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Ky’s AH Process: Step 3 – Crafting

Step 3: Crafting

If there’s one thing I’d really like to complain about in the whole process it’s the way crafting is handled. Come on Blizz! Forget stuff like class/race changes, faction changes, etc. Just make crafting a little easier.

Why can I use an addon like Advanced Trade Skill Window to craft 1,000 flasks given enough mats and bag space with a click of a button, but I have to mill 1,000 herbs clicking 200 times?!!! Seriously, milling and prospecting really got the shaft here!

Milling Macro

That said, I did make milling just a bit easier with the use of a macro (please note the same thing can be done with prospecting):

    /cast Milling
    /use Goldclover
    /use Deadnettle
    /use Firethorn
    /use Talandra’s Rose
    /use Tiger Lily
    /use Adder’s Tongue
    /use Icethorn
    /use Lichbloom

This will make things a little bit easier, but you still need to make sure your stacks are in units of 5 and that no non-millable stack is present anywhere in your bags before moving on to the next herb. The milling order is whatever order you put in your macro and searches for herbs starting in your backpack and moving through your bags, much the same way your loot is distributed when picked up. So if a non-millable stack is at the very end you’re good until you get to that point. If it’s sooner, it’ll stop you from milling.

Now that the hard part is over, just craft your inks and walk away. I personally like Advanced Trade Skill Window, but feel free to use whatever addon you want.

Altoholic & Your Trade Skill Window

If you’re like me, it’s pretty hard to keep track of what needs to be crafted and an addon is an absolute must. Hell, can you tell me how many I have of each glyph and if all my known glyphs are crafted based on this?

Bank Shot

Yeah, I didn’t think so. 🙂 After cancelling and posting so many auctions my glyphs get a little unorganized. I’ll bet at least one or two of those glyph stacks could be combined if I clicked back and forth enough times. And that’s something I do about once a week. But there’s an addon that makes it easier to see. 🙂

Ironically, I only found out about this addon a week ago and I wish I’d known about it sooner. I have been using WhoHas and Possessions to help me out, but since the most recent patch hit they’ve really bugged out and for over a week I hadn’t been crafting certain glyphs because my addons told me I had plenty when in fact I had ZERO!!! My sales had dropped to 1500g/day and I couldn’t figure out why. Enter Altoholic. Once I opened this addon and recrafted glyphs I was missing the next day I brought in 3500g. So far I’m loving this addon! 🙂

So how do I use it?


First I open up Altoholic.


Then I open up Advanced Trade Skill Window.

The nice thing about Altoholic is it’s set up like the auction house. So in this case I searched for Rogue glyphs that I have. Then I opened up ATSW next to it and searched for Rogue glyphs that I know. Moving down the list in ATSW, I look to see if I still have the glyph. If I don’t, I craft 10. If I have 7 or less, I craft up to 10. If I have more than 8 I usually wait until the next time to craft any more.

Simple. Unfortunately this still takes a fair amount of time, but so far Altoholic hasn’t glitched out on me by telling me I have twice the inventory I actually have or telling me I have 20 of something when I have zero. 😦 (A week’s worth of income lost…)

Warning: It’s really easy to just look at Altoholic and say “Oops I only have 5 Glyph of Blurred Speed so I need to craft 5 more.” Make sure to PAY ATTENTION!!! See how it says I have 5 in the bank and 5 in the mail? I’ve set my current inventory limits at 10 so I don’t really want to craft any more of those.

Altoholic does a lot of other fun things and this is a much cleaner and better addon for inventory than WhoHas and Possessions are.

LilSparky’s Workshop

Here’s another addon some of you may want to consider, but to be honest I’m going to get rid of it now as it isn’t all that useful for glyphs, but isn’t bad for other items. I’ve only kept it this long to screenshot it for you, make you aware of it, and post about it.


LilSparky’s Workshop adds some nice information to your Trade Skill Window. Based on my last scan of the auction house, the lowest price of any particular glyph is shown in the column in the center (see red arrow). The cost to create the glyph is shown on the right (see Oliver Queen 🙂 Wow, you guys are a tough crowd…

When it comes to glyphs, the cost information isn’t all that accurate as it’s pulling information from the auction house and in several cases can’t find anything, which is why you see a bunch of zeroes. But since I already pretty much know that all glyphs cost about the same and the two ink glyphs all cost just a little more, the cost information isn’t a concern. Just make sure you are always aware that it’s possible to get false cost information from this addon.

