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[Combat Log]: Healer Corp Is Critically Hit For…Aw, Screw It You’re Dead!

OK, you’ve probably already read about it here and here, but if you haven’t <Brotherhood of Oblivion>’s healer corp has been critically hit!

Yarp. Holy Pally extraordinaire. I think I’ve mentioned him before. He’s the guy that broke both his wrists a few months back and was still out healing everyone a few weeks later. I had always thought I was pretty good with my Holy Pally, but this guy put me to shame. Unfortunately he announced he was leaving the game. His farewell post mentions that the majority of his friends left the game a while ago so apparently he’s just been holding on and disinterest finally caught up to him. I didn’t know him that well as he seemed to keep to himself, but I will miss his presence.

Preamus. Holy Priest extraordinaire. Another amazing healer. Due to recent real life changes, Preamus hadn’t been able to raid with us much and was only available at random intervals. But he was a solid part of our healer corp for a long time. Unfortunately Preamus made the decision to leave the guild for personal reasons.

We still have sufficient healing to run stuff, but we don’t have sufficient healing that can show up for every raid. So we’re at least looking at finding out what days work best for healers. It might also help free up the alt-healers to go back to their mains. No offense to them, but in progression raiding it’s always nicer to have main healers.

Take for example our Ulduar-25 run on Wednesday was…well it left something to be desired. For whatever reason we could not down Ignis. I don’t remember the first person in the pot going in 0.5 seconds before he does his flame interrupt thingamajiggy. But for some reason it did and that meant whoever was in first was going to die while healers waited on heals.

Off-tanks were dying somewhat early, adds then charged healers, healers would die, melee dps have an unhealthy love of fire, and it might have been just me, but it seemed like ranged dps had an unhealthy love of standing on Ignis’ butt! Wish I had a screenshot, but I can’t shake the feeling that I saw an awful lot of them standing too close. At the least they weren’t standing next to me.

Mach was chasing down trails on Recount to see what he could find, but each thing he looked at brought him to a dead end. Poor Amber was feeling stress of wondering how to switch up heal assignments. The heal channel was lit up like a Christmas tree trying to guess at what was going on. And me? I was trying to figure out how feasible it is to get two more accounts, transfer Maedchen and Erdkrieg, and tri-box.


4 Responses

  1. I understand what you were saying in the comment you left on my blog – I guess it is the player’s responsibility to look things up via wowhead or wowwiki or thott to find out where they can get them, but I know that my boyfriend who has several end-game toons asked me where I got my Obsidian Hatchling three days after the patch – he works long hours and never had a chance to read the patch notes.

    Especially with all of the other raptor pets that were added in this patch, I bet it would be easy to sneak it by a lot of people and at 155g per – they’ll be raking in the dough in no time.

    So disappointed in my fellow WoW’ians sometimes. 😦

    Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. Hahahahaha….. if you tri box we’d all die.

    ♥ Ky

  3. Don’t feel bad Ky, Ignis has frustrated many of our raids too. Same problem in our server with healer, hard to find good ones. And by that I mean healers that can do more than stand there and spam heals.
    Naxx made lots of people lazy when it comes to raiding. Ulduar was a big wake up call. You actually have to CC some mobs, imagine that..lol

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