” Instead of reading 200+ blogs throughout the day I thought I’d contribute my own two cents.

    I was thinking about getting a ToC 10 man together tonight. From what I’ve read of people who’ve already done it, it doesn’t seem to be as difficult as we thought it would be, if anything they’ve called it “anti-climactic” and “disappointing”. I just want to go in and give it a couple of shots and get a feel for it.

  4. I have never understood DKP to begin with. What is the primary advantage? It rewards players who have been running with you the longest (they will have the most DKP)

    My raid runs with a modified suicide. Basically, loot is split up into main spec/offspec first – if you can use it for mainspec, roll, if not dont. If you win an item, you suicide yourself to the bottom of the list (of which is randomly generated at the beginning of the raid reset). Tier items have a separate suicide list.

    But then again, I run with a really mature, tight knit group. Last week we had an amy drop off of kolo that was best in slot for our lock, but it really was only a marginal upgrade. Instead of rolling on it, he passed it to the mage, for whom it was a serious upgrade.

    Its that kind of interaction that makes me like 10 man raids better than 25 man 🙂

  5. It’s that type of mature interation among guildies that make me a big fan of a “loot coucil” type of loot system. When you’ve got a group of people who understand the meaning of true compassion amongst one another, and have no quarrels with passing a side grade item to another play it could benefit in a major way, it makes the game more enjoyable and less stressful as a whole. But you’re lucky, that type of companionship between people in the game, from what I’ve seen, is rare.

  6. I prefer Loot Council systems, but I’m not an officer in this guild and all I have to say is Thank God!

    Part of me misses being an officer and helping out in that role, but the other part of me is reveling in the lack of responsibility. 🙂

    The advantage of dkp is that it is the most impartial system I know of with one exception. You have to get invited first. I was never a fan of it, but it seems to work for our guild, but ultimately I don’t care who gets the upgrade as long as it stays in the guild. I’ll get my upgrades eventually one way or the other.

  7. BTW I am finally hitting that 5k a day range now. I am selling so many glyphs that I am having a rough time keeping up with production.

    I am going to have to do some more research into my market over the weekend for other profitable glyphs when I have time.

  8. @Darraxus – Whether it’s the patch and everyone’s attention is elsewhere or frustration, I’m taking over more of the market. My competitors aren’t posting as often anymore. I made 4200g on Wednesday without even trying. That’s like a weekend day for me! 😀

  9. I raid in a guild where the goal of raids isn’t gear but to have fun. Therefore if you can use it and it’s an upgrade = you can roll for it. Main spec obviously takes precedence over off spec, but even new people can roll for like three items in their first raid. It’s worked really well so far (had this system in place since Vanilla), but I suppose it’s because we have no greedy or immature people in our guild (age =/= immaturity of course).

    Anyway, I’m jealous of all you who doesn’t have much competition in the glyph market – I’m currently the third “biggest” scribe on my server, the other two ahead of me logs in every 15 min throughout the day (unless they stay /afk in front of the auctioneer). 😛

  10. Ew, haste.

    *revels in being a crit whore*

  11. 3 items no one could use … Ugh … well at least I got 2 items last night for min DKP. 😉

  12. @Zuki – Yeah I was sooo jealous! 🙂

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