I bring this to your attention because if nothing else, it is a pretty good addon to help you get started. Look at the most expensive glyphs and make sure to craft some of those. There’s no accounting for what glyphs will be bought because not everyone goes for the cookie cutter specs and glyphs. So some high priced glyphs are high priced because no one posts them or buys them. Others are high priced because everyone buys them. When you’re starting out, some of the lower end glyphs aren’t worth it because you’re trying to build your gold reserve as fast as possible with limited resources, so you’ll want to avoid the really cheap glyphs and this addon helps. But later on the lower selling glyphs in bulk will make up a good majority of your income so don’t neglect them!

I’ve personally reached a point where I want 10 of each glyph regardless if it sells or not. So this addon does nothing for me in the glyph arena. I’ll explain more about why I want 10 of each later on, but it’s all about resetting the market.


5 Responses

  1. I definately need to download that. I too am using LilSparky, Whohas, and Possessions. They are kind of clunky though.

  2. In the next step, where you explain how you setup QA2, you show your max lowest price is 6g. So do you then manually go through the trade skill window and craft only glyphs that are selling for more than 6g?

    I’ve been sitting on a few stacks of glyphs, from leveling up, that are selling for less than 1g each. It would seem like picking and choosing which glyphs to craft is more time consuming, but more profitable in the long run. How exactly do you manage this?

    Thanks for sharing all this great info!

  3. @Mama Druid – When you first start building up an inventory, yes I recommend you be a little picky on which glyphs you craft and that’s where LilSparky’s Workshop comes in handy. It is time consuming, but you’re better off until you can afford to not be.

    Way back when, I was calculating that each glyph was costing me just under 6g/ea or 8g/ea for double ink glyphs. This was not accounting for any Snowfall Ink sales as I was keeping those at the time.

    Once I started selling the Snowfall Ink for around 30g/ea I dropped my minimum to 2g/ea as I was still making profit, albeit small. I upped that to 4g/ea when Snowfall started dropping to 20g/ea. And lately I’ve upped it to 6g/ea since I’m still making roughly 3k/day and less than 6g just doesn’t seem worth it for the milling/crafting time anymore.

    Once you’ve got a nice bank roll going and you’ve started to increase your inventory on the items you are selling, you’ll notice that you care less about what you craft because your cash flow is good. That’s where I am now.

    I’ve uninstalled Sparky’s at this point. If I know how to make a glyph I craft enough to have 10 in stock. As you pointed out some glyphs sell for under a gold and aren’t worth your time to mill and craft a glyph for that.

    But sometimes those glyphs will find a low point where very few glyphs remain which you can buy up and repost for a lot more in hopes of resetting them. Better yet, they all expire and while QA2 is posting it’ll notice none existing and post yours for whatever your fallback price is.

    I can vouch for this happening on at least a dozen of my glyphs and they end up selling while my competitors forgot about them. I have a couple I’ve been selling for 50g/ea for two weeks now with no competition. 🙂

    So having some of everything is something I think you should work towards, but be picky until you can afford it.

    Good luck! Keep me posted. And I’m really interested in seeing how it goes. Hit me up for more advice if you need to.

  4. I’ve been dabbling with the market for some time now. I made enough to pay for two double specs, cold weather flying, a flyer for the hubby + training, a mount from the Argent Tournament, and still have about 2,500g in my pockets. All that gold was made with a level 35 scribe! Oh, and maybe from some scroll sales and a bit of AH flipping. 😉

    But I want to swim in gold, like Scrooge McDuck!!

    Unfortunately, it seems the competition has smartened up since I began dabbling. It also is beginning to occur to me that the competition determines your course of action. The undercutters on my server seem to have read your guide. 😉 If not, I know for a fact some are using QA2 because they undercut themselves as a result of not adding glyphs to their QA2 database. I just can’t compete with the time they have on their hands to camp the AH. The undercutters don’t seem to have a maximum low, or I haven’t found it yet. I’m consistently undercut on glyphs I put up between 2-5g. I know there’s a sweet spot to be found, and I’ll poke until I find it. I might have to level Inscription on my main for access to the 375+ skill level glyphs, and Northrend research.

    I can see the potential need for uninstalling Sparky’s. Over time, especially with a highly fluctuating market such as glyphs, Auctioneer’s data becomes useless because it can’t keep up with how quickly prices go up and down. I’m running into market price discrepencies, between Auctioneer and actual posted prices. When I reached this point with Auctioneer before, I ended up deciding it wasn’t worth it because the market price is whatever’s posted at any given moment. Averages can become misleading. Auctioneer may have a way to account for this, other than starting all over, but I don’t know how to figure that out.

    Anyhow, my apologies for the lengthy comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to write all this up as it has been most helpful. Thank you!

  5. I don’t understand why the glyph market is so lucrative. It seems like once you have your glyphs set, you rarely need to re-glyph, esp with Dual Spec now. Can anyone enlighten me.


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