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Weekend Update

I played a lot this weekend. My wife has started a new job and that freed up my Saturday and Sunday evenings quite nicely. Granted I had to make dinner and get the kids to bed, but it’s a lot easier than my wife makes it out to be. But that might be because dad negotiates with the kids before resorting to threats. 😛 (Personal Note: always check with mom before making deals because the kids are smart enough to negotiate a sweet deal that mom already said no to.)



Anyway, I went on a Naxx25 run this week with my Shaman again. I went with the same guild that I went with the week before. Last week was pretty good with only a few glitches. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete that run and 3 of the items I still would like from Naxx drop off KT himself. So when the RL whispered me this week if I wanted to go I said sure. Maybe things would be a bit better. Man was I wrong…

Spider Wing. First boss of the night. Anub’Rekhan. Wipe. Seriously, when’s the last time you’ve ever wiped on Anub?! I groaned internally. It was going to be a long night.

The weird thing about the whole night was we’d be going along great, no one would die, and we’d get to a boss where we’d wipe 1 or 2 times. The next attempt not a single person would die, healers were not oom, and the execution was flawless. This happened repeatedly. But the thing that killed the raid was the constant afkers. After 5 hours of raiding it was 2am, I finally left and the raid was evidently ended. We had almost downed 3 wings, but couldn’t get Thaddius. /groan

I was upset. I wanted a 3-4 hour full clear run and was nowhere close. In fact, a few other guildies were in a run that started after mine and they finished before I quit mine. I had once again lost my chance to clear Naxx25 on my shaman that week. I did however win a piece of tier gear which gave me the 4-piece bonus after having won another piece earlier in OS25. 😀 (And now as of yesterday I finally have 58 Emblems of Conquest and the delimma of what to do since I was going to buy the chest or helm. There are other items, but it took a while to get that many emblems…)


Then on Saturday while dealing with auctions, I see the RL start spamming trade for the continuation. They still hadn’t downed Thaddius and I thought, “What the hell.” So I logged over, whispered for an invite, and promptly saw I was 1 of about 10 in the raid… Dammit! Will nothing ever work for me?

So after about 45 minutes, we finally get the raid filled. I notice several new players and wonder if things might not go better for me this time around. Fortunately it did. We got through the last few bosses with relative ease. But the AFKers were still there. I swear we waited for 45 minutes before finally pulling KT. People kept leaving. We’d replace. Half the raid would go AFK. It was really annoying.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever run with that group again due to the time it took to clear Naxx. I say unfortunately because the Raid Leader is extremely fair and adamant about people not being loot whores. She didn’t want to limit the amount of gear one could get, but reminded several people that if they got greedy she would move loot to a one piece per wing and one tier piece overall system. There was one glitch in my opinion though…

KT dropped the Torch of Holy Fire and let me tell you I want it pretty bad! Is it a huge upgrade? Probably not, but it’s an upgrade. But I rolled third. The shaman that did win was Elemental spec’d and the RL pointed that out and was going to give it to the next highest roller which happened to be a shaman as well stating that it was a healer item before a dps item. The first shaman graciously had no problem with that. The only problem I had with it is the second shaman (also one of her guildies) was Elemental spec’d as well and not healing that night. So technically using her own logic it should have gone to me as I rolled the highest among the healers. 😦

Personally I think it was false reasoning and an attempt to help gear up another raider in their guild. Am I upset? Not really. Did I want it? Hell yeah! But I was also topping the healer charts all night long until they brought in an uber-geared resto druid to help out that was e-peening about his heals to no end! (Have I ever commented that I hate listening to e-peeners*?) And I still stand by my statement that Druids are OP! He spent all his time spamming Rejuvenation. He had higher heals than I by a factor of 3 and overheals by a factor of 10! The overheals made me laugh and feel a little better, but since he wasn’t going oom, who really cares?

Anyway, I still have two blue trinkets, a ring, and wrist piece that I can’t for the life of me get rid of. The sad thing about the wrist armor is almost nothing for resto shamans drops out there better than what I have. I think there’s a couple of hard mode Ulduar pieces and a piece out of Naxx25 I’ve never seen drop. So I keep scanning the AH for the leatherworking recipe that drops out of the new raids.

