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She hasn’t posted about it yet, but gratz to Amber for getting our first fragment. I told her she needed to hurry up and collect all the pieces so the rest of the healers can start collecting, in other words…ME! Although I’m resigned to the fact that I will probably never have it as it’ll take forever to collect, we’ll move on to other things, and something about a hard mode to craft it after you have the pieces. WTF?!


Anyway, last night we went back into our Uld-25 and took down XT the so called non-exploit way and without massive waves of adds. We then moved to Kologarn and although I was somewhat skeptical based on a previous attempt, we managed to down him for the first time as a guild. And the Replen nerf sucks btw. I went oom 2 secs before the boss went down. (Yes, I used Hymn and Shadowbeastie.)


We then moved to Kologarn and happened to down him quite easily as well. Way better than our previous attempts. But I still…

WTB DPS that know how to not run through people while targeted by eyebeams!!!

Iron Council

We then started towards Auriaya, but one mention of it being harder than Iron Council and there was a strong vote to turn around. So off we went to Iron Council. Now IC-10 has always been hard for us. Not sure why, just has been. So I wasn’t too upbeat about banging my head against IC-25, but we downed them quite easily. Another guild first. 🙂

Auriaya And The Crapload Of Fun

Then it was on to Auriaya and her crazy cats. Let me pause by saying I was laughing my ass off!!! We set up the pull and our DK tank drops Death & Decay. He starts to run away, but each of the cats hits him for 15k. Let’s just say an instant heal for 1 bajillion health couldn’t have saved him it was so quick! The rest of the group died soon after.

Attempt #2. This is where it got interesting. We moved our DK over to the other side and had our hunter misdirect to him. Our pally tank pulled Auriaya off him and we proceeded to attack. The fight begins and is going quite well. Considering our first attempt I am pleasantly surprised. After our first fear, and while I’m running back to get into position, something happened…

The entire raid got one-shotted!!!

I don’t know what happened, but something big did and I busted out laughing! I think the MT and a couple of others were the only ones to survive the initial blast. I haven’t experienced a wipe like that in ages!!! It caught me off guard so bad I couldn’t do anything but laugh! It was AWESOME!!! 😀

Anyway, we called it after that as it was almost end of raid anyway and obviously we weren’t going to get any farther. It was a good night though!

Side Note: The 3.2 version of PoH makes me a sadpanda.


Maedchen the sad panda

OP doesn’t apply to someone like me. Come on! Look at that face!


9 Responses

  1. Hey Ky have not read your blog for a while. Grats on the kills

    Cat lady does a massive AOE called sentinel blast right after the fear. It needs to be interrupted in 25 or is a wipe. You need to put fear ward on the MT or have a warrior MT her. A warrior tank can do berserker rage to prevent the fear and interrupt the cast right away. Think of my old nemesis Nightbank in Kara back in the day. God I hated that dragon, specially since he never dropped my shield. 🙂

    Also those 4 cats hit like trucks, so you might want to put 2 tanks on them, single target 1 at a time and kill them fast. They are a big danger specially during the fear when the healers are running all over the place and they keep hitting the OT.

  2. Meant to say Nightbane in Kara by the way..lol

  3. Supposedly a Paladin tank can hit her with an interrupt right before the fear finishes casting and it will interrupt the Sentinel Blast, but I’ve never tried it myself.

  4. @Raq – Hey stranger! Hope things are going well for you guys.

    @Argon – Possibly. After we wiped our GM/pally tank said something about melee can interrupt her.

  5. I haven’t done either of them on 25 man, but on 10 man we down Crazy Cat Lady weekly, but have yet to get down Iron Council. It’s kind of annoying.

  6. Anyone with an interrupt can interrupt Auri… the cazy cat lady, im not even going to struggle with spelling.

    A good way to do the pull is have him drop death and decay before they get there, then so he doesn’t get pounced, have him hide behind the pillar, and have a hunter md scattershot a couple of the adds to an ot.

  7. It’s great to see you guys succeeding in Uld25! I know you’ve wanted to get in there for a while.

  8. Ky… I would just like to point out…

    You’re a very ugly sad panda.

    Sad polar bear Mikata is cuter. =3

  9. Ky, I think it was a ZojaOops, to be honest. When he’s on the ball, he’s a a totally awesome tank, but er…sometimes he’s kicking the ball and giggling and not paying attention while he hits his heroic strike key. 😛

    That or he was reading 4chan during the explanation and missed the “hey interrupt!”, either is possible. XD

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