But even though I’m not entirely epic’d out, I’d have to argue that Erdkrieg is geared enough for Ulduar25 now. 🙂

*There’s a difference between getting new gear, checking out your dps/heals/etc, and then bragging to some of your friends about it as opposed to telling people to “stand in the blizzards so I can drive up my healing on the healing charts” or trash-talking the next guy, especially for all to hear, about how great you are! I don’t equate playful bragging and e-peening as the same. I can’t stand e-peening. You know you’re good. I know you’re good. Now STFU!!!


My death knight got a little love this weekend as well. About two-thirds into level 73, I dusted him off, grabbed non-inscription bags from the bank, and headed towards Grizzly Hills. I had just purchased some heirloom plate chest piece and with the now added 20% experience bonus blew through the rest of 73 quite fast and all of 74. I’m now sitting roughly 20%+ into level 75.

Why the sudden rush to play a death knight? Well, I finally purchased the Ulduar recipes for the cloth healing belt and boots. Unfortunately, I forgot the reason I hadn’t bought them earlier was because Kyr isn’t level 80 yet and although maxed in Tailoring, he can’t learn the recipes until he hits 80. This after I purchased enough mats to make one of the items…


So it appears that my druid is going to take a small hiatus while I level my DK. And yes, my DK is a Tailor! It makes little sense until you remember, that I have no real interest in raiding with him. He was made for Inscription and the profits that’s brought. He also has tailoring because it was a profession I didn’t have on any other toon. Will I raid with him? Probably, but only in fun run type raids. Never seriously. For that, I’m a healer which is why I have my paladin, priest, and shaman. So I don’t care if blacksmithing would have been a better profession for him. I do however have every intention of having my druid level 80 by Christmas! 😀 Four raid healers! Sweet!!!

Auction House Post

Anyway, several of you are probably wondering about my auction house post. Yes, I’m working on it. I still need several screenshots and some rewriting to do, but here’s the breakdown so far:

  • Strategy – Two basic strategies
  • Farming – If you’re not farming the AH, I’ll argue you’re doing it wrong and show how to use Auctioneer to do it
  • Crafting – Addon help
  • Posting – Includes a video of Quick Auctions 2 that took me half of Saturday to create
  • Resetting – Using Auctioneer again, but this time the Appraiser tab

If it wasn’t for our raid tonight, I’d probably have this done by tomorrow. If I can get it done, I will. For those of you not working tomorrow morning, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind reading this beast during maintenance. It’s over 3000 words so far. I’m sure it’ll be near or over 4000 words by the time I’m done. So let’s all hope, but no promises. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. KT has screwed me everything I killed him on my Shaman. Well, I can’t say everytime because I did roll a 100 once and got my t 7.5 helm…but still….F that guy.

    I feel yeah on the resto shaman bracers, but there is a very good boe bracer that drops in Uld 10. Its usually on the AH for around 500g or so.

  2. I’ll have to check that out. I didn’t even think about that. My shaman probably won’t be used in Ulduar any time soon so I hadn’t really looked at that drop there, but as he’s my Engineer I really want to get him in there. Thx!

  3. Hey Ky I recommend you get the head first. The t8.5 head drops from Thorin 25 man, while the chest drops from Hordir. Hordir is a much easier fight and usually goes into farm mode before Thorin does. That is unless you run into bad luck, like we did for 3 weeks straigh, and all that drops is the DK gear.
    Blizz should really check their numbers, is ridiculous how often that tier set drops. At least on my server.

  4. Hey Ky just wondering if you have tried Auctionator? My auctioneer was glitching out on me even after a few reinstalls on the Appraiser tab, so after looking at about 5 different auction add ons I fell in love with Auctionator its very slick and I love the shopping list options and how easy it is to post multiple item. I made about 4-5k this weekend after not really playing the AH in a while and it was easysauce with this add on. Thought you may want to check it out!

  5. Hey Ky just wondering if you have tried Auctionator? My auctioneer was glitching out on me even after a few reinstalls on the Appraiser tab, so after looking at about 5 different auction add ons I fell in love with Auctionator its very slick and I love the shopping list options and how easy it is to post multiple item. I made about 4-5k this weekend after not really playing the AH in a while and it was easysauce with this add on. Thought you may want to check it out!
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  6. @Kiramaren – Yeah I tried it once, but got so used to Auctioneer it was difficult for me to look at. If I remember correctly it doesn’t have quite the same search ability that Auctioneer does and I’ll show you in one of my posts today. 🙂

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